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Automobilista 2 | Online Racing Now At RaceDepartment

Enjoying Automobilista 2 and want to get even more excitement from the sim? We got you covered, with the new AMS 2 Racing Club here at RaceDepartment.
  • New racing club launched for AMS2 drivers
  • Successful first event already run
  • Available to any and all Premium members
Organised racing fun in a friendly and clean environment, against like minded members of the community with a mix of pace and experience, with some friendly banter... yes, it's the racing club treatment here at RaceDepartment, with an AMS 2 theme!

AMS 2 Racing Club Footer.jpg

How To Get Involved?
Easy, all you have to do is be a Premium member of RaceDepartment, then simply put your name down in the Automobilista 2 Racing Club thread of the race you are interested in, turn up on time, and have some fun!

When Is The Next Event?
Events have already started in our new club, and the reception so far has been outstanding. Our next race is due to be held on Tuesday 14th July, featuring the beautiful 2019 Stock Car Brasil machines at the stunning Curitiba Circuit.

You can check out the full schedules and details HERE.

Will We Be Hosting More Events?
Yes we will! The AMS 2 Racing Club is a place where regular events in the new Automobilista 2 racing game will be held by our RaceDepartment staff, featuring much of the rich content found within the sim. Our events are currently hosted by @Goffik, however if you want to get involved and join the staff in helping with event hosting, feel free to drop @Goffik and PM and express your interest!

AMS 2 Racing Club 2.jpg

Automobilista 2 continues to be developed and improved by Reiza Studios, and as the newest racing simulation on the market, I'm sure many of you are excited to see how things develop going forward over the next couple of years.

Already the title is a very solid base from which to start, and as the drivers from last Tuesday will testify, the online experience is already great - so come join us on the adventure, and get your online racing thrills in the AMS 2 Racing Club today!

AMS 2 Racing Club Footer.jpg
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Sep 28, 2009
Been looking for a good league or group that has US late evening friendly times.
Well, I can't run US events because I'm based in the UK, but that doesn't mean it's impossible! If the demand is there and we have someone willing to commit their time to running it, then we can quite easily run a US club alongside the EU club, no problemo. PM me if you're interested. ;)


Nov 1, 2015
If I had more time I would entertain hosting a US club. I am hopeful that one of my fellow comrades will step up to the plate because this sim is getting really good.

A weekend scheduled event might work for all....


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Jun 10, 2016
Would love to join but 1900 UTC does not suit me.
Would probably join NA/US events (when available). Btw, what time (in EDT) does a NA/US event usually begin?
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Jun 3, 2019
The only reason i bought rf2 over ams2 in the summer sales was the absense of club racing... Wish i had known!


Jan 19, 2020
Just became a premium member, looking forward to driving in one of these in future.


Jan 19, 2020
Normally it's a matter of waiting until there is an event at a Aus timezone friendly time. I saw the comment above about this so if it happens I'll be a regular.