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  1. Whills

    Grand Prix Evolution for Automobilista 0.2

    GRAND PRIX EVOLUTION by Whills PLEASE NOTE: This addon is still in beta version, you may encounter some issues in gameplay. This work is a tribute to sim racing history. This addon is inspired by Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix series. You will experience the evolution of the Grand Prix racing...
  2. vadhil

    AMS SweetFX Natural Soft Light 2020-06-24

  3. GianlucaFCB10

    Pace/Safety Car Problem

    I want to start a race (formation/standing) with the safety car visible. For some reason it doesn't ever appear, this is both online and offline with and without AI drivers. However, when I start a race (rolling or fast rolling) the safety car is loaded on the track, both online and offline with...
  4. AUTOMOBILISTA VS AUTOMOBILISTA 2 : Which title has the best Super V8 - We find out !

    AUTOMOBILISTA VS AUTOMOBILISTA 2 : Which title has the best Super V8 - We find out !

    Ok here is our first ever Sim Racing Battle and we have chosen Automobilista VS Automobilista 2 to find out which sim racing title has the best version of th...
  5. M

    Targa Florio 1967 versión 1.0

    rfactortools conversión..
  6. M

    Nuerburgring Nordschleife 1967 versión 1.0

    rfactortools conversión
  7. M

    Spa 1958 versión 1.0

    rfactortools conversión
  8. H

    G29 not functioning

    Cars stuck in first gear, got auto clutch and shift on and In settings the wheel and pedals seem to work fine
  9. S

    GT3 damage 1.0

    damage mod more sensitive for EEC GT3 mod INSTALLATION: 1: Back up all files ( I have provided the original files as backups ) 2: Go into the cars folder you want to edit e.i E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Automobilista\GameData\Vehicles\EEC GT3 3: replace the GT3_Damage.ini with the new edited...
  10. Constantin Grimminger

    2009 British F3 Stephané Richelmi livery 1.0

    2009 British F3 Stephané Richelmi livery by fisicoF1\WST ============================================================ 2009 British F3 Stephané Richelmi livery by fisicoF1\WST is not a Reiza product! v1.0, April 30th 2020 ============================================================ THIS SKIN...
  11. Incredible Hulk

    Hulk RESHADE Automobilista 1.1

    Hulk RESHADE Automobilista v1.1 NEW more colorful LumaChromeCLASSIC mod. - Use “lut_ams.png” from LumaChromeCLASSIC textures folder in Filmic or even in Retrolux mod if You prefer classic Automobilista look - subtle changes to sharpen options Hi everyone still enjoying AMS1 :) - Clean, Sharp...
  12. Goffik

    AMS 2 FFB - Fixed Lock-Stops & No Engine Vibration v3.0

    This is a very simple mod which does two things: 1) AMS 2 uses a soft-lock force to set your wheel's rotation to the same as the car being used. Unfortunately this force is so weak by default that it's almost impossible to detect on many wheels, especially while driving. This mod fixes that...
  13. Eagle Racer

    Custom Skins are too shiny

    Hi everyone, Every custom skin is way too shiny. There has to be a fix for this surely. I'm using GIMP but I have very limited knowledge Thanks, Peter J
  14. A

    New series and cars for racing carrer manager v1.1

    Add more series and cars for racing carrer manager system IMPORTANT ONLY WORKS IN THE VERSION 2.1 AND THIS VERSION ONLY WORKS WHITH AUTOMOBILISTA IF YOU CHOOSE AMS AND ASSETO CORSA IN THE SETUP NEW SEASON SCREEN, the mod includes: Formula rookie Hot Cars Copa Uno Mcr 2000 Metalmoro(both), Stock...
  15. Dethrone1427

    Formula One 1975 HE/2020 1.0

    ** IF YOU HAVE ANY PREVIOUS HE EDITION INSTALLED PLEASE REMOVE ** If you do not have any previous He editons released installed then download and install overwrite any old 75mod files. This is 1975 F1 season. Originally created by ChiefWiggum, I have previously been given permission to work...
  16. Incredible Hulk

    GMT2 Importer AMS 1.0

    GMT2 Importer for Automobilista v1.0 Hi everyone still modding AMS1 :) Not all shaders and materials are tested. What to do if after opening gmt, applied shader is wrong? - Enable “Check shader name & ID” - After importing gmt file, listener will print shader name, shader Max id and shader DX...
  17. Isaac Chavira

    2020 LIQUIMOLY 12 Hours of Bathurst Decal Set 1.0

    Okay boys and girls, I have created the 2020 LIQUIMOLY 12 Hours of Bathurst Decal Set. It contains everything you need to generate cars. All you have to do is: Edit your number in the provided Photoshop file. Then File > Export As > .PNG. Then File > Place (Embedded). Resize the .PNG until...
  18. Automobilista 2 Ai 120% Benetton vs Ferrari 1993 Imola 88

    Automobilista 2 Ai 120% Benetton vs Ferrari 1993 Imola 88

    sound slightly delayed
  19. The Rivals @imola88

    The Rivals @imola88

  20. ATSSHD

    Automobilista 2 Controller Settings | XBOX 360/XBOX ONE/PS4 1.2

    Settings: Controller Gameplay: