EU 60's F1 Ferrari vs Lotus @ Deutschlandring - Weds 18th Nov 2020



Unfortunately my brake pedal (DIY) decided not to work as it should mid qualy, when I apply full brakes it goes from 100% to 0% for some reason, I tried to fix it before race 2 but I can't figure out what is going on, I will have to recheck all the wires I think. Such a shame I was really enjoying this combo and finally got some free time from work :(.

Thanks for having me see you guys next time.
Thanks to all for turning out tonight, and congrats to the podium guys - I was watching a few of you during the second race and had nearly as much fun as driving :laugh:

It's a tough track 'n car to handle, so I'm chuffed that so many enjoyed it and gave it their best shot - next week we'll have something a little more relaxing.... ish:whistling:

My apologies for not hanging around, I'd done something to my wrist before the race tonight and hoped it would be ok - and no, it was through rubbing down old furniture, before the p1ss taking starts:p:p

Really hope you can make it for next week guys, and thanks again for a great grid this eve:thumbsup:

Denis Betty

The older I get, the better I was.
Thanks for racing guys. That was awesome fun - what a combo. Cheers John. :D

I totally scewed R1 - couldn't keep my concentration. Sorry to anybody I tripped up with the rear stepping out and stuff.

R2 I got it dialed in, only to have my brake pedal fall apart on the last lap whilst in 2nd. FEK!
Oh well, I had masses of fun and that's what counts. More historic stuff soon please. Hope to see you all in the near.

Cheers. :)
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Thanks for inviting me, guys. I nearly talked myself out of trying to race tonight as it's really not my thing. I'm more of an offline racer where it doesn't matter if you crash, or rage-quit.

Tonight was really good fun, but also really hard. I have no idea how you guys do this week after week. Hats off to you all!
Thought race one was a disaster for me, until I looked previous posts and the video that @GEO147 kindly made above, :thumbsup:certainly I was not alone.
Picked the excessive setup by mistake, and fuelled it incorrectly, so unknown to me, race one would have been a right off no matter what happened.
Race two was much better, correct setup, and found my pace eventually, did not have to worry about traffic starting from the back, for me a great race, most enjoyable.
My heart was not in it for some reason, but I recovered that by race 2, but boy was that a lot of concentration. A very very difficult car to drive, unless you are a 100% comited to every second of the race.
I really wanted to catch patikins near the end, but the finish flag got me beat in the end.:(
A very remember-all race, well done podiums, and @Medilloni for a great effort in the choice of car and event.