F1 2019 Car Launch: McLaren Renault MCL34

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A fresh start for McLaren in 2019 starts here - introducing the Renault powered MCL34.

Today in Woking the McLaren team unveiled their brand new challenger for the 2019 season - the MCL34. Powered by Renault for the second season in the row, 2019 has to be seen as a big year for the once dominant outfit, with much of the previous season having been written off in favour of a strong start to 2019 - with the aim to finally turn the tide of years of dwindling competitiveness that began following their last race victory, thanks to Jenson Button, at the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix.

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“The MCL34 is the result of an immense amount of hard work and dedication throughout our team. We’re all committed, motivated and united in our ambition to return McLaren to competitiveness, and the MCL34 is only the start of this process"
said Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing.​

“We have a fresh driver pairing, who together represent the new generation of Formula 1 talent, and are an integral part of the team and our collective effort to advance McLaren forward.

“The McLaren family is not only our people and our drivers, but also our superb partners and wonderful fans. We have a strong community of partners which continues to grow, and an incredible fanbase, who have all remained loyal and supportive throughout our highs and lows, and I’d like to thank them as we head into the 2019 season.

“As ever, we move fearlessly forward.”
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New lead driver Carlos Sainz Jr. was understandably enthusiastic to begin his new association with the former World Championship winning squad, having moved from rival outfit Renault for the new season:

“I’m really looking forward to the tests and excited to finally go racing in McLaren colours. I know everyone at the factory has been working very hard over the winter to prepare ourselves for this year, and I think the team has done a fantastic job with the livery of the MCL34.

“I’ve been especially focused on my preparations this winter. New training routines, new diet, very specific simulator sessions, and extra time with the engineers to develop and align certain aspects of the car to my preferences. The factory has become my second home since I moved back to the UK and everyone in the team is moving in the same direction. We know the big task ahead of us and we first need to evaluate where we are after the tests. From there onwards, I can’t wait to start racing and keep pushing forward together.”

Unfortunately. as appears to be the trend this year, McLaren have opted for a slightly less dramatic change in design with the new livery, adding a splash of blue to the papaya orange that has returned as the primary colour following years running the 'Silver Arrows' design.

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Aug 8, 2013
ooohhh I like it!!

Really hope Mclaren get back in the mix this year
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Patrick van der Meulen

May 11, 2017
First off all, I like the livery, a lot! Second off all, good to see them finding new (hopefully sustainable) sponsorships. Hope they make at least a steady comeback to the midfield with two cars!


Jan 7, 2017
Best looking mclaren livery in a good while imo, great to see lots of new partners in there with Sainz bringing a few good ones, cautiously optimistic about this season for Mclaren, lets hope its a step forward!


Jul 20, 2018
Really like the livery! Hoping to see Norris adapt well and hope he and Sainz can help get things moving in the right direction.


If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?
Sep 30, 2010
Like the livery quite a bit. Took me a hot minute to even realise there was a halo there!
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Mar 2, 2010
I'm hoping this car will bring back McLaren to the front of the grid. The little winglets above the sidepods are very intriguing.

The car looks good, I prefer that livery to the one they ran in 2018. But the Renault remains my favorite!


Aug 28, 2012
Am I the only one noticing they don't have main/title sponsor here ? :ninja:
Although... they may be fast since they obviously copied Mercedes front.
And probably the rear.
And middle. :D


Dec 24, 2009
I'm a long time fan of Jenson Button and Honda and gained a newfound respect for Fernando Alonso's abilities during his McLaren tenure (note that JB managed to beat both Fred and Lulu fair and square over a season in the same team -- no mean feat).

To put it bluntly: The new McLaren doesn't excite me. At all. Once James Key gets going on the design team and ex-Porsche LMP1 man Seidl gets the operational side in order, McLaren might see an upswing in form, but until then it's just a crapshot.

If anything, assuming that past performance is any indicator, McLaren will underperform and underdeliver this year too. What a great way to tank the career of an up-and-coming talent like Norris (just look what they did to Vandoorne's career). And Sainz Jr. is about as charismatic as an old dilapidated sock. Nothing about him screams top talent IMHO (though he's obviously fast enough to be in F1 and thus much faster than I'll ever be).

Renault and Williams however: Renault has a top dollar driver pairing which is no longer handicapped by their size given the new minimum weight regulations. Williams has a Mercedes engine, a reborn Kubica (who will obviously need to get up to speed) plus that new cheeky english bloke Russel they brought on.

I'm definitely rooting for Williams and Renault this year. Kudos to Honda if they manage to not ruin too many of RB's races due to the engine going kaboom. Will be interesting to see if RB can sneak in the odd win or even upset Ferrari's bid to become the 2nd best team on the grid.

But McLaren? Fuhgeddaboudit! :O_o::laugh::roflmao:


Jun 28, 2017
Never was a fan of the orange personally, but the blue areas are so much better designed than what Racing Point did. This shade of blue does not bite the prominent colour either. Well done.


Oct 11, 2015
Strange days we live in.
Not so long ago new season cars were eagerly awaited for any technical innovations and design changes.
Now it's all about the (mostly) crap paint jobs.