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AMS 2 May Roadmap | Spa! Historic F1! Plus Lots More...

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
The end of the month is always a good time for sim racing roadmap spotters.. and tonight is no exception, with an incredible roadmap release from Reiza Studios detailing some of the goodness coming to AMS 2 very soon...

The roadmap in full:

Hello everyone! We´ve reached the end of another month in 2020, which of course means it´s time for our monthly development roundup. We have a lot of ground to cover this month so let´s get to it:

Automobilista 2 v1.0 Coming Up in June

The Early Access period ended up stretching a bit from our original estimate of 8 weeks, but AMS2 EA is finally set to wrap with little over 10 weeks as we gear up for official release sometime in mid-June. We´re happy to say that we´re on track to meet all the core targets we outlined for v1.0 release, even if some of the developments haven´t quite made into the game yet.

Car animations are now finally in process of being exported to the game, and expect to have all the most important ones for wipers, drivers and suspension parts include by v1.0 release.

The Multiplayer Dedicated Server Tool has been released albeit in Beta, with some core features still to be added in the coming weeks to help leagues get some championships going by the time v1.0 is out.

The Multiplayer Ranking system is already working in the backend, however this is one feature we want to be careful not deploying too soon so the timeline for its public release will remain open.

On the content side, v1.0 will also see more of AMS1 oldies-but-goodies being included, fully revamped to AMS2 standards.

AMS 2 Roadmap 1.jpg

We also have some really exciting news incoming for the Brazilian Stock Car series in Automobilista 2 which they should announce at some point next week, so stay tuned!

The work on the old content is of course ongoing in parallel to an intense development plan to bring a lot of new cars and tracks to Automobilista 2 in the coming months, some of which already for v1.0. One of them is this glorious pearl from the portuguese Riviera:

AMS 2 Roadmap 2.jpg

Another bunch confirmed for v1.0 is Classic Grand Prix Cars announced last month, which includes the Brabham BT44, Lotus 72E and Mclaren M23, bringing 1970s Grand Prix racing to Automobilista 2.

Those of you keeping tabs will recall this glimpse of the Brabham BT44 we included in the January Dev Update:

AMS 2 Roadmap 3.jpg

The BT44 is in game ready to go, just waiting for its sparring partners to enter the track which should be happening over the cours of the next week.

AMS 2 Roadmap 4.jpg
AMS 2 Roadmap 5.jpg

We have even come up with a redesigned F-Retro to help fill up that grid, and unlike the classics above which were all powered by the famous Cosworth DFV that dominated most of the 70s, our generic F-Retro will also feature a V12 variant.

AMS 2 Roadmap 6.jpg

Final important note: Save for an eventual minor hotfix for anything that really needs fixing, v0.9.5.X is the last AMS2 build deployed during Early Access. The next intermediate build will be released only for Automobilista 2 Beta, as we focus on testing & wrapping up of all the core features needed for v1.0 release.

Licensing in the Time of COVID

While generally speaking we can count ourselves among the lucky few that have not had our operations largely affected by the ongoing pandemic, the same unfortunately can´t be said about other businesses, including some we are doing business with. Motorsport activities have obviously come to almost a complete halt, which among other things makes it harder to schedule a recon trip for a track we have licensed, or to collect data & recordings for cars we are modelling.

The main bottleneck caused by the current circunstances has been on the licensing front, specially with cars as the big manufacturers have been forced to greatly limit their operational capacity - unfortunately that includes marketing, legal and financial departments, all pipelines a licensing deal needs to go through before we can include their cars in the game. Things are progressing but very slowly, and this unfortunately is already compromising our planned release schedule, and even the ability to announce these upcoming cars.

We had estimated release of a couple of sweet german cars to the end of this month but those aren´t clear to go yet, and at the current rate it seems unlikely the GT3/GT4 cars we had scheduled for end of June will be all clear to go until then. Under the current circunstances we can´t even be assertive as to how quickly these will eventually come through - can be a week with one brand and a month for another. That could cause us to reasses our release strategy, going for staggered brand-centric releases instead of class bundles - we´ll need to wait and see how things develop in the coming weeks before we can decide and confirm how we go about it, so please bare with us for a little longer before we can provide an updated schedule.

The good news is that even though the process is moving slower than we would have hoped, none of our licensing targets are stuck or in serious risk of not coming through - most of the deals in fact have been secure for a while with the models they cover are already far along in production, and they make for quite a dreamy list - from 60´s/70´s vintage touring cars to 80´s Group C beasts, 90´s British & German touring cars and mighty GT1s, to modern supercars - there is something incoming for every motorsports taste, and once it rains it will pour as many of them are already in-game. As soon as we get them through the remaining licensing hurdles we will add them to AMS2 Beta for some bug hunting, and to release not long after. Best part: with the exception of the Street Supercars, all cars on the classes listed will be free additional content.

