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Automobilista build v0.9.6 released + Copa Montana

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Paul Jeffrey, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    AMS Copa Montana.jpg
    Reiza Studios have released another new Early Access build for highly rated racing simulator Automobilista.

    As well as the usual fixes and improvements in todays update, two new and exciting pieces of content make their debut. The epic Copa Montana pickup trucks are finally here and the first layout of the new Mendig Flugplatz location arrive in game.

    Already a hit with beta access players, the Copa Montana is a high powered performance racing Chevrolet flat back pickup truck that ran as support to the popular Brazilan Stock Car Series. Featuring an engaging driving experience and close fought racing action, the Copa Montana series car is a seriously enjoyable edition to Reiza Studio's Automobilista simulation.

    Despite the new content available in build 0.9.6 other enhancements and new features are also available for players to enjoy. The new Virtual Xperience portal makes its debut in game as well as a fix for the common HUD display issue bug found in previous builds.

    The full build changelog can be seen below:


    • Added Copa Montana Series
    • Added Mendig Flugplatz (first of many layouts still to come for this venue)

    Features & Fixes:
    • Added Time Trial integration with Virtual Xperience portal leaderboards
    • Integrated Steam Matchmaker into in-game Multiplayer lobby
    • Added new track limit violation system to clamp down excessive corner cutting & running wide (still subject to some track-specific fine-tuning)
    • Adjusted tree shaders for improved lighting
    • Added alternative Interlagos, Kansai, Montreal, Spielberg track options removing GP-specific trackside objects and DRS / tire compound rules (same layout otherwise)
    • Fixed several multiplayer screen UI errors
    • DynHUD: Fixed HUD not displayed (properly) on multiplayer race start; Added a custom fix to Johannesburg trackmap; Fixed profile info being applied too late
    • VIR: Tweaked AI lines at Grand & Full layouts so they do a better job of avoiding dangerous curbs
    • F-Extreme Fixed oversized DRS textures which could cause memory overload
    • F-Retro: Fixed gear shift light not working
    • Boxer: Corrected off-center LCD display; Tweaked rear light; Fixed windshield reflection; Minor engine sound tweak; Minor adjustment to damper rates & rear wing; Increased default front anti-roll bar setting
    • Marcas: Minor tightening of tire slip angles & chassis inertia adjustment
    Check out the new Copa Montana cars in our upcoming Automobilista Racing Club event at Cascavel on Thursday 30th June! An awesome way to try out the new content on track with your fellow sim racing enthusiasts!

    RaceDepartment is the place to be for AMS mods and news, check out our AMS forum for all the latest happenings in the world of Reiza Studio's most recent title.

    Do you enjoy the new AMS content? Like the game so far? What do you think of progress with Automobilista up to this point? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Szymon Olizarowicz

    Szymon Olizarowicz

    Can anyone provide technical information about the new car? Is it h shifted or sequential; that kind of staff. Are the cars running full race with pit stops or short sprints? What is the optimum Rev range for a shift? I've been looking online for some sort of a database that would have information on different series, but it's quite difficult to find info about more obscure racing series.

    I love ams, so please don't take it as some reductive whining, but I was always dissapointed at how sports cars are released for sims with all the hard-to-find data and yet the devs don't bother to write a page of bullet points about the systems available in car, how they are modelled in game and the way real life competition is organised. Not a problem for something like f1, but when you deal with historic or niche racing series like this one, getting proper info can be difficult. It's annoying when you want to do a bit of 'role play' and organise a quick championship.
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  3. CCKaren


    Here's the technical information such as I've been able to figure out. The Montana's are a manual sequential, so no need to lift up on upshifts, but should probably blip on downshifts to keep it stable. They ran 30-40 minute races as far as I can tell (not much good footage on Youtube) which means they're not pitting. The engine and chassis though I believe is very similar to the modern Brasiliero de Turismo or Stock Car Light.

