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  1. Automobilista | Skins 2021 Formula Ultimate | GP España

    Automobilista | Skins 2021 Formula Ultimate | GP España

    More info video description.
  2. Sim Showdown: The Mercedes 190 EVO II DTM

    Sim Showdown: The Mercedes 190 EVO II DTM

    #Automobilista2 #AssettoCorsa #RaceRoom #Rfactor2Please do not hesitate to contact me on Twitter @_The_Extra_Mile if you have any questions, or if you have a...
  3. Formula Ultimate Automobilista 1 & 2 | Skins 2021

    Formula Ultimate Automobilista 1 & 2 | Skins 2021

    More info video description.
  4. lobisomem

    Formula truck 2004-2005 1.0

    Original MOD: Formula Truck 01-07 for F1 Challenge 99-02 MOD by VSM. Converted by João Gilberto Installation: copy GameData and Series folders to the main game folder. Teams use the original files from Formula Truck 2013 and (sound, physics, camera,...) But, Installing this mod is without...
  5. franciscoiba1

    Help with IA control

    Hello community! I have a problem and I need your help: when a multiplayer race ends, the AI takes control of the car and I cannot drive it. I did research in the PLR and in the Multiplayer.INI but found nothing to disable it. Could you tell me how to do it? Thank you!
  6. AzSchumey

    Formula 1 Starting Lights FX 1.0

    The attached file is the sound effects of Formula 1 starting lights in which used in Formula 1 since 2019. Remember to copy the file in your Automobilista directory. The original files also included if it is not your preferences or issues. Credits to: TV intoutro (Youtube) for the sound...
  7. vadhil

    AMS Polyphony SweetFX Preset 220421

    This is a SweetFX preset addon... A solid graphics colors with horizon depth ambient and also made it comfort for eyes with NO YELLOWing the TONE a bit, so its all enhanced original colors... In-game footage cars and tracks used: - Ford GT LM 2017 - Lotus Evora LM 2012 - Lamborghini Huracan...
  8. GTSpeedster

    2010 BMW M3 E92 GTS 1.01

    A very special limited edition of the E92 series of M3, the GTS is 136kg lighter and produces 30hp of power and 40Nm of torque more than the standard M3. With a whole new 4.4-liter V8 engine, its power level was upgraded to 444hp @8300rpm and 440Nm of torque @3750rpm (150rpm earlier than the...
  9. B

    2021 Supercars Season Pack | W.I.P 1.2

    Currently a Work In Progress Skin Pack In the Pack, Team Skins Included Are: Matt Stone Racing, Zane Goddard and Jake Kostecki Team 18, Mark Winterbottom and Scott Pye Walkinshaw Andretti United, Chaz Mostert and Bryce Fullwood Team Sydney, Fabian Coulthard and Garry Jacobson Brad Jones...
  10. Automobilista 2: GT1 AI race at Hockenheim 2001 in Mercedes CLK-LM, from heavy rain to sun (4K/60)

    Automobilista 2: GT1 AI race at Hockenheim 2001 in Mercedes CLK-LM, from heavy rain to sun (4K/60)

    Showcase of the new AMS2 v1.1.1.3 rain AI at Hockeinheim 2001 with Live Track providing very immersive track transitions from wet to dry. track: Hockeinheim 2001 (DLC) time: 11 am time acceleration: 5x length: 10 min weather slots: Rain and Clear AI count: 30 AI difficulty: 110 AI aggression: 100
  11. rosarioracers

    Renault 18 versus Renault Fuego 2021

    18 versus Fuego by Rosario Racers (updated to January 2021) Mod with 2 historic cars that made history in Argentina in categories such as tc 2000 and national tourism. Drivers like Juan Maria Traverso, Cocho Lopez, Gabriel Raies and many more are represented in this mod. From Rosario...
  12. rosarioracers

    Copa GOL RR 2021

    Copa GOL RR (updated to January 2021) From Rosario Racers, Argentina Mod developed with the 6 versions of volkswagen gol with 1600 engines 145cv and 1800 cc 185cv. Both with 5 speed gearbox. Great fun to drive and run tournaments. Live Broadcast : SERVERS ON LINE:
  13. SunRam

    Ideal tyre pressures

    I posted this in the AMS2 setups section, but I'm not to sure how many people actually visits that part of the forum so here goes: Can anyone give us some idea of the ideal pressures for (or at least the ones you do know ;): GT1 GT3 Stock cars Formula V10 and V12 LMP in general German Touring...
  14. GTSpeedster

    1958 Grand Prix World Championship 1.04

    The 1958 season was the last year of Grand Prix racing where the field was dominated with front-engined cars; which had been the case since the early 1900s when car racing was happening in informal events across Europe and the United States. 1959 and 1960 would be transitional years, where grids...
  15. Welche ist die BESTE Hockenheim Mod für Assetto Corsa ?

    Welche ist die BESTE Hockenheim Mod für Assetto Corsa ?

    Der Hockenheim Ring ist eine der beliebtesten Strecken in Assetto Corsa. Klar, gibt es super viele verschiedene Mod Versionen, die alle etwas anderes bieten. Egal ob Retro, Original oder Automobilista Scan. Heute kommen alle Hockenheim Versionen auf den Prüfstand!
  16. GTSpeedster

    1995 McLaren F1 LM 2.70

    In late 1995, five street-legal McLaren F1 LM were built in honor of the five McLaren F1 GTR racecars which finished the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans, including taking the overall win. Whereas the standard McLaren F1 was designed to be the ultimate road car in the sense that it should be comfortable...
  17. GTSpeedster

    GTSpeedster's AMS Showroom 1.0

    This is a very simple mod, but one I couldn't do without so here it is if you'd like to use it too. It essentially just enlarges the showroom view allowing you to check up close the cars's details, its skins and most any other external modifications you might have done without having to loading...
  18. Steakilicious

    2020 Supercheap Auto Ford Mustang V8 Supercar Livery v1.0

    This is the first skin I've ever uploaded and made based off of a real livery, most liveries I make are fictional and for league use but as no one has made any 2020 Mustang Supercars liveries I thought I might make a start on it. The livery is Jack Le Brocq's 2020 Ford Mustang Supercheap Auto...
  19. GTSpeedster

    Ford v Ferrari 1.01

    In late 1963 Henry Ford II decided that if Ferrari couldn't be bought, he would be beaten - by a Ford - cost no object. But Ferrari wouldn't go down without an epic fight! The mod is fine tuned for both offline and online racing. The cars are fully balanced for performance, with each one...
  20. GTSpeedster

    GTSpeedster's AMS Stock Car V8 Lights 1.0

    Aesthetics daytime running lights, headlights and backlights always on in game. The lights are not actual working headlight projectors, meaning no significant FPS hit should occur. To install: 1. Simply copy the folder "GameData" and paste it to your main Automobilista folder; 2...