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1999 Nissan Primera BTCC

Cars 1999 Nissan Primera BTCC 1.1

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Here's what it looks like from my end, anyone else seeing this?

There is no link for the 0.2a car model. The link that should point to the car model mistakenly points to the sound hotfix. Please correct the link or the upload error, I want to try out the new car.
She's a beauty, Patrick. You must have the first car in Assetto Corsa that you can look at the engine (when the car gets an engine lolol) and the trunk. Even Kunos doesn't do this (AND THEY SHOULD! :). I can't wait to see where this is going.

One comment and it's a small one: anyone downloading your car for the first time is going to get confused because you're posting an update that needs to be added to the previous version as your main link as opposed to the full car. Not a big deal, it confused for a minute or two but a newb will struggle with it more.

Patrik Marek

new updates will include full car, to make it easier to update.
speaking of updates, I have driver animation sorted out thanks to the_meco,
trying to finish up some skins work and can post a update, nothing major on the interior though, since my time is being split between 3 other projects,

however I will finish this car at some point, I want it to be fully finished, including the engine etc
  • Hi Patrick, I was just trying the primera out in a hill climb today peyregrosse-mandagout. It was suffering from severe under-steering when making some of those really narrow hairpin turns. I would literally need to stop the car an go in revers not to fall of the hill whearas the BMW E30 and the Zackspeed Escort did it very easily. Is the under-steer due to a flaw in modelling? A characteristic of the real life primera that you are replicating (I don't know much about this car so I have no point of reference)?

Patrik Marek

I bet that the hillclimb Primeras had different steering ration then the BTCC version, our BTCC car is based on what the real BTCC was, it is therefore not guaranteed that it will work well in HC evetns as well
Ah ok. Thanks! Maybe I'll try drifting on those turn.... ;)
I bet that the hillclimb Primeras had different steering ration then the BTCC version, our BTCC car is based on what the real BTCC was, it is therefore not guaranteed that it will work well in HC evetns as well
This is one of my favorite cars in AC. Fantastic job!

Can't wait to drive the bmw, but don't rush it though. You do amazing work!

Anyway to get this in left hand drive?

Patrik Marek

I'm sorry but left hand drive is not planned, at least not a BTCC version,
it will require quite some work on the model, might need to adjust textures as well, and new driver animation,
which makes it really not worth it
Yeah that is cool. Still love the car, and it doesn't even really seem different than driving LHD.

I see the bmw will be LHD, so I am good! :)

Patrik Marek

btw I'm getting reports that new update from kunos has broken this car and it no longer passes the validation check for suspension height,
temp workarounds might be to turn of that check, or change the numbers so that even lower number will be valid,

our team will be looking into a fix, and will do a new release possibly next week, after Kunos will release update to their tires,

Patrik Marek

Patrik Marek updated 1999 Nissan Primera BTCC with a new update entry:

texture updates + driver animation + misc

This time around , after few negative feedback, I'm including full car in the pack, feel free to delete entire car from your AC folder ( backup your additional skins though! )

View attachment 78471

- includes fix for min height setup failure
- tweaks/fixes on liveries
- added team liveries + driver suits
- improved driver animation ( still needs additional fix)
- more work on interior ( and still more to come)
- texture on brake calipers
- overal fixes and improvements

Read the rest of this update entry...

Patrik Marek

Also guys, forget to mention one more thing about the update,

it is now possible to add metallic paint effect to the car,
to control where it's applied just adjust the alpha channel of the main texture, white is metallic paint, black is no metallic paint ( might be the other way around)