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I'm getting more and more interested in sim racing and I'm planning to buy me some hardware. I was thinking of the following:
* Thrustmaster T500RS
* TH8a shifter
* Oculus rift S
This is what i came up to after browsing the web for a long time :)
What's your idea on this?

Thanks in advance,
The T500 has a strong motor, but it's old and its force feedback was not very refined. It was improved with the T300, although it's weaker. If you want something really good without breaking the bank, a TS PC Racer is a very good option.

The TH8a shifter is not bad. It doesn't feel very realistic but the H shifting in games is not very well simulated anyway, so you will have to live with it. I prefer sequential shifting, with a lever or with paddles.

The Oculus Rift S may be my next purchase. VR is amazing for sim racing. Remember that you will need a very powerful PC to keep up the required high framerate.

Finally, I suppose you already own a rig. It's very recommended if you want to enjoy sim racing.

A good set of pedals is also a must. The pedals by Thrustmaster feel a bit like a plastic toy. Pedals are as important as the steering wheel and they need to be strong and as realistic as possible.
Hi Elaphe,
Thank you very much for the information. I personally thought the T500 came after the T300, so best I'll look for a T300 .
Also, I didn't realize i needed a powerfull pc. I have an i5 , but maybe upgrading might be better.
Personally I enjoy the TH8a. After basically having just the G25 Shifter for years it was a huge upgrade. I am sure there are better options (more expensive, too). The sequentiell shifter isn't great, while I never experienced one for real it feels to artificial. You really don't feel like you shift anything. More like pressing a button. I use the H-shifter very often as I always try to mimic what cars have in real life. And I do race a lot of old cars. Took me a while to get used to hit the gears blind. Had a lot a missed shifts at first. But you could say it adds realism in that way ;)
There is a whole bunch of hardware to be bought and, the way I see it, in the end it comes down to budget. I would love to add some other stuff but I simply can't afford it. By that I think the TH8 is a good buy for what it costs.