ATCC - All Time Car Championship

Alltimer Grandtour (ATGT3, formerly ATCC3 - All Time Car Championship) is a gigamod, rather a completely new game based on GTR Evo engine.
It contains also some features from GTR2 that were unavailable in Race 07 / GTR Evo.
The game is a halfway between simulation and arcade. It means that the fun of driving and racing is more important than exact engine specifications. The original Race 07, GTR Evo, GTL, WTCC, STCC cars do not have modified physics, but other car engines could have been adjusted to fit the class they are in.

The game features completely new classes, not based on real racing events. The classes are based on production years and car power. The main classes are:
Race (passenger cars, mainly street and touring racing cars),
Race Pro (hotwired passenger cars, with power comparable to GT or even stronger, such as WTCC Extreme or DTM)
V8 - large passenger cars, street and racing with V8 or V12 engines
GT (GT cars including GT4, GT3, GT Club cars)
GT Pro (GT1 cars, GRID, LM prototypes and other very fast machines excluding Formula)
Formula (Formula Raceroom and Master)
Formula Light (lightweight racing cars such as Caterham or Radical).
SUV, Vans, Trucks and probably karts.

The game is a tribute to the history of home computers and consoles, classic racing games and the modding scene.

The UI is being modified to give the game an unique look, enable features that were hidden (or not active) in the original games - for example full screen car preview. Other features have been added or activated.
You can also run some classic 1980-199x games directly from the ATCC menu, and also GTR2 installed in a subfolder. These features have not been tested yet under various versions of Windows, screen resolutions and available graphic modes.

UI preview part 1, 2019-07

Game base download link
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Got a problem: How to display a different image for track preview and different loading screen?
In .exe there is only one '_Thmb' definition, that loads Trackname_Thmb both as small preview and loading screen.
I have noticed that some tracks use MenuArt_Loading_Trackname files to put them into UiData, but it does not work for me.
Do you have any ideas? Does it require .exe patching? Or using some numeric variables in menu?
I tried to replace _Thmb with _Th%s and send the string as Caption from menu, but it failed.

Solved, using a different APP_ command

What are Arcade Drift and Arcade Drift Extreme? They were hidden in the menu, but they don't differ from the Arcade Extreme mode. No drifting here. If they indeed do not differ from Arcade Extreme, they will be removed them from menu.

UI Preview part 2.
Added more animated backgrounds, full screen car view, moved the intro to the menu, the game starts without intro.

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UI preview part 3. New, modified and updated features.
Demo video on the main menu screen. It will be better, without text, maps and gauges.
Updated track loader, weather conditions added.
New championship "next event" screen, displaying the track and the car info.

The 100GB mod is almost done.
In this video: Track overview and track loader.
Now it's time to check if the cars are in proper classes and test championships.
Not everything will be published.
There are creators in the world who think they reinvent a wheel creating a 3D wheel model.
and they love to see other people on knees begging for permission.
Thanks and greetings to everyone who takes their works as a part of a larger process.
and I am aware and glad that my works may be used by anyone in another giga- or tera-production.

Classic racing games launched from the menu. The best games have been selected, created between 1980-2019. Some of them are really hard.
The games are emulated. It means that the emulator of another computer is launched and it opens a selected game.
If the game does not start, is not displayed on full screen, the controls are not working, the emulator must be configured to your graphic card and screen resolution.
It was not easy to find emulators that allow the main game to be installed anywhere on the PC (support relative paths).

The first part: running Commodore 64 games.

Part 2. Adding Atari 2600, Atari XE and ZX Spectrum games. (ZX emu is already working, in this video was not configured yet.)

What does GTR2 do here as an "Extra Game"?
ATCC does not contain GTR2. It contains only config.ini for GTR2 and rFactor, that allows to use the same Sounds folder for all games. No more missing engine sounds and gigabytes saved.
The only requirement is that GTR2 and RF must be moved (copied) to a subfolder of ATCC.


Too much going on...
How do you make the Race07 menu load an external game?

