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Beg for permission texture pack

Beg for permission texture pack 202006

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Free the modding Scene from permissions, dependency, subservience and hierarchy.
Feel free to distribute. Feel free to modify. Feel free to share.
Create, be proud to create, be proud to share.
Do not offend anyone.

Generally there are 3 types of licence: copyright, creative commons and copyleft.
If you created your works from a single pixel, vector or a scratch and you feel not satisfied to share it for free,
sell it instead of forcing applause and humiliaton on others.

Reuse by individual permission is a relict of slavery and feudal repression system, used to control other people and gain applause.
All scene works deserve applause and respect.
We must be aware that the beginners who modify or convert other people works and they do it good,
will learn quickly and create their own works. The scene should encourage, not discourage.

Good luck with your projects, and dont forget to share your works for future generations.
Only this way we can create timeless, evolving, growing, strong projects.
Let these who come here after you remember you, me and thousands of other people who were and are involved in the continuous process of creative work.

Images collected by Abrimaal in 2020, converted to .dds format
for use in any editor such as Bob's Track Builder, 3DSimEd and manual replace
For your conversions of others' works, who feel they are above all others.




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