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AMS 2 May Roadmap | Spa! Historic F1! Plus Lots More...

Durge Driven

So confronted with the truth that AMS2 tracks are as dear as rF2 no more complaining about price ..........oh now it is about layouts :geek: okay well Sebring has 4 layouts and Nords has got too many to count and another has reverse layout zzzz :sleep:

UMC 22

The bottom line is... *drum roll*... who cares?! If you think a DLC is value for money and don't mind spending your hard-earned cash on it, go for it. If you think it's too expensive and would rather spend that money on something else, then don't buy it.

It's called voting with your wallet, and it would be a lot more effective in forcing change than complaining on a forum... if more people actually did it.

Durge Driven

You think 12 layouts by year is more value then 12 layouts of Nords and Sebring , fine by me, each to their own

Calling someone silly for having different preferences to yourself is as silly as calling rF2 tracks too dear
especially when the people say it don't even drive it

I brought AMS2 @ 42AU I only want 1 DLC Historic pack and maybe the US pack so to me the layouts
I won't use in $125AU season pack are no value