1. Rot Teufel

    TCL Oceania Skinpack 84 - 90 by TCL Revival Team 1.0

    Aka how to turn an easy job into a full overhaul of all skins previously done and collected by TTR long time ago, expecially on 1986-87 years. We glad you have done the dirty work of some unknow skins, wich were usefull for us as reference, but most of them lacks a lot of details. Beside fixing...
  2. abrimaal

    ZIL 164 Truck 202006

    ZIL 164 3D Model found standing on a track. It may be from another game. Made drivable by Carsay. initial pre-release 2020-06-06 This truck starts in two classes, with a slower engine (maybe too slow) in Race class. and with stronger engine in Trucks, that it could compete with other trucks...
  3. abrimaal

    Renault 4CV Race07 ATCC 202004

    Renault 4CV R1063 Replica for GTR2 by Speedster63 Conversion to Race07 / GTR Evo / ATCC and additional textures by Carsay
  4. abrimaal

    Skoda 110R 110RS 130RS for Race 07 201911

    Skoda 110R 130RS for Race 07, GTR Evo, ATCC version 201911 Converted from GTR2 by Carsay. Original author: unknown, no info file inside the folder. The car starts in two classes. Skoda 110 starts in Race 1976 (with Ford Escort, Renault 12, FIAT 850) Skoda 130 starts in GT 1975 (with Ford...
  5. abrimaal

    Citroen SM for Race 07 ATCC 201910

    Citroen SM for Race 07 ATCC GTR2 version release notes: 3D Model: .OBJ downloaded from: Author: Unknown Converted and Modified to GTR2 by Chevy66V8 Physics and Sounds by Babis_xo In memorial to Johan Cruijff 1947-2016 R.I.P. Conversion to Race 07 and additional textures by...
  6. abrimaal

    Volvo PV 544 for Race 07 GTR Evo ATCC 201909

    Volvo PV 544 for Race 07 / GTR Evo / ATCC and other variants of the game Original model by speedster63 for GTR2 Conversion, additional textures and adjustment by Carsay Requires GTL sounds (Volvo Amazon) Version 201909 - initial release
  7. abrimaal

    ATCC - All Time Car Championship

    Work in Progress. ATCC is a new "gigamod" based on GTR Evo engine. But not only. It contains also some features from GTR2 that were unavailable in Race 07 / GTR Evo. The game is a halfway between simulation and arcade. It means that the fun of driving and racing is more important than exact...
  8. abrimaal

    Porsche Cayenne for Race 07 202008

    Model created by someone else (unknown) for ShiftStreet, RFactor. Converted to Race 07 and textured by Karsay. The engine and physics are fictional (from other cars, mixed). With this physics the car is fully drivable. The original physics does not work here. The original .hdc and other files...
  9. abrimaal

    FSO Warszawa 201 for Race 07 / GTR Evo 202004

    FSO Warszawa 201 1957 for Race 07 The author of the original model is unknown, the car appeared in Lowrider Extreme game. Converted to Race 07 / GTR Evo by Carsay & Yuca. The interior and the cockpit must be re-worked. Temporarily using the cockpit from Mercedes 300 SL. It will be not...
  10. D

    A Desperate Man's Plea (V8 Supercars 1993 - 2002)

    If i could have a moment of your time. *ehem* I have been sim racing for about 16 years now. It has enabled me to live out some grand motorsport dreams. In this time i have become Formula One World Drivers Champion for just about every year since 1950. I have clocked over 400kph on the...
  11. abrimaal

    Lada Niva for Race 07 201907

    Lada Niva for Race 07 / ATCC e-Lite A conversion of a Dirt Rally model. Converted by Carsay in 2018. Initial release. No cockpit yet, no front lights yet, no wipers yet. Uses audio files from GT Legends Austin Mini. Not included in the archive. Audio can be changed in the .inccar file. Starts...
  12. Mikec87

    Lakeside Park 1.00

    This is Lakeside Park, formerly known as Lakeside Raceway. It is a permanent track opened on 19th March, 1961. I made this track under licence from Queenland Raceway Pty Ltd in 2010 originally for rFactor 1 After this track I made Queensland Raceway, Ipswich using CAD plans from QR and...