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Hey guys,
Thought I would help out a upcoming sim racing youtuber by the handle "GreatJobKolache" who I recently came in contact with on social media.

He puts up sim racing rigs against each other and reviews them too! More info on his youtube channel description.

He recently contacted me on Reddit. He found my setup I posted there and was really impressed and asked if he can feature my setup on his youtube channel. Of course I said hell ya! He sends you all the info he needs from you. Then you'll see your setup up against 2 other setups!

His work is pretty good and I/he encourages others with anything from basic table top setups to the highest-of-end setups to contact him to have YOUR rig featured on his youtube channel!

Link below to the show I was in (I'm the second setup). Thats his 5th episode of the series.
This deserves more subs, thought I help him out here on RD!