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The RaceDepartment Podcast (S1, E16)

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The latest edition of the RaceDepartment Podcast is now available to download!

For episode 16, RD Podcast regulars Paul Glover, Davide Nativo and Paul Jeffrey once again take a look at the recent happenings in the world of real and virtual motorsport. In this, our 16th episode of the series, we cast our eye over some of the key events from the past couple of weeks, and once again fail miserably to keep under that magical two hour recording limit...

Hot topics of discussion in this edition of the podcast include the recent F1 2019 F2 update, exciting happenings in Automobilista 2, IndyCar 2019 and the controversial new Aeroscreen, RaceRoom Racing Experience goodies that recently released (or are soon to release), and our main topic of the day - entry level sim racing hardware. Or in other words, bullying Davide into buying his first sim racing wheel and pedal set..

Oh, and loads of other stuff too...

Our thanks as always to @RasmusP for his audio editing genius!

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RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief, occasional YouTuber, commentator and broadcaster, with a passion for motorsport on both the real and virtual racetrack.

David Wright

Sep 27, 2009
I would endorse the G29 as a good entry level wheel. For that price point, no one else offers a leather covered rim and steel 3-pedal set.

The shifter option is a tough one. I can see where Paul G is coming from when he says don't bother. Although it has a steel shaft and leather knob, the shift quality is crude. On the other hand, at 1/4 the cost of a Thrustmaster shifter, if you want to try h-pattern shifting its a very cheap way of doing so - just don't expect it to feel as slick as a real gearbox.

As to Paul Js suggestion that entry to AMS2 beta/EA will be dirt cheap - not so.

$120 for new members
$100 for those already owning AMS1 and all DLC

There are reductions for AMS1 "backers". EA includes the season pass for DLC

For those who don't opt for Early Backing the base game will be $40 and the season pass $100
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Oct 7, 2016
Just my 2 cents about the Logitech wheels:
I've driven the dfgt (awful pedals and you can't plug the g series pedals in!), g25, g27 and g29 here and there.
Best buddy has a dfgt, I owned a g27 for multiple years.

I don't know why Logitech did this but the shifter became worse with each iteration.
G25 has buttons and sequential mode
G27 has buttons
G29 doesn't even have buttons...

The wheels themselves became a tiny bit better every generation. A tad smoother and more and better buttons on the rims.

Overall I'd say the g27 with 6 rim buttons is the best package when buying used stuff. If you want sequential mode for handbrake or whatever, look for a g25 (2 rim buttons) pack.
The price of a new g29 isn't worth it... Only risk you take is worn out pedal pots but mine are still fine after 5 years :)

The buttons in the g25/27 shifters are golden! The rims turns constantly but on the shifter you always hit the right key for requesting pitstop, abs/tc/brake bias etc


Aug 27, 2017
Just want to thank you Paul for giving a new phrase to add to the vocabulary "Here's a whole box of kick ass."

The GT Formula

Aug 25, 2009
Loving it so far guys. Only had a little bit of traffic into work this morning but expecting a proper mess on the roads on the way home. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the cast.
Keep up the awesome work guys! :thumbsup:

The GT Formula

Aug 25, 2009
I started my sim racing journey on a G25 too. It was great whilst on the PS3 and Xbox.
But then I was already a motorsport petrol head so this just tipped the already skewed scales towards total motorsport addiction.
Upgraded to a Fanatec Porsche GT3 wheel. This was like going from a Mini to a BMW, or so I thought. I didn't really have much experience to base any of my feelings on.
Didn't like the pedals much but by this time I had already slapped a GPU into my current PC.
This was just starting... and next thing you know a set of CSR Elites were on order, after selling both the G25 and Fanatec pedals on eBay. These puppies arrived and it literally changed everything.
My mindset mainly. I could see how real it could become so I was hooked.
I had already bought a Wheelstand Pro, which I would gladly donate to Davide if postage wouldnt be so crazy from Malaysia to Italy...
Anyway, all this new stuff had made me realise that the PC I had was seriously underpowered so I upgraded it a fair bit and then ordered a CSW V1 which I still have today. Thing has been solid until the last couple of months but repairs are coming.
I've also realised that a Wheelstand Pro isn't cutting it for me anymore. So I bought a Sparco bucket seat and a bunch of 8020 profile and going to make myself a full on rig.
Now, this whole process started back on the original Playstation, Dreamcast, Xboxes etc, going from pads, to wheels and pedals, to more expensive kit. Over 20 years probably. So what was being said on the cast is pretty much the way I did things. Consoles with pad, second hand wheel and pedals, then some new bits , shift of focus from console to PC and then some more expensive bits to now what I believe, for me anyway, is the pinnacle of where I will take this hobby. Until of course I find out how to mount motion capable shizzle dizzle to my new rig later on down the line.
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Alex Harkett

Oct 3, 2013
Only half way through so far but Paul! YES!!! UNO TURBO!!!!

