ui replacement

  1. Rome52

    URD Bayro 4 v2 UI replacement Minor Corrections

    If you have issues lmk, you should be fine worst case scenario if I don't get back just re download the original version of the car and just put the UI folder back :)
  2. Canunu454

    Canunu's UI Update - F1 1975 by Bazza v1.1

    example image Feel free to remove the "F1 (1975) -" in the car name, this is just how I like sorting car classes with more then one year.
  3. Canunu454

    Canunu's UI Updates (Tracks, Kunos) v1.0

    simple mod that updates the game's track metadata for a more clean and consistent look. (ignore baku lol) an example image DISCLAIMER: - this mod overwrites the original "ui.json" files. Make a backup.
  4. Z

    Motorland (Motor Sports Land II) - UI update 1.0

    Just a quick fix for the Motorland (Motor Sports Land II) track for Assetto Corsa. This track is available here by DTM1120, and the track quickly became a favourite of mine for tossing small cars around. However the title and description were lacking detail, so I've written my own decription...
  5. Kostakop_

    ACGUI - New Assetto Corsa Clean UI 1.5

    THIS MOD IS VERY EARLY WIP SO MANY MORE UPDATES TO COME ADDING AND REPLACING MORE AND MORE OF THE UI If anyone knows how to change the CSS I would greatly appreciate it if you could DM me New Assetto Corsa Clean GUI This mod replaces the old Assetto Corsa icons and brings a fresh breath and...
  6. Canunu454

    Canunu's UI Updates for CM (Cars, Kunos) 1.0

    This changes some of the user interface entries for the cars in Assetto Corsa to a more clean and presentable format. I've removed some useless tags like nationality and "race" since Content Manager already covers that in a better way than through the tags. all cars will have their tags ordered...
  7. Canunu454

    Wrong Way Replacer 1.0

    Hello, I'm very new to modding, this is my first ever mod for any game. This mod replaces the original kunos "Wrong way" icon to something more modern and simple. The zip file includes a readme, the replacement and a backup so that you can revert any time
  8. Linx[ESP]

    Replay Icons Overhaul 1.0

    I'll be changing the rest of the /content/gui/ stuff, in the meantime check this other projects: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/clean-menu-ui-graphic-elements.16484/ https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/formula-1-flags.34924/ https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/better-flags.34464/
  9. smakrzi

    Better Flags 1.0.0

    Easy install! Just drop into the Assetto Corsa main folder! This mod will swap original flags visible in the upper left corner. These are a lot easier to spot with a corner of an eye so you don't have to lose your focus in a heat of the battle! They are also a lot more stylish and modern.
  10. abrimaal

    ATCC - All Time Car Championship

    Alltimer Grandtour (ATGT3, formerly ATCC3 - All Time Car Championship) is a gigamod, rather a completely new game based on GTR Evo engine. It contains also some features from GTR2 that were unavailable in Race 07 / GTR Evo. The game is a halfway between simulation and arcade. It means that the...
  11. A

    Sidekick 1.11.1 UI Image Edit ORBITRON / ROBOTO CON MIX 1.2

    I edited some of the image files and changed the font. To install: Replace the image files and the Sidekick python file with the edited files. Install the RobotoCondensed and Orbitron fonts Remove the Roboto-BlackItalic and Roboto-Italic fonts
  12. Giacomo Noghera

    [GUI REPLACEMENT] Blancpain GT-Series Style National Flags 1.0

    This is a GUI replacement for the in-game national flags display, it's based on a resource pack made by Isaac Chavira and it contains the most used nationalities in the game. The files are in .png 48x48 resolution if you would like to make some yourself. If you like this mod I strongly recommend...