I have been looking at the menu files myself for a while. I would like to make new 1st /2nd/3rd place screens that also shows the car. I could add the garage spinner, but I would like to add some other scene.
Running external games does not work how we dream about. The extra games are not running inside R07.
It works like a link to a website, but instead of opening a website, it opens a file (.exe, .bat or .cmd).
The main game is minimized to icon, the other game starts. When closing the extra game you must click the R07 icon on the taskbar to return.

The trophy screens you can replace with car spinner or video. The easiest method is to overlay the original screen with a full screen scene. For a video, copy the gizmo Generic Bink Animation ... and paste it after the trophy screen display.
For car spinner, the code is a little longer, because it contains many #ifdef, conditional instructions.
You may try to copy the whole gizmo (take care of the opening ang closing brackets), delete the "#ifdef feature carspinner" and "#endif" instructions.
The size of the screen is defined in Position=(0,0) width-height=(1024,768) for full screen.
ATCC is almost ready. It is based on the GTR Evo engine, but improved a lot.
After Ultramod and Power&Glory (based on GTR2) it will be the next recompilation of the SimBin classics

Now checking the ID numbers and driver names and I'm at the number 218 of 255.
Because the RD servers probably will not allow to upload 100 GB, only the required files (about 10 GB) will be uploaded. The game will be uploaded with about 10 example car models and about 10 example tracks that have not been released for Race 07 yet and there were no restrictions to convert and publish.

Right now you can downolad the music, it is the largest file, the only one above 1 GB.
Music has been deleted, temporarily no space to upload it.

elkhart 2090 20191224 b.png


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Added single brands racing (for selected makes with many car models, such as BMW, Porsche, Volvo, VW, Peugeot). No mixing passenger cars with GT cars.

Low video quality, because it is already February 2020, it was planned to finish the game for December 2019.
Now just a few car models remained to put them into proper classes. The game base cannot be released with incomplete main files, such as classes and car filter presets. All cars models must be processed.

It is finished. Now time to pack and upload. I still really don't know what I can share.
Ultramod and Power & Glory have been published and they are downloadable. As I remember, Ultramod does not contain .exe files. It ATCC 3 the .exe files are modified and required to play. They do not contain any malware, any cheats, any redirects to fake servers, any spyware, the game rules are not changed. They are modified to set the graphic skin at first start, camera views are selectable from two variants, game icons and some text values are changed. The game menu contains full credits to the original authors of the Race 07 series.
When I published about a year ago a link to download ATCC 2 e-Lite version, the link was deleted.
Even if the game is not abandonware yet, the post-release development by the Scene has gone very far beyond the original games. Some cars and tracks created as mods and add-ons are restricted by their authors to be distributed only on specified servers. Some other authors do not agree for modifications of their works, including conversions. Haven't we always dreamed of all-in-one game? All cars, all tracks and more? It came true. The decisions belong to the Scene members.

ATCC 3 SUVAN racing



Hi downloaded all files and extracted done config, when launch from Helicam or nosecam get (steam errorAPi_Init_Internal failed) ?
IGNORE got it working installed in wrong directory .
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This error is displayed when the game cannot connect to Steam. Online play was not tested, but it is possible. You should be logged in to Steam.

If it asks about game title, select GTR Evolution or Race 07

Added in 2021: newer versions of the game does not require logging to Steam.
The game starts even without internet connection.
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ATCC3 updated to version 3.139

Expo models:

+ You decide whether to install expo driver models or not when unpacking
+ Added ExpoTEX, a shared folder for expo driver textures (must be linked in .cas) - this is why all cars must be added again (or at least all .cas files)
+ Added an option to install and uninstall expo drivers in the game menu (Options / Game Settings), although some textures may be visible at the next start.

User interface:

+ Driver info always visible in car selector (now there is only a page displaying driver name and nationality, the page is under construction)
+ Added and updated external links (in Multiplayer menu)
+ Crash message changed to more friendly


+ In-game message "screen saved" replaced with a single dot . because the text "screen saved" was written on the screenshot.
The dot will be replaced with blank space if the event "display text when take screenshot" will be replaced with "play sound when take screenshot". Without the dot it is unsure if the screenshot was taken.

+ Cars in the newest versions, some other cars and tracks added. You may simply add other Race07 tracks, you should only change the category.

