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  1. DuletoBG

    A Modern (2021) GT Legends Review

    Hello, as i am driving GT Legends almost every day in the past 13-14 months, as this includes online racing, i decide to make a modern review of the game 16 years after it's release. A lot has been change since 2005 and in this video i will talk about the negatives and the positives in one of...
  2. Noctam

    Tracks Getting LIDAR data

    Hi everyone, Almost none of the french racetracks have a precise version available for AC and I'd like to help with making this change. I can't help with modding because I'm clueless about it but I thought getting some LIDAR data to the community could make it more interesting for those who have...
  3. Daniel Paez

    MONACO 2021 HYPER REAL 1.0 F1 2014 & F1 2013 1.5

  4. 7 DEUTSCHE RENNSTRECKEN Mods in Assetto Corsa die kaum einer kennt!

    7 DEUTSCHE RENNSTRECKEN Mods in Assetto Corsa die kaum einer kennt!

    7 german racing tracks you should know about! Disclaimer: The video is in german!
  5. P

    Tracks Track Ideas2

    Track Ideas. If you do create any of these tracks drop the link in the comments Brookings SD street race Siderno Italy street race Akers Louisiana street race Fond du lac Wisconsin street race Richmond street race
  6. P

    Track ideas1

    I'm putting together a track ideas list. If you decide to create any of these track layouts below you don't have to give me credit if you do decide to create it. But when you do create it comment the link. St louis gateway arch race Natural Bridge Speedway Twin Falls street race 1 Twin Falls...
  7. Virre Firren

    GPK track issues

    Hi, I've recently downloaded the GPK AC tracks (Albert park, Catalunya, Bahrain and Imola). But when i start a session there is a massive black square (as in the picture). Do you know how I could fix it it would be nice if you posted it down below.
  8. 5 GENIALE F1 Mod Strecken für Assetto Corsa

    5 GENIALE F1 Mod Strecken für Assetto Corsa

    Heute habe ich 5 meiner besten F1 Mod Strecken für Assetto Corsa im Gepäck! Diese sind alle handverlesen und stammen aus allen möglichen Teilen des Netzes! Welche Mod Strecken in Assetto Corsa könnt ihr empfehlen? Welchen Kurs habe ich vergessen?
  9. Avalaya

    Circuit Paul Ricard 1.0

    F1 Track: Circuit Paul Ricard. Track has a different entrance to the pitstop. Version: Revised by Peter Alpine from F1 2021 Mod: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-2021-mod-v0-1.40844/
  10. Caribstu

    GTR2 It's been a while, but here's a new track

    Yup... haven't posted anything for a while and tbh, the whole of lockdown i wasn't doing anything GTR2 related. But the last couple of weeks I've got back into it and I just rebuilt this track. Here's the first run.
  11. Cozy61

    RainFX for Macau Guia Circuit and Prague 1.0

    Track Links in RainFx File EDIT; If you want more streaming edges and a far superior Macau rainfx, go here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/tour-of-asia-rain-fx.39101/ INSTALLATION Unzip Download Prague This track does have a config file - Add this on the end of the...
  12. abrimaal

    SpecialFX tec for Race07 GTR2 and related games 202102

    This file defines car vs terrain reactions. It may be used in Race 07, GTR Evo, GTR2 and related games. Backup the original file and paste it into Locations folder. It is compiled from: Original GTR Evo file + original GTR2 materials than were not defined in GTR Evo + materials added by track...
  13. Cozy61

    RainFX Request for Pukekohe Park 2013 circuit New Zealand 1.0

    Requires: Rain FX: Patreon details https://www.patreon.com/x4fab Track: pukekohe_park2013 ( search Assetto Mods) Track Skins: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/auckland-pukekohe-park-2019-ed.28979/ INSTALLATION This track does have a config file - Add this on the end of the...
  14. Cozy61

    RainFX request for Algarve, Bahrain 2020 plus acu_ Istanbul Park and acu_Yas Marina 1.0

    Requires: Rain FX: Patreon details https://www.patreon.com/x4fab Tracks (use a Search engine to find) Algarve International (Reboot Project) Istanbul Park (ACU version) Yas Marina (ACU version) Bahrain 2020 (JK version) 'GTPlanet search' INSTALLATION If the track does have a config file -...
  15. cutecutecutecute4

    Tracks tracks similar to Suzuka, Ahvenisto, and Fiorano?

    by this i mean tracks that feature some sort of overpass/flyover/bridge thingy that you drive under and over. I have no idea why but i love tracks like this. this type of layout seems more common to kart tracks, but are there any other good tracks like this? even better if its available in...
  16. Highlandwalker

    Tiger Moth 2014 1.22

    This is the ISI track with some graphical updates. All buildings have reduced brightness, aircraft have also reduced brightness and the trees made a bit crisper. Unsubscribe from steam before installing. If you don't like it uninstall and re-subscribe to steam. Note screenshots very slightly...
  17. M

    Spa - F1 2008 Belgian GP skin 1.0 FINAL

    New sponsors: - ING - Vodafone - Bridgestone - Martini - Allianz New red and white curbs and barriers, like in the 2008 real track.
  18. J

    Can anyone help me with the .AIW and .CAM on this track?

    Hi everyone, I'm having pretty severe issues with this track. Someone made it for NR2003 long ago, and I'm trying to convert it to rFactor. I fired up my old laptop, which has Windows 7, to run the ISI AIW Editor. For some reason, as soon as I use the editor to make any changes to the .AIW...
  19. Noah Bejaoui


    I've made a skin for the Kunos Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari. I hope you enjoy the first weekend since 2006 ;) In this order you have to paste in: \steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\imola\skins\cm_skins\F1 2020
  20. Silvestr Edl

    Does anyone knows where I can get tracks from IndyCar or ChampCar?