Assetto Corsa Competizione Hotfix Released

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Assetto Corsa Competizione has been in receipt of a brand new hotfix update today - addressing some multiplayer issues amongst other items.

Following hot on the heels of the recent release three update, today's hotfix is a welcome reaction from Kunos as they look to address a number of issues that have arisen mainly around the new multiplayer functionality within the title.

Admitting that the first pass of multiplayer was expected to require more fine tuning before it becomes a genuinely playable option within the game, Kunos have reacted quickly to review the feedback and responses from community members and deployed a new hotfix earlier today. Although a positive step in the right direction, the current build of ACC online functionality still requires further work before it offers a truly smooth gaming experience.

Dear #ACCompetizione racers, we just deployed hotfix 0.3.1 containing a number of important fixes for the Multiplayer system, but also improvements for the Singleplayer experience as well as UI.

Important note for the server admins: The accServer.exe is updated, old servers won't show up in the server selection anymore. So please update the binaries.

0.3.1 Change Log

  • Enabled Chat Widget in Multiplayer Mode
  • Fixed laptimes not showing up in Special Event leaderboards
  • Fixed label switch in singleplayer mode
  • Fixed label name during Replay after a restart
  • Fixed Starting camera if when it has saved custom offset
  • Fixed Spotter saying "go go go" message twice after pitstop
  • accServer improvements and diagnostics
  • Added message for possible Multiplayer downtimes
  • Temporarily disabled pitstop during Replay
  • Temporary fix for BMW M6 GT3 fuel consumption. The setup fuel estimate remains broken, fix on next release
  • Tyre scrub/vibration FFB fine tuning
  • Fixed missing D-Pad navigation for "Brake ducts" and "Caster" options in Setup Page
  • Fixed help text not changing when hovering options in MatchMaking Advanced options page
  • Fixed MatchMaking Advanced options "Preferred drivers count" decrementing by 2 when confirmed
  • Improved positional sound for exteriors
  • Reworked distance attenuation, distance filter and reverb dynamic for exterior sounds (still WIP)
  • Improved remote car movement for speeds below ~30 kmh
Assetto Corsa Competizione is available on Steam Early Access now. Currently at build release 3 status.

To keep abreast of all the latest news and discussions from the world of Assetto Corsa Competizione then don't forget to check out our very own ACC sub forum here at RaceDepartment.

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Nov 9, 2017
No use cause FFB is sucked compare to AC,VR isn't performing!

Paulo Ribeiro

Animals and Racing Lover
Oct 13, 2008
I'm really confused, with my G27 I am having a fantastic feed back from FFB.
More, with this update, the G27 FFB wheel is even better.
And I play AC1, RaceRoom, PCars2, RFactor2 and I will not mention older games.
So, ACC is heading right, at least for me.

Jason Mullin

Mar 3, 2018
Great FFB on T150, I can not speak for VR, but frame rates @ 2560x1080 continue to improve with each update on my 1050ti potato.
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Aug 13, 2016
Is the screenshot of the thread an actual camera in the game? In AC1 youve been able to choose them with F6 but I hadnt found an option for ACC yet or am I wrong?


Feb 24, 2016
I do feel like VR has gotten more stability with the last release (I've seen a small improvement in performance), but the blurry visuals are still there and that's the biggest issue at the moment. Even supersampling doesn't clear that up. It's the temporal aliasing they need to work on.

FFB is great though.


Jul 3, 2017
Diogo Brand and Paulo Ribeiro.

I have the steering wheel g27 but I do not achieve the ideal setting

Can you share your setting?

Are you using the logitch profile? Values?



Aug 28, 2018
G27 and feeling fine here...I stayed with the same profiler settings as AC.

Wonder if the boys at Kunos are stressing out yet lol. Thanks for the hofix Kunos, and looking forward to more updates and cars!


Dec 4, 2017
How did they get the screenshot from the thumbnail ? Are cockpit cams already in the game ?

dreamer al

Dec 22, 2016
I have attempted to play Game Mode "Sprint Race Weekend". It freezes and then crashes. This happened in Vers 0.3 and Vers 0.3.1 hotfix . I uninstalled and reinstalled after this latest hotfix. Same outcome; "Fatal Crash". I am only highlighting this so it can be fixed. I am quite comfortable that this is "Early Release".


Apr 17, 2018
They tested this game in VR? I know it is early access but this is so far from iRacing VR experience that I think they will never get close to it. I cant read menus text when it opens in game window. Its basic, right? Now we have a height, fov... menu. Nice? Would be if I could read it. The graphics in VR... dude, looks like not one single dev spent one day of work sharpening it, looks like they simple make it no VR and lets the engine do this poor work. There are online manuals were we can broke our backs just to try VR looks like less worst that it is by default and I ask myself: why dont a dev do this job to us one single time on kunos studio? I am realy sad looking for what is comming in the future to VR players and regretful for buying the full early access. Looks like iRacing is safe to charge his expensive prices for one more year. I hope Reiza Studios aim at VR in his next game.