sim racing hardware

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    RD Tech Review | Next Level Racing GT Track Cockpit

    RaceDepartment recently had the opportunity to test out the Next Level Racing GT Track, and here are our thoughts on the flagship cockpit from the Australian hardware manufacturer. Next Level Racing GT Track modular cockpit design. Suitable for direct drive wheels. Adjustable and expandable to...
  2. SOLO59

    Sim Rig Shootout YOUTUBE

    Hey guys, Thought I would help out a upcoming sim racing youtuber by the handle "GreatJobKolache" who I recently came in contact with on social media. He puts up sim racing rigs against each other and reviews them too! More info on his youtube channel description. He recently contacted me on...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    The RaceDepartment Podcast (S1, E16)

    The latest edition of the RaceDepartment Podcast is now available to download! For episode 16, RD Podcast regulars Paul Glover, Davide Nativo and Paul Jeffrey once again take a look at the recent happenings in the world of real and virtual motorsport. In this, our 16th episode of the series...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    Sell (SOLD) Sim Instruments Dash (UK)

    For sale, Sim Instruments sim racing LED / LCD dashboard. Used with Fanatec CSW V1 & V2 and in perfect working order. Awesome piece of kit! Price: £80 + delivery Location: Sheffield, UK Link to product review HERE Link to configuration software HERE
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    Sell (SOLD) Fanatec Formula Black Rim (UK)

    For sale, Fanatec Formula Black open wheel car style rim for the Fanatec ClubSport Wheelbase V2. Used with gloves and in full and perfect working order. Comes with button labels for key functions (slight lifting of the 'view' on bottom right corner). Suspect all labels can be removed quite...
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint Interview and First Impressions

    We talk to Niels Heusinkveld and try out the soon to be released Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint. Catching up with Niels Heusinkveld at the recent very busy Sim Racing Expo over in Germany, we took the opportunity to quiz the man behind Heusinkveld Engineering about his newly announced Sim Pedals...
  7. vberl

    Sim Racing hardware

    Hi, I am looking for the best complete sim racing rig complete with wheel and hardware for around 2000 to 2500 USD, my preference would be triple screens if possible.
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    Sim Racing Gear: What do You Run and Why?

    We ask you the community what sim racing gear you run with and why you have made your choices... This is something a bit different and will (hopefully) be an interesting topic to discuss. Sim racing gear... I believe we in the sim racing community are a bit of a unique gaming bunch, more often...
  9. SOLO59

    Button BOX Mounting

    Hey guys, I could use some ideas. I just got the SBB1 button box from Sim Racing Hardware for Christmas! But I would like to hear from you guys on how to hard mount it to my rig. I'm using a next level wheel stand. I would like to have the button box mounted to "my" left beside the wheel...