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Ever wondered what it is like to be Jeremy Clarkson? Well now you can find out thanks to the confirmation of an official 'Grand Tour' video game!

Yes that's right, the three veteran former Top Gear presenters are set to have their own video game release based on the new Amazon TV series, Grand Tour. Set to release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the new game will mirror the real world TV series as Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond take a variety of high performance road cars for a tour around the world, and get up to the usual silly antics and obscure challenges.

Little is known of the upcoming game at present, however it is expected the content will be fleshed out in time for each new episode airing, which should mean players with access to the season pass version of the title will get the opportunity to try new cars, tracks, locations and challenges just before, or just after, the actual show in which those scenes are aired... pretty cool actually...

No doubt the new game will be firmly on the side of arcade once it releases, however fans of the TV trio will no doubt find this something of a must have item...

The Grand Tour Game gives you the unique chance to play the TV show, driving the cars you see on screen in the locations visited by Clarkson, Hammond and May. It’s all the smashing, skidding, high-speed action you see on The Grand Tour without the irritating need to sleep in a tent, argue about directions or pay a sudden visit to a local hospital.

If you’ve ever wanted to be Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond or James May without the inconvenience of becoming tired and breathless and always followed around by two other middle-aged men, your dreams are about to come true. The Grand Tour Game is the first and only playable TV show in which you get to play the actual scenes you’ve seen on screen. If they drive a cool car, you can too. If they go to an amazing location, you can too. Buy a Season Pass for The Grand Tour Game and every Friday during Season 3 when a new episode of the show arrives, you’ll get new vehicles and new tracks from that episode to play in the game. At last, all the fun of The Grand Tour with none of the callouses, neck strain and hospitalization. At least, we hope not.

So what do we know of the new title so far? Well we expect a four player spilt screen multiplayer mode, as can be seen on one of the images at the head of this article, and we also know the game will be updated on a weekly basis in time with the TV show itself. Other than that, well we'll just have to wait and find out won't we?

And on that bombshell.... goodnight.

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Well it's certainly an interesting way to structure content release.

But graphics and physics don't look too promising tbh.
Add to that, that they didn't even bother to get guys to perform new lines
and it suspiciously looks like a cash grab.


I breathe a lot. I guess i just really like air.
Did not see that coming and ive never heard of Amazon Game Studios.

The way the car was steering in the promo did look really bad. It certainly wont be a serious game, but with a splitscreen (havent seen that for some time) it could make some fun with friends for some few hours.

Too early to judge, but i dont have too positive feelings about it.
It looks awfully dated, but what can we tell from like 10 seconds of in-game footage? It doesn't seem as if there was any sort of effort behind it. Graphics-wise, there's mobile games that look better these days.

Since it's apparently not coming to PC anyway, I think I'll pass on this. But someone's eventually gonna do a Let's Play or something anyway^^

If they want to take it serious, they could simply use the Forza Horizon base game, slap some additional race tracks in there and go from there...


Seems awfully lot like one of those half-baked cash grab license games. Yeah maybe it's too early to make such a judgement when we know very little of the game, but that's the impression I get.

And no PC release? Right
TGT is great if you want to have a laugh and don't want to take anything seriously while still being inside of the car world. But I think this will be just another cash-grabber for kids like all the previous Top Gear games. Not worth of being featured in RD if you ask me.
Awkward! I like the idea of playing and portraying popular TV hosts, but The Grand Tour? If it was about making obnoxious, offensive jokes. There are tons of other driving games coming out soon, I'm not messing with this one.

Sweetdreams! ;)