Caterpillar tractor / Black Trailer / Redbull Truck 17.04.2017

Textures pack for vehicules (manual install)

  1. EnonE

    Hi !

    To say Thanks to all thoses members who share their mods, i have decided to upload some of mine, house/shop pack and Satsuna full retexture will come soon.

    Textures comes from me or Google, nothing come from another texture pack/authors.

    Screenshots :

    Manual install only (dunno how to make installer).
    All textures (30) goes to sharedassets3.

    Works with 17.04.2017 and lower version.

    Enjoy, rate and leave a comment if u like.

Recent Reviews

  1. Vadimko008
    Version: 17.04.2017
    btfl :З
  2. haverdaden
    Version: 17.04.2017
    Very nice!
  3. Game Hard 4.0
    Game Hard 4.0
    Version: 17.04.2017
    Very nice indeed :)
  4. MALczan14
    Version: 17.04.2017
    best skins! still need for van
    1. EnonE
      Author's Response
      At the start i was doing the A-Team (TV series) Van, but i struggle at modelling so only with texture it was not cute, so i did this junk Van

      not even close to be release but if u like i can send it to you