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Tracks What breaks the checksum of a track for online compatibility?


RD has some wonderful updates in the misc section to enhance some "old" tracks but I'm worried to run into checksum error when playing online.
I would like to know what are the files that one should not touch to keep the mod online compatible?

For example SRS is running some races in Algarve at the moment.
There are some wonderful misc files here, here and there but I don't know if any of them might make me crash when I want to join a race.

Anyone has some knowledge on this?
Thanks in advance! ;)


Depends on what SRS is using for checksum. The bare minimum is the surfaces.ini in the data folder of the track. BUT if they do things correctly they will also checksum the models.ini and each kn5 file. In that case you can't really change anything about the track other than maybe a skin for it.