    Really, information on how any series is structured or the race format used isn't too hard to come by. Wikipedia often has a lot of base information such as field sizes and schedules and if the series is reasonably modern like the Copa Montana (2010-2012) there's likely to be enough footage on Youtube to make an educated guess.
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  4. Chris

    Administrator Staff Premium


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  5. Terry Rock

    Terry Rock

    This is one 'fun' vehicle to drive...everywhere.
    I'm having more fun with this sim, than any of the others at the moment.
    It just keeps getting better and better with each new update.
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  6. Pudu


    Yes, but this is exactly the kind of information I hope makes it into the final release for the cups/series which Reiza has licensed or which need no license; a short blurb describing the engine, transmission, driving characteristics, and what type of races were held. Hopefully we won't have to resort to gleaning tidbits from old youtube clips.
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  7. Luckyluke76


    Johannesburg trackmap still buggy

  8. fortyfivekev


    The Copa Montanas are fun but I'm also enjoying hotlapping in the Time Trial mode. If you want some online competition but don't have the time for league racing then it is a good compromise.

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  9. alexSchmurtz

    SpeedyMite Racing Staff Premium

    Pretty solid update: Copa Montana is great to drive and should provide close battles. I find its interior beautifully modeled and it has good sounds! Mendig Flugplatz brings an another type of track, an airfield: it is easy to get lost, not everybody will like it. But I find it makes a nice change! It is mainly a matter of sticking to it… Hotlapping is not my go to choice but after testing the leaderboard in the beta, I find it really well done and it brings a new game mode; I quite like it in fact… :) And there should be more features coming there as well!
    This is key! All multiplayers should be happy. We did a quick test online yesterday evening, and it seems to have cure the main concerns: no need to "press 5 three times" at the start of the race! And it seems the HUD is not disappearing when people join or quit the server. That was a quick test, hope it will stay stable with bigger grids and sessions!
    Then there are still some little things still buggy, like the Johannesburg track map … V1.0 is not there yet, wonder what number we will get in the following weeks: :roflmao: But I keep faith in Reiza: they are really giving their best and listening to our feedbacks, I'm sure they will put it all together! I'm having so much fun with the game already! That's the main point after all… :inlove:
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  10. Marc Goaderoch

    Marc Goaderoch

    Thank you for this update ;)
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  11. Martin Vindis

    Martin Vindis

    Awesome stuff guys. I've missed having the matchmaking thingy in game, great to have it back!
  12. Nick Gregory

    Nick Gregory
    Forever a backmarker Premium

    First race we have with the Copa Montana, I'm in.
  13. Joe Moon

    Joe Moon

    I want to thank Reiza for the competition of Time Trial mode...
    It is nice to compete with other drivers on lap time!
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  14. Mondyrocks


    Extremely enjoyable game that has far exceeded my expectations :)
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  15. Falk Massmann

    Falk Massmann

    Very nice update Reiza, congratulations...
    I noticed that the graphics became a lot more sharper which is in my book a top notch job.
    The bugfixing is very much appreciated especially on my side the dynHUD fix.
    And of course we have an ingame multiplayer room back again, yeahh...:thumbsup:
    Love the Copa Montanas and the new airfield track.
    The best 29 bucks I ever invested in simracing:p
    There is one thing though with the Copa Montanas. Could it be that the FFB multiplier has the wrong prefix?? Cause everytime I change car to the Copa Montanas I have to put the FFB multiplier to positive 100. Normally I have it on negative because of the Logitech G 25 I have.

    Anyways, thank you very much :D
  16. Ricardo Campos

    Ricardo Campos

    Please inform developers that these limits are very sensitive to penalty.
    I not tested in other tracks, but in Brasilia Full, just touch the kerbs with two wheels to be penalized.

    It is exaggerated this rule. Unreal,,,
  17. xnorb


    Will have to try the live release but in Beta my DynHUD is still completely broken.
    Sometimes working in MP, extremely rarely working in SP.
  18. F_B


    Atm this is my favourite sim (beside AC). All it needs now is more people who race online imo.
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  19. xnorb


    I hope this will improve once the web platform is fully developed and we have a central hub for AMS online racing.
  20. smove


    I'm really happy with the work you guys have done so far and every update brings another big smile to my face! A big thumbs up and thank you for that! :thumbsup:

    But – and there will always be a but – I'm not the biggest fan of the new track limit violation system. Even if you're still tweaking that in places: Could you probably add an option to enable/disable it like R3E does? Especially when learning a track it takes some time to finally get a valid lap time which often is too much for impatient people like me ... :D As a compromise: What about displaying the lap time at least (in brackets for example) without putting it into classification?
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