F1 2019 Car Launch Schedule & How to Watch

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Big week for Formula One upcoming - check out the dates, and how to watch the new F1 car launches as they happen.

Now that the festive period has been well and truly put to the back of our minds, and the racing bug starts to hit again following the big endurance events at both Daytona and Mount Panorama, many race fans are probably getting a little bit itchy for the start of the Grand Prix season, having spent plenty of time banking bonus points with our respective 'significant other' in order to spend Sunday afternoon's once again in front of the TV, watching the Formula One drivers do their stuff on the circuits of the world.

February marks the traditional kick off of the new season with car launches and pre-season testing getting into full swing - so we thought it useful to list all the expected launch dates, on how one would find the opportunity to check out the car launches as they happen.

So, which team are you most looking forward to seeing for the first time in 2019?
  • 7 February: Haas VF-19 livery unveiling
  • Monday @ 1.30pm UTC: Toro Rosso STR14 - LINK
  • Monday @ 3pm UTC: Williams FW42 livery unveiling - LINK
  • Tuesday: Renault R.S.19 - LINK
  • Wednesday Mercedes: W10 shakedown at Silverstone - LINK
  • Wednesday Racing Point - LINK
  • Wednesday: Red Bull Racing RB15 - LINK
  • Thursday @ 12pm UTC: McLaren MCL34 - LINK
  • Friday @ 9.45am UTC: Ferrari - LINK
  • Monday 18th February: Alfa Romeo Racing C39 - LINK
  • Monday 18th February @ 7am UTC: Rich Energy Haas F1 Team VF-19 - Already done!

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May 12, 2014
I sincerely hope Racing Point is NOT the name that team will be using going forward.
Is it still simply a place holder?

Nick Gregory

Forever a backmarker
Nov 27, 2015
I sincerely hope Racing Point is NOT the name that team will be using going forward.
Is it still simply a place holder?
They have said it is a placeholder. I anticipate the new name will be announced on Wednesday.


Mar 2, 2010
I sincerely hope Racing Point is NOT the name that team will be using going forward.
Is it still simply a place holder?
Looks like it will be the name, according to reports I've read. It seems like they tried to buy the rights to the Brabham name, but the family said no. It also seems like there will be less pink on the new livery. Anyway, Racing Point isn't a great name, that's for sure.
Jun 13, 2011
What is wrong with people....
Yup, you´re right. It´s only extra media time for sponsors, nothing to do with sport.

It could be argued that the sport also gets media time and that it is good to attract attention, but the argument does not stand the closer consideration. New fans will certainly not be generated, as there is no content that is at the heart of motorsport: racing. Old-time fans will certainly not be satisfied with seeing individual cars, especially in times when pre-rendered images showing the seasonal changes are available long before the actual presentation.

A simultaneous presentation of all new cars at the beginning of the test drives would be more sufficient and we motorsports enthusiasts would get some real data instead of just crazily hyped presentations.


Dec 10, 2013
Is this really a thing? I mean people 'watching' them unveil the cars?
Granted i'll find out at some point, but watching it live via a stream?

What is wrong with people....
Yeah, because it's really weird that fans of football etc want to see the new kit before the season starts as well...doh. #sarcasm


Apr 27, 2013
Well just over 10 minutes left to the next unveiling :D :geek:


Apr 27, 2013
Not really impressed with the punctuality of these teams.