If you downloaded the version 3.138, download only files modified in May 2020. (sort på Modified date)
If you have already installed the game, you may overwrite the files answering "A" to all questions, but better to unpack to a new folder. Safer and faster.

The link has not changed: Mediafire download

This version is already the release candidate (if you don't see major bugs).

About credits: the list would involve hundreds, if not thousands of people, if they were mentioned by names.
There is only a short list of professions.
(I see I have forgotten about real car designers + manufacturers, real track designers + management and racing drivers - this will be updated without a new release).

A major update approaching.
The game will be re-uploaded soon with many bugfixes. First of all are tracks. All .jpg, .bmp, .png, .tga textures are converted to .dds. These texture formats slow down the game and may even cause crash.
Searching for objects hidden below the track or incorrectly displayed, adjusting material brightness and colors, adding specular and/or bump maps to some objects, making windows transparent, adding animations to the jumbo screens... Well, a slow process.
A few tracks are already uploaded with new filenames.
These reworked tracks filenames end with _AA to _ZZ and the tracks are sorted alphabetically. The unpacker doesn't work with them yet.

Except the well done and well known cars, the new version will contain some cars that are work in progress, never released yet, but tested and drivable.

I think it is the best way to work on these cars and improve, listening to others suggestions and opinions.

The new version is uploaded. Not tested yet.
Download, play and report bugs :)
Link (always the same):
The content has been separated to required files (main folder)
and optional content (cars, tracks, sounds, music) - the game will run without them.

What's new in version 3.141
+ enable or disable .bik movies on tracks in Options / Visual Settings / Environment
+ UI is partially adjusted for 16:9 displays (round buttons)
+ added a switch to turn in-car music on/off before start

play movies on tracks.png

version 3.140 (november 2020)

+ page Driver Info to display the driver figure in proper driver suit colors.
+ displaying track name in the menu before start racing and in race results
+ added classes and models
V81980--220---V8 1980---220 =
V8 cars produced in 1980 and before
Ford-----70---Ford-------70 = selected Ford cars
FIAT-----67---FIAT-------67 = selected Fiat, Abarth cars and cars produced under FIAT licence.
CAMARO---55---Chevrolet--55 = selected Chevrolet cars
+ this version contains a few work in progress cars, that could be tested by gamers before release. I guess you already have all Porsche, Audi, Ferrari and Lambo cars with perfect physics, this is why I add less known cars to see how a 1970 van overtakes a McLaren. The car power must be adjusted with compromise. Not to overtake GT cars, but not to be always the last, too.
+- .exe file ATCC3_helicam displays track load screen, ATCC3_nosecam displays thumb. This is temporary.
+ .jpg, .png and .bmp textures on tracks replaced with .dds
+ added material 'water' definition, not to end the race falling into a black hole, when a car falls into water. The car lands on the water and you can drive. It works if the material is named
If the material is named #284883871 or mat1111 - it will not work.
If you cannot drive, press "Reset car" key to return on the track.
+ more track categories by the region of the world, now there are 2 letters instead of 3
sv = Scandinavia, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia
de = Germany, historic East Germany
sp = Spain, Portugal
it = Italy, San Marino
fr = France, Monaco
gb = Britain, Ireland, surrounding islands, no British territories in other parts of world
ec = central Europe, Austria, Czech Rep, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia
ew* = western Europe, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Andorra
es* = southern Europe, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Cyprus, Malta, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and other Balkan countries
us = USA only, incl. Hawaii and Alaska
am = Americas except USA (maybe Canada will be separated too)
af = Africa
ru = Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, historic Soviet Union, no Asian middle east countries.
as = Asia (it may be separated into west - from Turkey to India and east = China, Japan, Korea, SW Asia)
au = Australia, New Zealand, Pacific islands
fx = fantasy fictional tracks that are located on the Moon, in space, in other games worlds, pixel lands etc. This is not introduced yet because there are very few tracks.
Hillclimb category remained as it was.
* European tracks are not separated yet, it depends how many tracks are in total.

Audi A8 work in progress will be added soon
audi a8 wip.jpg
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