ACC: Multiplayer Fixes on Route - Online Servers Down

Kunos confirm multiplayer fixes are on the way, online servers temporarily disabled.

Assetto Corsa Competizione release three brought plenty of new goodies, including a very basic first pass at multiplayer, however it seems like some unintended problems have arisen that has led Kunos Simulazioni to remove server access until the end of the coming weekend.

As can be expected with such a sizable new build, on a game engine brand new to the development team, these sorts of issues can very easily arise and cause more issues than initially expected. What is good news is that Kunos have acknowledged the issues, and appear to be hard at work making the appropriate adjustments to the title as they strive to achieve a more stable and performance friendly build version.


You can check out the full statement from Kunos below:

Dear ACC racers, we're looking after you...

We finally released the 0.3 release of our Steam Early Access programme for Assetto Corsa Competizione on schedule, including the Practice Session in Multiplayer mode, which allows us to stress test our systems as a first step of the multiplayer experience we are building.

You can probably imagine how much stability difference there is when moving from a reasonable amount of beta testers to thousands of simultaneous players: nothing unexpected on our side.

Here at KUNOS, developers have been working on the server backend since the night of the release, and we would like to ask for your patience regarding some global server downtime until the end of the weekend, while we will keep tuning the system to give more stability for your Multiplayer racing experience.

Online multiplayer is expected to return to the title from next week, however please be prepared for further delays if the studio believe it necessary in order to get to the bottom of the current issues.

Assetto Corsa Competizione is available on Steam Early Access now.

Check out the Assetto Corsa Competizione forum here at RaceDepartment for the latest news and discussions regarding this exciting sim. We intend to host some quality League and Club Racing events as well as hosting some great community created mods (we hope!). Join in the discussion today.

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I can't even map my Fanatec wheel and pedals let alone play mp! So frustrating!


Nov 1, 2016
I can't even map my Fanatec wheel and pedals let alone play mp! So frustrating!
What's happening exactly that's not working? I've been using my CSW v2.5 with Mclaren rim + CS v3i pedals since release 1 without any issue. I did notice that my brake mapping switch isn't working (worked in previous releases) but I haven't been bothered to check what's wrong.


Mar 24, 2015
pressure and trash from the community in terms of 0.3 EA was to heavy not to listen. Thx for thinking twice.


Sep 29, 2011
:laugh: Sorry guys.
It almost never rain in Le castellet. no really need to simulate rain there !
(Or it rains a lot, but it doesn't last long).

Personally, what disapointed me is that Kunos could not implement the "cigales" sound and heavy movment of the tree because of the wind "Mistral" !
You know, it is a part of Provence, and the "cigales" songs is a part of it . so as the "Mistral" of course :D


"The speed was ok, but corner too tight."
Jul 23, 2015
Fired up the latest version last night and like it quite a bit. Saw performance improvements, VR works great albeit with some missing features/polish. I really like the new animation system during pit stops. The M6 is also a very welcome addition, but not the biggest fan of the new track I must admit. But it’s nice since it’s not one we are used to having. There is still some funky stuff going on with the graphics, hope they get that polished.

Overall, I think they are doing great and progressing nicely as an EA title. As a work in progress game, this is going to be all over the place as far as features, bugs, polish, setbacks, etc. I think for those that bought into the EA but want a complete and finished experience, please readjust your expectations. Otherwise come back next year or at the end of next year once the full game is released and has had a couple of patches after that.


Apr 12, 2015
Sure. Let's just suffocate this baby in its infancy and move on to AC2 brahhhhhh :geek:


May 23, 2009
Sure. Let's just suffocate this baby in its infancy and move on to AC2 brahhhhhh :geek:
Naaaa, better to go forward and think about AC5 with holographic display and 22.2 super-immersive sound :roflmao:

It's funny to read some people destroying a game which is in Early Access state, before playing the actual release version and judge a finished product. :cool::D:rolleyes:
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