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race 07

  1. FranciscoTerceiro

    Rev LEDs not working on G27

    Hi, everyone. A few weeks ago I decided to buy GTR 2. I had been playing Race 07 for the past couple of months and wanted to test SimBin's older games. Anyway, the rev LEDs were working on both games. However, a couple of days ago I installed to GTR 2 some add-on cars and tracks. The FFB started...
  2. FranciscoTerceiro

    Rev LEDs not working on my G27

    Hi, everyone. A few weeks ago I decided to give GTR 2 a try 'cause I had played Race 07 and wanted to know how the older game was. Anyway, my G27 was working absolutely fine with the LEDs running on both games. A couple of days ago I decided to install to GTR 2 some mods that I had found at...
  3. Mark0

    2005 WTCC GDL Racing 1.0

    2005 WTCC BMW 320i GDL Racing Gianluca de Lorenzi First ever livery i made in my life :) Hope you guys like it. Installation Copy content from .zip file to WTCC_2005\BMW 320i Teams
  4. abrimaal

    FIAT 125p for Race 07 and related games 202007

    This is a pre-release. A converted 3D model. The car is drivable, but missing the interior. There is no interior and cockpit at all. I am looking for collab in finding and adapting cockpit to this car. The rest of graphics I will do - lights, shading, textures, cameras. There are two variants -...
  5. abrimaal

    Tatra 603 202004

    Converted and made drivable by Carsay The model comes from Lowrider game, although it was found in .obj format, extracted by someone else (unknown). version 202004 Work in Progress It is already looking like a car. No, rather like a spaceship or submarine :) There is still a lot of work with...
  6. S

    New to game

    Good evening, I’m new to the game and looking to figure out how to find helmet skin and edit that. (First time user of adobe photoshop) and then pull down all toca2 cars or any btcc stw wtcc etcc and tracks. Then get up to speed and get online racing. Any suggestions to help me get started,
  7. Race 07 : Super Touring Volvo !

    Race 07 : Super Touring Volvo !

    Today we go back a decade and fire up Race 07 for the chance to drive the touring car brick that is the Volvo 850 Estate ! I selected the Knockhill circuit f...
  8. N

    Daytona Int. Speedway Road Course 1.0

  9. tahzib

    what mods?

    apart from the ultra mods that frankly confuses me, coz there are a large volume of car packs but not enough championships to go with - i wanna know, what mods should i use apart from the ultra mod? are there any HQ mods like the GTR2 game? separate championships to choose?
  10. abrimaal

    Skoda 110R 110RS 130RS for Race 07 201911

    Skoda 110R 130RS for Race 07, GTR Evo, ATCC version 201911 Converted from GTR2 by Carsay. Original author: unknown, no info file inside the folder. The car starts in two classes. Skoda 110 starts in Race 1976 (with Ford Escort, Renault 12, FIAT 850) Skoda 130 starts in GT 1975 (with Ford...
  11. abrimaal

    Volvo PV 544 for Race 07 GTR Evo ATCC 201909

    Volvo PV 544 for Race 07 / GTR Evo / ATCC and other variants of the game Original model by speedster63 for GTR2 Conversion, additional textures and adjustment by Carsay Requires GTL sounds (Volvo Amazon) Version 201909 - initial release
  12. abrimaal

    ATCC - All Time Car Championship

    Work in Progress. ATCC is a new "gigamod" based on GTR Evo engine. But not only. It contains also some features from GTR2 that were unavailable in Race 07 / GTR Evo. The game is a halfway between simulation and arcade. It means that the fun of driving and racing is more important than exact...
  13. N

    Sochi Autodrom 2019-09-30

    Conversion from Gtr2... Extract in ...GameData/Location folder.
  14. M

    [Ask] Making a New Class with AnyExisting Cars (original from game and mod) for Race 07 from Scratch

    I planned to made a new class in Race 07 (like "All BMW Stars", "Eroupean Leauge" etc.[all of their name maybe is not real]) from original cars in game and mod i downloaded. After i search for how to make it in all forum on this web, i didn't find it useful and i still confused Is anybody know...
  15. abrimaal

    Race 07 Car Logos 201912

    New and updated car brand logos. Arrinera (new) Bentley (updated) FIAT (new) FSO (new) Isuzu (new) Jaguar (updated) Jeep (new) Lancia (new) Land Rover (new) Mitsubishi (new) Range Rover (new) SAAB (updated) SIMCA (new) Suzuki (updated) Tatra (new) Trabant (new) Put them into...
  16. N

    Baku City Circuit 2019-07-25

    I'm not the owner of this mod. I just did the conversion without changing the track itself. Baku City Circuit conversi on from GTR 2 / rFactor.
  17. N

    Losail GP Night 2019-07-22

    Losail 2007 - Qatar for Race 07. Created by Tantra for Gtr2. Converted to Race 07 and changed from day to night race by me.
  18. N

    Buddh International Circuit 2019-07-04

    Converted by me from GTR2 - more information in Readme.
  19. abrimaal

    Jaguar XJ X300 V8 RockStars for Race 07 GTR Evo 201905

    Jaguar XJ X300 V8 Based on the Super Touring Reloaded safety car model by AndreasFSC Cockpit used from Super Touring Volvo 850 Intended to start in V8 Supercars. It may require GTR Evo sounds. known bugs: Sounds not good at full speed Brakelight not perfect Interior driver invisible Cockpit...
  20. abrimaal

    Alpine A110 1600 for Race 07 / GTR Evo 201904

    Alpine A110 1600 Car model created by: Speedster63 for GTL and GTR2 converted to Race07 / GTR Evo by Carsay Uses audio of GTL Alpine A110 (if you have already installed the GTL addon, no need to install the sounds) Bonus: ATCC class menu buttons and templates. ______________ known bugs...