1. W

    Sell Oculus CV1 - UK

    This has been sitting in it's box for a few years now! Having gone to a RiftS, then a Quest2, and just always kept this as a backup. All in fully working order. Comes with the sensors, the 2 controllers, and little remote. Did originally come with an xbox controller but not sure where that is...
  2. Is VR the Pinnacle?

    Is VR the Pinnacle?

    There’s no denying it, VR is the most immersive way to take part in sim racing. You might hate it, it may make you feel ill, but the feeling of occasion and speed is on another level compared to monitors. Have you tried VR and gone back to monitors? I first tried VR about 8 years ago at a Game...
  3. LynxSec

    ACC VR - The definitive VR Performance Guide 0.1

    In this guide i will explain in detail how to get the most out of Assetto Corsa Competizione in terms of VR Performance This guide is now up to date with 1.8.11, as i am not 100% happy with the VR performance introduced in 1.8. There will probably be updates to this guide after some longterm...
  4. G

    AMS2 Settings Config VR vs None VR

    Hi all, Anyone know why no matter which way i load AMS2 up from steam(Quest VR vs Flat) , it always seems to use the same settings config file? I'm sure it used to use graphicsconfigdx11.xml for flat screen, and graphicsconfigoculusdx11.xml for Quest VR. Its a pain as I have to change my...
  5. V-Racer Hoverbike - MEGA UPDATE TRAILER

    V-Racer Hoverbike - MEGA UPDATE TRAILER

    Mega update is live! Get it now!Steam : https://store.steampowered.com/app/668430/VRacer_Hoverbike/Oculus : https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/241255958...
  6. G

    Oculus Quest 2 Super Sampling...

    Hi all, Hopefully a straightforward question.......... Is it better to use the super sampling slider within the PC Oculus software, or the pixels per display in Content Manager? Does one perform better than the other, and are they equal? Many thanks
  7. B

    Sell Oculus Rift S

    Looking to sell my Oculus Rift S. been used a handful of times since I purchased in April this year from Argos. Has the two controllers and original box. I just couldn’t get comfortable wearing it due to my glasses and it gave me headaches. Really enjoyed sim racing on it for the few times I...
  8. D

    Strange oculus mirroring on monitor

    Hi all, It’s been a while now that my assetto corsa started to work strangely with the oculus. In particular, the mirror I see on my PC monitor has 2 huge vertical blurred bands on the sides, and the actual content is only in the middle, like in 4:3 format. A while back this worked differently...
  9. evaristorivi

    AC - Disable Shadows Patcher fixed with new update AC 1.16.4 (v5) 14

    This is just an unofficial update of the best mod: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ac-disable-shadows-patcher.17067/ to keep it running with the new version of AC. --- I see it very well in VR, I have the files modified like this...
  10. D

    Sell UK - Oculus Rift CV1

    Had a lot of fun over the past year with it. Only selling as I've embraced triples ;) In good, but used, condition. Headset has general signs of use, but nothing major. 1x Headset 2x Sensors 2x Hand controllers In original box. I'm based in South West London. Pick up ideal. Will negotiate...
  11. B

    Use an IPhone as a VR headset alternative ?

    I have an IPhone XR and I ve seen that some apps like IVRy can make your phone run like a VR headset with SteamVR. As I only have a poor 24inches screen, witch not immersive at all, and that I don’t want to spend to much on a VR headset, I thought that might be a good idea to increase my...
  12. E

    Oculus Rift S, expected FPS in VR - feels like they’re restricted?

    Think I’ve found a solution! thanks
  13. rFactor2 VR in Williams as last car to win at Adelaide | 4k 60FPS

    rFactor2 VR in Williams as last car to win at Adelaide | 4k 60FPS

    Driven in rFactor2 with Oculus Rift VR headset with Williams FW18 (albeit for 1996 season) this is little tribute to F1 1995 season in which 24 years ago Dam...
  14. DRE DRIVES | EP3 | Brabham BT62 (2018) | Ultimate Track Toy? | VR

    DRE DRIVES | EP3 | Brabham BT62 (2018) | Ultimate Track Toy? | VR

    Track day run with the 2018 Brabham BT 62
  15. T

    Advise needed

    Hi, I'm getting more and more interested in sim racing and I'm planning to buy me some hardware. I was thinking of the following: * Thrustmaster T500RS * TH8a shifter * Oculus rift S This is what i came up to after browsing the web for a long time :) What's your idea on this? Thanks in advance...
  16. F

    Virtual mirror doesn't appear using Oculus Rift

    Before using Oculus Rift the virtual mirror worked. Now it doesn't appear any more, I already tried to change the [VIRTUAL_MIRROR] ACTIVE = 1 in the folder cfg, already tried to press F11 but I didn't have success. Another thing that doesn't work is the names of the drivers on top of the car...
  17. Scott Arthur

    Oculus Rift and Assetto Corsa - how to make it happen?

    I apologise ahead of time if this question has been answered a dozen times. I couldn't find it. I have AC in Steam, I have a CV1 Rift. I haven't changed any settings in AC other than reducing the overall quality and setting the output mode (I forget the wording) to Oculus. I launch SteamVR...
  18. DarXtreme

    VR CC Filter 1.0

    The VR CC (Correct Colors) Filter is a post process filter made exclusively for VR users, with the purpose of fix the brightness and the colors of the default kunos filter and weather. The mod can be installed manually dropping the files inside the second VR CC Filter folder or can be installed...
  19. Marçal Bonet Andreu

    Oculus Rift DK2 with rfactor?

    Hi there, I just bought an Oculus DK2 and my question is... any chance to play rfactor 1 with oculus rift? I actually can play with RBR and Dirt Rally. I watched videos on youtube that this is possible but not sure about what to do. Somebody have any experience with oculus and rfactor1? Thank...
  20. FrejkiChodak

    Will you switch to Oculus Quest?

    edit: NEVERMIND, the Quest is BS, not for us lol. Just got the Rift, now discovered the Quest is released Spring 2019. Argh. ...of course, considering our beloved titles will port... But comparing, the considerations would be: + Higher res on Quest (screen-door effect on Rift is noticeable) -...