texture pack

  1. M

    Ferrari F138 / SF15-T / SF70H – Pirelli Tyre Textures 1.0

    Hello everybody, I have taken the existing default tyre texture for each vehicle and coloured it in the matching colours. I also created a new blur texture. In addition, there are also a Few shader adjustments, which I have taken over from my previous (RSS FH2020 Tire textures ) "Mod". Ferrari...
  2. zinga

    Marcas conhecidas no Brasil 1.1

    THIS ONLY WORKS IN THE LATEST VERSION OF THE GAME, don't try to install it in older releases. english This is a texture pack that replaces nearly all grocery item labels with those of known brands in Brazil, including Cheetos, Marlboro, Heinz, Heineken and many many others. Installation...
  3. abrimaal

    Beg for permission texture pack 202006

    Free the modding Scene from permissions, dependency, subservience and hierarchy. Feel free to distribute. Feel free to modify. Feel free to share. Create, be proud to create, be proud to share. Do not offend anyone. Generally there are 3 types of licence: copyright, creative commons and...
  4. arthurvince

    Zandvoort 2019 Texture pack 1.0

    2019 skinpack for default Assetto Corsa Zandvoort. -Brand new billboards textures (Zandvoort2020 etc) -2019 Podium textures -New Dutch MB Ambulance skin -Darker Asphalt (in 2017 layed) -New trackmarshall posts skin -And more.. Installation: Unzip or Unrar the "Zandvoort2019_Skinpack". Put the...
  5. Emre Can


  6. arixant

    Spec Racer Ford Cockpit Texture Pack 1.1

    I wasnt too keen on the "Dirty Texture" look, this fixes that. Currently packed in are two different gauge sets if in case you prefer white gauges. AutoMeter Ultra-Lite II AutoMeter Pro-Comp Drag and drop it into any skin you'd like. Comparisons with the default textures...
  7. Instevs36

    Eifel Betonschleife & Sudstrecke Textures Pack 60s v1.0 2019-05-11

    Hi, I present you a texture pack valid for both circuit Eifel Betonschleife and Südschleife mod by Sergio Loro Web page of his work https://www.f3classictracks.com/ Links circuits below - Eifel Betonschleife https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/eifel-betonschleife.26447/ or...
  8. J

    My Summer Car Polish Mod (W tej chwili dziala tylko na wersji 23.12.2018) 0.1

    MSC POLISH MOD BETA 0.1 MOD TYLKO DZIALA W TEJ CHWILI NA WERSJI 23.12.2018 Pierwsza wersja mojego moda, dopiero beta. Jezeli masz jakis pomysl do moda lub sugestje lub jezeli znalazles/znalazlas jakis blad to daj mi znac. Jak na razie pelna lista zmian to: -Autokar zmieniony na PKS -Polskie...
  9. Mitchelskater

    Various Texture Overhaul 1.1

    THIS TEXUREPACK IS FOR THE LATEST EXPIRAMENTAL 64 BIT BRANCH AS OF 3/22/18 10 PM. I will continue developing so do not be so harsh but critisizm is allowed. I'll include some pictures but if you explore you can be surprised by some of the texture changes and also because I am lazy. Notable...
  10. ilovedogs

    Swedish TexturePack 1.1

    :) -Swedish TexturePack- :roflmao: English: Description: Adds swedish textures. Also a Swedish garage flag. I know the game was made to look like Finland but whatever. If you want something new added or you've seen a bug of some sort or if it's simply just not working for you, please tell...
  11. M

    Texture Pack 1.2

    Hello:) This is my first Texture Pack. Updates will come soon:thumbsup: ! Please give me suggestions for improvement and what should I add for textures ? There is also a clean Engine and the rust on the body is removed::) Sorry for my bad English i´m German ;)
  12. Brandon Leach

    My Summer Car :: English Texture Pack BETA :: OUT OF DATE

    MY SUMMER CAR ENGLISH TEXTURE PACK BRITISH TOWN EDITION THIS IS A BETA, ONLY SOME TEXTURES ARE IN THIS PACK, MORE COMING SOON! YOU WILL NEED: Unity Assets Explorer From Here: http://zenhax.com/download/file.php?id=25&sid=154e0a73584a5bba2ba3a79962002beb © zenhax so... what does this...
  13. MajkiMajk

    Texture paint pack 1 1.0

    Hi, this time a pack of 3 textures, because I don't know do u will like them, u liked Ferrari so maby this texture also. Ps. I found the textures in google and modified them so enjoy. PNG texture format. Gun Metal Tael Metallic Emerald Green
  14. Chrome

    [Texture Pack] My Winter Car by Smonk 1.0

    I reupload the package made by Smonk because the original files dont't work with new versions. I extract the textures to you import into your game using my tool: Texture Pack Importer: ORIGINAL MOD: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/my-winter-car.13166/ In this way, the package works in...
  15. Chrome

    Texture Pack Importer Tool 1.0.2

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TEXTURE PACK IMPORTER BY CHROME v1.0 http://www.mysummercarbrasil.com.br This application will import texture packs at one time...
  16. Omar Mahin

    Blue engine+ accessories 2017-08-01

    I hope you like my texture .I am new at making mods .So, if you have any suggestions plz let me know.:)
  17. Giovaneveterano

    Real Tyres | 2017 2.1

    If you love what I've done consider a donation, it means a lot to me. WHAT'S HERE: Corrected size and position of the logo Corrected lenght and thickness of the stripes More accurate compound stripe color Added barcode and dirt New texture More realistic blur effect
  18. Game Hard 4.0

    Green Satsuma gauges 2017-06-14

    Green gauges for your satsuma + texture for extra gauges and rpm gauge.
  19. EnonE

    Caterpillar tractor / Black Trailer / Redbull Truck 17.04.2017

    Hi ! To say Thanks to all thoses members who share their mods, i have decided to upload some of mine, house/shop pack and Satsuna full retexture will come soon. Textures comes from me or Google, nothing come from another texture pack/authors. Screenshots : http://imgur.com/a/N6gzK Manual...
  20. Kavag

    Real Car Template 2017-04-15

    The Template https://picload.org/view/rcoggcpr/car.png.html