race 07

  1. MJQT

    guitarmaen AIW CAM Editor 4.22

    This is the most recent version available (to my knowledge) of the very useful guitarmaen AIW editor for isiMotor games like F1 Challenge, rFactor 1, GTR 2, RACE 07, Game Stock Car, and Automobilista 1. An older version (4.05) is also available to download here. Its UI is not new user friendly...
  2. B

    Looking for Cleveland Burke Lakefront 2006 Champ Car Track for Race 07

    Hey everyone! I've been looking for the Cleveland Burke Lakefront track mod for Race 07, but I've only found the Gtr2 version (that doesn't load in Race 07) and an old link that doesn't work, can anyone help me out? Thanks!
  3. M1GHTY M4VS

    Race Collection Steam Library Horizontal Fix 1.0

    Fix for the Steam Library Stretched Images. Includes Race - The WTCC Game, Race On, Race 07, GTR Evolution, STCC - The Game, STCC II, The WTCC 2010 Pack, GT Power Expansion, Race Injection, The Retro Expansion, Andy Priaulx' Crowne Plaza Raceway, Caterham Expansion, Formula RaceRoom Addon...
  4. AndreasFSC

    RACE Remaster 0.9

    RACE REMASTER for Race 07 (Steam version) ------------------------- Latest updates: -------------- * New installer that installs Race Remaster IN 'race 07' folder instead of as a separate install. The reason for this is that there are sometimes problems getting the game to run from...
  5. R07 • ©Speed-Champion 2014 Talladega

    R07 • ©Speed-Champion 2014 Talladega

    https://simracer-lounge.jimdofree.com/ • RACE07 Mod Porsche 911 GT1 LM´98
  6. pedrovidal.exe

    DDLC Yuri Honda Civic Livery (Doki Doki Literature Club Itasha) 1.0

    For this livery to work, you will need to have the JTCC mod. To install the livery,copy the files from this folder (except for the "read me"), then paste them in GameData > Teams > JTCC > Honda Civc > Teams 94, inside the RACE 07 game files folder. By pedrovidal.exe VYCORP racing project - C1...
  7. Reliving the Super Touring era With Race 07 !

    Reliving the Super Touring era With Race 07 !

    Hello sim racers and welcome to my latest sim racing video featuring the Race 07 BTCC touring car mod by AndreasFSC.Yes that's right we are going back in sim...
  8. Race 07 - First lap at Mantorp - Rediscovering Race 07

    Race 07 - First lap at Mantorp - Rediscovering Race 07

    I am rediscovering Race 07, the first game I raced online on track with other drivers many years ago. It is brilliant fun still!
  9. vicino

    Haas Audi A4 — STCC 1.3

    I know that a lot of people don't like Haas, especially in F1, but anyway I've made this skin for the Audi A4 number 10 Team: KMS Driver: Paul Vicino Download the skin and place in race07 folder Hope you enjoy!
  10. Incredible Hulk

    Race 07 Graphic&Shaders Playground 1.01

    Race 07/ Evo Graphic&Shaders Playground This mod is based on previous @Bjarne Hansen work on Fresnel and DX9 shaders for Race 07 and additionally includes parts of the @AndreasFSC Reloaded shaders. Credits for SRPL shaders goes to SimRacing.PL (K_Szczech). Tracks and Cars Lighting Updates...
  11. N

    Any way to get legitimate copy of BTBEVO

    I've been playing Race07 again and seen that many mod sites are shut down. So I wanted to try my own hand at making tracks. If there is an alternative to BTBEVO that would also be helpful.
  12. abrimaal

    SpecialFX tec for Race07 GTR2 and related games 202102

    This file defines car vs terrain reactions. It may be used in Race 07, GTR Evo, GTR2 and related games. Backup the original file and paste it into Locations folder. It is compiled from: Original GTR Evo file + original GTR2 materials than were not defined in GTR Evo + materials added by track...
  13. abrimaal

    Elkhart Lake 90 202110

    Based on Road America / Elkhart Lake track by SimBin After Thruxton 1985 this is the next graphic mod being a tribute to classic games and retro computers. This track probably will never be finished, it was intended to release it in December 2019, but there was too much not done. Now it's...
  14. PiotrGT

    Flickering on some tracks

    Hi everyone. I have an issue with texture flickering on some tracks. Seems to mostly affect ads and trees. I think it's most noticeable on older tracks of the game like Monza, Brno, Macau and only from interior view. It also happens only on specific turns/spots. Has anyone found a solution for...
  15. abrimaal

    BMW E24 M6 for GTR Evo 202012

    Car converted from Assetto Corsa, credit to Assetto Land is visible in the garage. Although I was informed, that the Assetto Corsa car was based on GTR 2 model and created by someone else. Conversion 202011 by Carsay I did what I could to the graphics, to give the cars the closest look to the...
  16. Mark0

    Only thing that's missing from Race 07

    Since Race 07 is developed around touring cars, there is only one thing missing from it. We already have a lot of S2000 cars AndreasFSC has made fantastic Super Touring and BTC-T cars. raul_ninja has done TCR mod. And now, only thing that's missing are actually two things :D NGTC Group A It...
  17. abrimaal

    Veschova 2018 discontinued

    Giallo, Carsay here. VESCHOVA 2018 This track is a re-textured Birmingham. Because the street layout resembled the ſtadt where I live, I made this mod for fun and to learn how to struggle with tracks. The project is discontinued. I gave up when I realized that so many objects don't use 1x1...
  18. Silvestr Edl

    Race07 Road to F1 Challange

    After my first collection, there will be another one! You can expect racing series from Race07 Ulitramod like DTM, WTCC or FIA GT3 Championship and WEC. But the mod will be expanded by F1, Formula E and more. Stay tuned, the mod should come on Febuary 16th 2021! Screenshots are available here:
  19. abrimaal

    Porsche Panamera 2010 - Race 07 GTR Evo 202008

    Porsche Panamera Turbo 2010 by VictorHunter for RFactor Shift Street converted to Race 07 / GTR Evo / ATCC3 by Carsay, 2019-2020 This is the first release at RaceDepartment. added in this version: multiple classes (.inclass files) minor updates: cameras, car and interior colors, details...
  20. FranciscoTerceiro

    Rev LEDs not working on G27

    Hi, everyone. A few weeks ago I decided to buy GTR 2. I had been playing Race 07 for the past couple of months and wanted to test SimBin's older games. Anyway, the rev LEDs were working on both games. However, a couple of days ago I installed to GTR 2 some add-on cars and tracks. The FFB started...