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Texture Pack Importer Tool 1.0.2

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This application will import texture packs at one time.​
Most of the textures provided by the modders are upside down. It is necessary to reverse them vertically before using the tool. You can use Paint.net (https://www.getpaint.net/) for this.

Instructions (eng):

1: Put the all app files and folders on my summer car installation folder.
2: Put yours textures in unity_assets_files folder. The textures (.dds) must be in "texture" folder in your respective sharedassets folder.
Engine textures must be in: "unity_assest_files\sharedassets1\textures".
Most of textures must be in: "unity_assest_files\sharedassets3\textures".
3: Run texturepackimporter.exe

!! If you do not know which folder to put each texture in, read the README.TXT file. There is a list with the name of all the textures and in which folder it should be placed.
A maioria das texturas disponibilizadas pelos modders estão de cabeça para baixo. É necessário inverte-las verticalmente antes de utilizar a ferramenta. Você pode utilizar o Paint.net (https://www.getpaint.net/) para isto.


1: Extraia todos os arquivos e pastas do aplicativo e coloque dentro da pasta de instalação do my summer car.
2: Coloque suas texturas dentro da pasta unity_assets_files. Cada textura (.dds) deve estar na pasta "texture" respectiva ao arquivo sharedassets que ela pertence.
Texturas do motor devem estar em: "unity_assest_files\sharedassets1\textures".
A maioria das outras texturas devem estar em: "unity_assest_files\sharedassets3\textures".
3: Execute o arquivo texturepackimporter.exe

!! Se você não sabem em que pasta deve colocar cada textura, leia o arquivo README.TXT. Há uma lista com o nome de todas as texturas e em qual pasta ela deve ser colocada.

Latest updates

  1. Texture Pack Importer Tool

    - Deleting temporary files after import.
  2. Texture Pack Importer Tool

    - Added on Readme.txt a list with location folder for all textures.

Latest reviews

Its not working I m always stuck on shared 3 - convert DDS to TEX.
I waited 8 hours and further It didn't go.
Upvote 0
Dont bother using this tool, just gives you more problems.
Upvote 0
oh my god i think i found it out
Upvote 0
Upvote 0
How can I remove the textures again please for quick feedback
Upvote 2
Works the way it's supposed to but how do i remove the textures?
Upvote 0
parabéns ficou ótimo,
Upvote 0
I cannot find the unity assets folder can you tell me where to find it?
Upvote 0
Thanks, it's working.
Upvote 0
Its cool i like it
Upvote 0
m8 im having an error poping out in shared 0 saying that Windows cannot find the specificated archive
How can i solve it?
Upvote 0
good idea but it only works for a phew textures
Hi. I tested with many type of textures and all were imported. Maybe the files used by you dont has the correct format.. EX: transparent textures need saved with DXT5.
Please, send me your textures with problem: mysummercarbr@gmail.com
Upvote 0
took me a while to figure out the atlas motorparts had to flip horizontily on paint.net is good now great job bud
Upvote 0
followed the instructions you gave, still isn't working. putting the textures in the correct asset folders and im running the texture tool. Still no textures lol
Upvote 0
easy to install textures. great tool!!!
Upvote 0
thanks !!! now i dont finding the textures now i will wait :) :D
Upvote 0
crome,o q teve de novo?
Upvote 0
Makes importing large packs much, much easier after a game update (Especially when you forget to make backups..)
Upvote 0
Upvote 0
Vlw man se é demais
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