I bought a Black Mk 1 Uno Turbo and to this day it was my favourite car. And too right about the rust. The passenger footwell grew a large hole after I tried to jack up the car and the jack went through the floor! It was fast as **** with the boost turned up though. What a time.

Had it welded up and sold it for a grand before buying an almost as chavvy and rusty Punto GT.

More comment to follow after I finished the episode!
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Alex Harkett

Oct 3, 2013
Hmm no one has posted since me, so I now look too keen :roflmao:

I’m another user of the G27 racing wheel, having made the jump from playing race07 with a ps3 controller which, although I got used to it, was a bit of a nightmare. I’ve never been a fan of the Xbox 360 pad.

I bought my G27 second hand on FB marketplace after using my friends G25 wheel a few years before. The transition from pad to wheel was both terrible and game changing in equal measure. My lap times initially on the wheel were abysmal, but now almost a year later, I wouldn’t look back.

I mount the wheel and shifter to my IKEA desk and then have the pedal set down on the floor with the carpet grip holding it in place, butted up against the PCs powerbrick. I’ll then sit in my swivelly IKEA office chair and away I go! Only the finest solutions in my house lads!

Even given the relative crudity of my setup, it still afforded me the ability to be fast enough to qualify for a recent R3E esports event race (unfortunately I was unable to take part as my wife was taken ill). So that just goes to show that you don’t need to spend thousands to be fast.

Having used this setup for a little while I think the thing that would benefit me most would be more feeling in the brake pedal. As was mentioned, the G27 pedals are a bit soft, but then I don’t know if I want to mod my existing pedal box and risk breaking it, or buy a new set. But then on the other side of the coin I’m toying with the idea of converting the end of my garage into a small sim racing area where I could have a proper rig with a seat n all!

With all this in mind, I can honestly say that I have as much fun on my G27 actually racing the cars and hearing all the noises and recreating certain races sitting at home on my basic setup, as I have had at events where there’s been the opportunity to try a decent rig with a nice setup.

I suppose in summary I’d say that the step up from pad to wheel is massive, and you don’t need to spend massive dollar there for it to be a good change. Everything else from that point onwards is just tweaking!

Davide, enjoy your wheel when you purchase it!

Good pod again guys. Thank you once again for putting in the time! :thumbsup:
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Jan 16, 2010
@davide Nativo I fully endorse second hand g27 + Ikea.
Reasoning :
- I know many people who made or tried transition to from pad to wheel, it's going to be a process and you need to set your self up for some time or maybe you adapt fast but all of them like Paul said where slower.
So with that "risk" don't invest in something new, g27 is great and even if it needs fixing plenty of tutorials to replace a potentiometer. So G27 second hand
- I have owned and tested many lap or a bit bigger wheel stands (I had a rig in my truck) and no matter what they say, they flex, not from steering wheel force but from you, from leg movement arm and everything, maybe in the last 2years they made something good but what I tested and owned definitely had flex so I would stay away from that. Remember that you still have to unplug /plug everything to remove the foldble wheel stand, Wich is not that convinient.
- Ikea - you can go to Ikea pay 50-60 euros for a desk plate and 25 euros for some V shaped legs and you have a minimal amount desk or pay 2x50euro for two drawers and put the plate on top of then. Wheel can be clamped /hard to mount edges at on end and the rest of the desk free.
- g27 + clamped or hard mlunted you will get a much better experience than moving around.

Good luck
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Daniel Monteiro

Staff member
Sep 1, 2008
Ahahahah, definitely agree with Paul Glover about saying "hey hey hey HEY! Easy with the shifter" to family and friends, young or old! :roflmao:

leon_90 Davide, about getting behind a wheel:

Any force feedback wheel will do; doesn't matter which, just get one and get started :)
Just joining my voice to everybody else's, so that you are sure we are right :D and then your only regret will be that you did not buy a wheel earlier ;)

Also recommend a used G25/G27, just for the benefit of all the buttons you have on the shifter. Can also recommend the wheelstand, or to clamp it to a desk if you have a sturdy enough one. I have also heard of people using ironing boards, it seems to work, and you (probably) don't have to buy one :whistling:

Final mention: loved the closing of the podcast! Positive vibes and spreading love and joy is what it's all about :inlove::thumbsup:
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