1. E

    I drive AC with Fanatec equipment and TH8A shifter

    Starting in 1st gear is not possible. No throttle is accepted for a few seconds and the clutch does not seem to engage. Even in 2nd gear it does not work as it should. Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong or need to adjust to make it work ? Thanks for your answers
  2. M

    Sell [UK] Thrustmaster TH8A H pattern shifter with Clix Beetle, short shift mod, and Gear Blockers

    Hi I’m selling my Thrustmaster TH8A H pattern gear shifter, the price is £110 delivered main land UK This Thrustmaster TH8A is the fully Monty with the Nolitto 3D Clix Beetle mod, short shift mod, and Gear Blockers. It come with the Nolitto 3D gear knob (red trim) and the short length gear...
  3. dazzyb2k3

    Sell (UK) Thrustmaster T500 RS Base/Rim + T3PA-Pro Pedals + TH8A Shifter

    I decided it was about time to sell on some of my old kit that was gathering dust. This is my much loved T500RS package with some nice quality of life upgrades. A great little starter set or upgrade from an entry level wheel. It has signs of general wear and the rim is a little marked...
  4. Harry Stanley

    Sell Racing Sim Bundle

    Bundle contains: GT Omega Racing Pro Sim/Cockpit (red & black) £340 new - £280 open to offers Thrustmaster T300RS (PS3, PS4 &PC) wheel includes original T3PA pedals costs £345 new - £150 open to offers Thrustmaster T3PA Pro Pedals costs £140 new - £80 Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter...
  5. renevds

    Sharing a t3pa(pro) and th8a set?

    Hye guys, I was looking to buy a th8a and noticed the t3pa and th8a sets. I was wondering if anyone here want's to buy a the t3pa(normal or PRO your choice) from me so we can both get a better deal! I live in Belgium. Send me a message if interested!
  6. renevds

    TH8A DIM to USB adapter

    Hye guys, I had bought a used TH8A an it arrived today, hyped me opens it up only to find no sequential plate and no USB adapter (might cry). Anyway I was wondering if any of you is willing to sell me an adapter (Belgium) or know where I can get one for decent price. I could also solder one...
  7. T

    Advise needed

    Hi, I'm getting more and more interested in sim racing and I'm planning to buy me some hardware. I was thinking of the following: * Thrustmaster T500RS * TH8a shifter * Oculus rift S This is what i came up to after browsing the web for a long time :) What's your idea on this? Thanks in advance...
  8. HugoB

    Heusinkveld H-Pattern Shifter

    Been scouring the internet, but there is very little known about this mysterious beauty.. When can we expect to see it on the market? Has anyone tried it already? My TH8A is slowly disintegrating and I wouldn’t want to pay twice (Fanatec, then HE).. Or can anyone say if the Fanatec shifter is...
  9. Mr AlcoN

    Sell TX-Base + 3 wheels, Clubsport V2 pedals, TH8a Shifter, CPX basherboard

    Whole kit has been sold! Thank you for your interest! Hello! Am currently selling of all my spare hardware that i´ve. Built a new rig few years ago and thought i would hang on to my spare hardware in case my main rig broke but since that dosent seem to happen ive decided to sell them so others...
  10. Large Style

    Sell T300 Alcantara with T3PA, TH8A Shifter, CSR Elite Pedals (Inverted)

    Selling all my sim-racing gear due to lack of use and I'm starting up a new business and need funds. Items included: Thrustmaster T300 Alcantara Edition with T3PA pedals: RRP £399.99 - my price £200.00 Purchased from new in September 2016. Fully functional, although the table clamp doesn't...
  11. Yapci

    (MODS question) Thrustmaster TH8a

    Hi, I received one of this for Christmas yesterday and was wondering what mods there are available to improve the feeling. I saw sequential mod from richmotech but it costs half the price of the shifter, so maybe there are some more cheap mods that makes the same nowadays! Thanks guys!