That´s the story on the car front - on the track front we´ve been having a bit more luck, and for the tracks already announced we´re well on track to keep the schedule we had proposed for them.

Obviously Hockenheimring and its historical variants will make up the first AMS2 DLC so the release is held up until shortly after v1.0 is out, but it´s coming along nicely.

AMS 2 Roadmap 7.jpg

Mount Panorama is likewise taking shape, with trackside objects being modelled parallel to the main mesh previewed below - release schedule is for June 30th, with our first post v1.0 game update.

AMS 2 Roadmap 8.jpg

Silverstone & historical variants are also very advanced, well on track for release in its planned July 30th schedule.

AMS 2 Roadmap 9.jpg

And now we have one more premium track we can add to this growing roster...

At this point Spa has become such a motorsports mecca that arguably no sim can be considered complete without featuring it - we are therefore delighted to confirm that Spa-Francorchamps is also coming for Automobilista 2, in full modern and past glory!

AMS 2 Roadmap 10.jpg

We figured that if we are going to tread the ground of this magnificent venue we might as well do it full justice - the modern version will feature laser scan data, and we will also develop a couple of historical variants - the infamous 14km layout as it was in 1970, and the modern layout as it was in the late 80s, with no run-offs at Eau Rouge or Blanchimont, high curbs and the old double chicane Bus Stop - the complete men-from-boys filtering kit.

We already have a good jumpstart on these massive projects so the timeline for them is less than you may expect - The Spa-Francorchamps Pack will surely be released for Automobilista 2 before the end of the year.

Explaining the AMS2 Season Pass

There´s been a bit of understandable confusion regarding the Season Pass availability and pricing at the start of Early Access, so we felt appropriate to shed a bit more light into what it includes, who is it for and whether it may or may not be of value to you.

Firstly some explanation on the rationale behind making the Season Pass available during EA: When we released AMS1 in Early Access back in March 2016 we did not include the Season Pass, which only became available at v1.0 release in August 2016. Some users complained about having to buy the Season Pass separately at full price, while new users had the benefit of getting both at once with a discount. It seemed like a fair complaint so this time we decided to offer both from the get-go.

With regards to the Season Pass pricing, while it may be unusually high compared to the base game it is very fairly priced in light of what it includes. Let´s take for example the three track DLCs already confirmed: Hockenheim, Silverstone & Spa will sell for US$9.99 each, well within the range of track DLCs for other sims - with the caveat our tracks also include several historical versions. Production of the Silverstone and Spa packs for example include modelling of versions of those tracks so distinct they are akin to producing several completely unique tracks for the price of one - if you consider licensing for these tracks often include additional fees for historical versions, they are really sweet deals by any measure. The Season Pass covers at least two other premium DLC tracks with similar formats and pricing to be released in the 2020-2021 timeframe, and buying these individually would already cover half of the Season Pass cost.

Then there are the Expansion Packs - these are packs arranged to a certain theme, featuring cars, tracks or both, with base prices ranging from US$ 9.99 - US$ 19.99:
  • Brazilian Grand Prix Legends - Pack featuring several World Championship cars won by Brazilian drivers
  • Historical Track Pack - Pack featuring historical variants of tracks featuring in the game
  • Street Supercars - Pack of road-legal Supercars
  • Racin´ USA - Pack featuring several North American cars and tracks, modern and historical
  • Adrenaline - Pack featuring several off-road & Extreme Motorsports cars and tracks
The release order and their exact naming may still change but they will all be released in the 2020-2021 timeframe. We can´t yet detail what each of them include of course as some of the licensing arrangements are still ongoing, but these are rich, comprehensive packs that we feel add up enough value to warrant their asking pricing. Unfortunately this will only become obvious with the benefit of hindsight, but I don´t foresee many sim racers regretting their early purchases

It should be clear however that no user needs the Season Pass now, nor do we antecipate many would want to pick it up at this point while there are no DLCs available, unless you´re in that group who prefer to buy complete packages at once. And if you are not a fan of either Hockenheim, Silverstone or Spa you may safely ignore the Season Pass until at least September as that´s the shortest timeframe for another DLC release, or Decemeber when the first Expansion Pack is due out.

You may also disregard the Season Pass altogether if the DLCs don´t interest you, if you´d rather pick some of them individually or if you are satisfied with what the base game offers - which is plenty on its own right as the game will be constantly expanded with free, premium additional content. There is no shortage of content for users on any level, and no shortage of options to pick them up only if and when they prove to be worthwhile to you.

That covers all we had to share with you this month - we´ll catch up again next month for the first post v1.0 Dev Update, with more exciting news about what´s coming up for Automobilista 2!

Original Source: Reiza Studios

AMS 2 is available now in Steam Early Access.

If you need help and support getting the most from AMS2, start a thread in our AMS2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment and let our great community help you out.

