Can anyone help me with the .AIW and .CAM on this track?

Hi everyone,

I'm having pretty severe issues with this track. Someone made it for NR2003 long ago, and I'm trying to convert it to rFactor. I fired up my old laptop, which has Windows 7, to run the ISI AIW Editor. For some reason, as soon as I use the editor to make any changes to the .AIW file, the track won't load anymore in the editor. But it doesn't matter because it now works in the regular rFactor (on my other, Windows 10, laptop).

I can use Guitarmaen's editor to clean things up. But I don't really see what I'm doing wrong, everything seems to be in place. The problem is that the formation lap seems to be broken; the safety car drives too fast and has already caught up with the tail end of the field before they are even across the finish line.

Also, I think something is wrong with the cameras because the drawing distances are way off. Track objects don't get drawn until you are really close and cars pretty much don't get drawn at all. I have tried changing LODIn and LODOut values, as well as ClipPlanes in the .SCN. Neither works.

Would any of you please try it on your computer and see if you have any ideas? I can't attach a .RAR file to this post so you can download it from this Google Drive Link.

Many thanks in advance! (btw, I'm new to this forum and to track modding, so I apologize if there's a lot I don't know)



I've had a look, I was wrong. The way points were underneath the pit path, I just couldn't see it clearly until I saw everything together.

I had to change the top of the SCN file, as the view settings were incorrect, which was causing your clipping problem.







Color=(0, 0, 0)
Size=(1.00, 1.00) Center=(0.5, 0.5)
FOV=(77.75, 62.50)
ClipPlanes=(0.50, 1500.00)
Color=(0, 0, 0)
Size=(1024.00, 64.00) Center=(512.00, 32.00)
FOV=(62.5, 62.5)
ClipPlanes=(0.50, 150.00)


AmbientColor=(100, 109, 136)

FogMode=LINEAR FogIn=(200.00) FogOut=(5000.00) FogDensity=(0.20) FogColor=(203, 214, 236)


The cam file is basically empty/corrupt. I just pasted in Toban Short for testing, you can edit the cams from there.

The AIW file, is fundamentally correct, it just needs refining as you can see from the pictures.

Untitled1.png Untitled2.png
Hi Mangoletsi,

Thanks so much for your reply.

That's interesting, I never thought it might be the view settings. Unfortunately your solution doesn't work for me, since I still get the same clipping issues with half the track popping in and out of view and parts of the car not showing up. (see screenshots)

Glad to hear the AIW file was mostly ok. The reason the CAM file is corrupt is probably that it's just the same CAM file from NR2003.

I think I'm going to give up on trying to convert this track from NR2003 and try to build it from scratch instead. As you've probably noticed, it has a really annoying pitlane that loops back on itself. That's because this so-called 'pitlane' is actually a shorter oval inside the larger oval; there is no dedicated pitlane.
This means the timing objects, on a lap where you pit, aren't in the order XFINISH-XPITOUT-XSECTOR1-XSECTOR2-XPITIN. That no doubt causes the safety car/formation lap issue, since rFactor wants them to be in that order. The people who made short ovals like Martinsville for rFactor came up with a neat solution for this: simply have two instances of XSECTOR2.
But in fact, it turns out this is an old version of the track, and nowadays it has a proper pitlane. So I'll probably save myself a headache if I make the new version instead.

Nonetheless, this was quite educative, and at least I can re-use this AIW file, I guess... Thanks again!


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I just tried again. It seems that if I copypaste the view settings directly from your post, rather than adjusting by hand like I did at first, it works! This also helped with another track I was trying to convert from NR2003. Both now look like they are supposed to look, apart from some transparency issues, but I can fix that in 3DSimEd. Thank you so much, again!