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AMS 2 May Roadmap | Spa! Historic F1! Plus Lots More...


Jul 23, 2015
I think Reiza has access to SMS assets but it seemed like it is mostly trackside assets. I guess we might see more of the cars when the AMG GT3, or possibly Ginetta cars comes to AMS.

A lot of tracks Reiza took, namely Spa, Bathurst and Silverstone in AMS2 are made in Pcars 1 where the track mesh isn't as good as the new tracks in pcars 2. I would prefer if they remodelled it from scratch. I think some of the trackside assets will be reused in AMS2.

You can't tear out the road mesh and replace it, it is probably better if they remake it at the end. Considering SMS tracks were made in 2010 for Pcars 1 where the current track had changed.
Did you see the wip Bathurst pic?
They are reworking all the content ;)


Jan 10, 2018
The cars feels amazing, but isn't on par with their previous several years old product based on a 15 years old rF1 engine? Uhm, ok. I have some issues with the physics still, but it should be better than AMS 1 at this point.
that's exactly what i said, yes.
you never even tried ams1, right?
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Nick Hill

Oct 26, 2013
Holy...CRAP! If this doesn't get your blood pumping, you must have a hole in your sim racing soul.

On one hand, you have to feel a bit spoiled as a sim racer over the last decade or so. But, on the other hand, you can also cite many examples where our hopes have been raised to dizzying heights only to be subsequently dashed. AMS2 could very possibly come through as the sim we've been dreaming of all these years.

It's so healthy for the genre, too. You have to imagine across the industry, competing shops have been put on notice: the "plucky, can-do rFactor1 script kiddies" are all grown up and they mean business.

Kurupt CDN

DirtT Tuned Motorsports
Jul 18, 2012
So do people think the Dirt racers and Stadium trucks from AMS1 are going to be part of the Adrenaline pack (not v1.0 core content)? This is just a question, not a hand waving complaint btw :)
Very good question....for me it's what I am looking forward to the most.
I was hoping the dirt stuff from AMS would be base content in AMS2 at launch but sounds like we might be waiting for the adrenaline dlc to be released some time next yr.
Oh well.....I got my dirt content fix in another sim to keep me busy till than.

Good to know we can purchase each dlc individually as I only really care for one at the moment until more details are released....and at $135 cad ontop of the base cost, the season pass I found was a bit steep imo.

Where's the Mini Cooper!?
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Michel Forest

Jul 26, 2017
Amazing news. I just love the way the folks at Reiza communicate with their customers. No b.s., they tell it as it is. And the content coming up for this game is amazing. Definitely a labour of love for these guys.

Very excited about the American tracks coming up. It would be even better if they included a great Canadian track: Mosport (a.k.a. Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.)

Kurupt CDN

DirtT Tuned Motorsports
Jul 18, 2012
AMS2 could very possibly come through as the sim we've been dreaming of all these years.
I'll agree with this statement.....if they do a proper MP system and has a good online community to race against. If not it falls into the same category as AMS....another great sim that hardly anyone plays, sadly.
May 6, 2018
I wonder if the Stadium Super Trucks will be included in the Adrenaline pack. I would love to see those in the sim.

Jake Fangio

Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain
May 14, 2015
Take my money! Wow super excited for the future. My heart rate increased throughout this post and by the end I'd had a heart attack.


Oct 29, 2018
Pretty sure you can't resell licenses for cars and tracks, all official cars and tracks need some kind of deal where they pay the manufacturer directly.
i think you are missing his point, its about making the tracks from scratch, instead of using tracks from PC2.

Impressive, a lot a very Interesting DLC and non DLC content, will be available for this title soon. Reiza is fulfilling their promise. A lot of work and efforts.
I am curious about one thing, the tracks that are being worked on are already available for this engine. PCars has its quirks, but the track are great and well rendered, why does Reiza need to start them from scratch instead of using what is there only adding road mesh?
i have no idea why they do it, hoping they can maybe use one or two PC2 tracks atleast.

When i read about the free cars, these are all in PC2 as well, maybe SMS allows them to use these model which would be really great, as the car models in PC2 were top notch.
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David Wright

Sep 27, 2009
A very exciting roadmap. As a fan of historic motor sport, Reiza's dedication to producing historic versions of tracks is amazing. We have had some superb developer-made historic tracks in rF2, AC and PC2, but Reiza are taking it to another level in terms of numbers of historic tracks and covering several eras.

Renato has made clear that the car packs in the standard game are likely to be just 2 or 3 cars, while the DLC packs are more like a game in itself. So I'm a little disappointed that my personal favourites, the 60s/70s touring cars and the 90s British touring cars are not going to be a dlc pack. I would gladly swap either for the modern supercar dlc pack. But you can't have everything you want. We will have to hope that in this case, less is more.


Mar 13, 2017
Extremely well written informative piece. The production issues they have regarding licensing makes total sense given my employers frustrations in the current climate, it's great to see an open honest response from a developer talking about the behind the scenes stuff.

Impressed with the content list, and thankful for the explanation of the DLC model, but the number one will always sorting out the multiplayer.

Every time i fire up AMS i enjoy the heck out of it, the open wheel, the classics, the iconic and historical tracks, the speed, pace and spiffing visuals. As it stands though it's a fun solo distraction, I want to sit down and race for hours on end it's ACC. I hope whatever they have planned changes that to split the time from one option, there's a lot to like about the game and those behind it.