AMS 2 Roadmap 11.jpg


Reiza has definitely been the developer to watch over the last 5 or more years...so glad I bought the upcoming season pass in the early backing program; lots of good content in store for us as expected. Haven't tried the most recent update yet, will have to give it a spin tonight to see how it feels currently.

Didn't read all the comments in this thread, but I must say I'm not sure why people would (or used to) make these almost disparaging comments towards Reiza's attention to Brazilian/South American motorsport...I mean, who else was doing it? :O_o: More diverse content in sim-racing is a good thing! How many versions of Modern Spa, Nurburgring, Brands Hatch etc. do we really need?? At what point will the same 8 or so GT3/GTE cars get monotonous? Lots of those South american tracks and cars are very interesting and a refreshing change from the endless "GT3 @ Spa" combos you find everywhere and in online races. Nothing against GT3 cars...but the community finally got a spiritual successor to GTR 2 in ACC...time for new things please :D

Ironically, after all these years and great sims, it took the sole developer of Brazilian motorsports content to make 1st party licensed Historic versions of the same tracks most guys can't seem to get enough of...Historic Imola, Historic Hockenheim, Historic Adelaide and now Historic Spa (and hopefully a Historic Bathurst?)...funny how that works, eh? ;)

Lots of us appreciate ALL the cool content you guys produce Reiza...keep up the good work and keep the diverse content coming!
Looks like that expansion pass is actually worth it. Shaping up to be one hell of a sim.

Glad to see dirt content is also coming, hopefully with some extra tracks compared to AMS1 limited offerings. I always felt the AMS1 dirt content was underrated (although, AI was slow on dirt)
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There is up to 100 ms of added lag from playing on these cloud stream services and that adds to every steering input you make. Maybe not a huge issue for the average racer, but a no go for competitive online racing. If you'd put a local PC side by side and tested you'd 99% sure notice the difference. I raced at a friend's house once on a TV with massive input lag, he couldn't tell any difference as he was used to it, but I instantly noticed for example that the in-game wheel lagged behind my physical wheel when moving the wheel.

Oh and AMS 2 doesn't need an expensive PC to run at all, this game produces similar or in some cases better frame rates than pCars 2, so a 2016 built gaming PC can run this perfectly fine.

I don't have any gaming PC at all, or the time or space to put one together.

I didn't want to get into the merits of playing via the cloud vs local, I know the cloud won't be quite as good as playing on a local PC, but it is the only way I can play modern sims.

I find playing via GeForce now fine, racing with a pad is fine for me as I've always done that. I can drive fine on an Xbox 360 pad with no assists. I was just asking if making the game available on GeForce now was in the pipeline once it's out of early access
@Renato Simioni

Hi, i hope you're all right.

Do you think it would be possible to have a test area? for example on a giant car park, with marker cones to test turns and just a small space for the pits, just to make car adjustments.

In AMS there is a track called Mending, it is based on a existing airport used for car test irl. Would be great if Reiza will bring it back, was damn good for street car racing and it has so many layouts it can accommodate endurance, drift and even a test area for driving school!
Please Reiza, bring back Mending too (just add some spectators stands on different layouts this time)!!
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In AMS there is a track called Mending, it is based on a existing airport used for car test irl. Would be great if Reiza will bring it back, was damn good for street car racing and it has so many layouts it can accommodate endurance, drift and even a test area for driving school!
Please Reiza, being back Mending too (just add some spectators stands on different layouts this time)!!

I just need a one square and a pit stop area ^^. In fact, a depopulated test area with a great design would be enough to make thousands of sales ...

Ideally in local and online with a limited number of players (to avoid it becoming a demolotion derby game).


In AMS there is a track called Mending, it is based on a existing airport used for car test irl. Would be great if Reiza will bring it back, was damn good for street car racing and it has so many layouts it can accommodate endurance, drift and even a test area for driving school!
Please Reiza, being back Mending too (just add some spectators stands on different layouts this time)!!

Meindig is the one track I really want. Have made memorable races there in AMS1 with the Marcas.
I'd take Meindig over any of the well known tracks. Unfortunately, there is very little chance for Meindig to appear in AMS2 as it would require a massive effort in modeling.
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It seems that AMS2 inherited the bad physics of Project Cars 2. Need some work to improve. Maybe the engine game not apropriate for race sim.
Sorry for my post. The problem was mine. With new configurations the physics not bad at all. My excuses guys.

....BUT not PERFECT. AMS1 have a better physics. Need some improvments. Reiza bring the game to Assetto Corsa level. Can do you it? ))). I hope so.
Hope not, because not everyone believes AC to be the epitome of racing sims.

Glad you said what I was thinking. I have tried to enjoy it on many occasions, but each time leave it, as it just feels like another Grand Turismo. Boring and easy to drive. Apart from the modding, I really don't rate it.