1. G4ndY

    SimHub overlay Bonanza! 1

    Fully modular overlays, everything can be moved and resized/placed where you like it. Import the .simhubdash files with SimHub and extract the imageLibrary folder into your SimHub install folder. If you want to tweak the redlinerpm lights open simhub and go to Car settings and change the...
  2. mboyd5

    Sounds Need help with RPM limiters and FMOD!

    So my problem is I'm making an f1 sound and I want the rev limiter to sound on decelleration as the car is slowing up to a corner like how it's represented in the video: However, when I implement it in FMOD I can't get it to trigger at the correct time. So far it is triggered in the RPM...
  3. G4ndY

    Infopanel++ 1.1

    New Infopanel based on the Essentials from AC. Added a frame around the speed panel to show when engine is on, added color to the tyres showing heat in colors and just not numbers, also added a Damage panel although this one is in early stages and might not work 100% accurate. Dash 1 Dash...
  4. EdgarsLS

    Race Satsuma Mod v2.3

    the mod menu keybind is "U" the 2-step keybind is "Y" features Engine wont blow up from RPM ever. The clutch wont slip ever. Rally suspension can be tuned while driving Toe can be adjusted backfires! (in their beta state right now) save files! The engine won't overheat if 'no Overheat' is...
  5. TL98_RD

    RSS GTN engine rework 1 B

    We all know that "Even the best thing can be improved" so, i decided to adjust the rev limiter for the 2 RSS GTN cars. What you need? RSS GTN pack Content Manager INSTALL 1) drop the 2 data.acd files in the respective car folders 2) open CM, go to the cars, hit the 3 vertical dots and then...
  6. XuCrUtZ

    Live Telemetry 1.6.0

    App The app show on screen real time telemetry of engine, each tire and suspension individually. The goal with this app is not to replace the Assetto Corsa built-in apps with these information, but to help developing better setups more efficiently. The app uses the mod file directly or the...
  7. rpmmod

    Mercedes-Benz C9 1989 LM 1.0b

    This mod is a data replacement (you keep the original) for the Kunos one, you need the Dream Pack 1 DLC, the aero is more detailed, the FFB and the weight distribution (inertia) are different (and some other small changes). Installation instructions are in the zip. This aero use more CPU...
  8. rpmmod

    Porsche GT3 Cup Circuit & Hillclimb 1.2b

    This mod is data replacement with some changes specially for hillclimb races, you need the Porsche Pack III DLC, the aero is more detailed, the weight distribution (inertia), tires and setup options are different and some other small changes. Installation instructions are in the zip. Look at...
  9. rpmmod

    Alfa Romeo 155 TI V6 DTM & hillclimb 1.2

    Installation instructions are in the zip. Two hillclimb versions sequential and manual. Two DTM versions 93 (no ABS) and 94 (ABS) Two opponents cars : Alfa 155 and Mercedes 190 (simple aero for CPU). Look at my profile page for Hillclimb tracks. If you want sequential gear box on DTM ...
  10. rpmmod

    Mercedes 190 DTM 1992 0.81

    Mercedes 190 E 2.5 16 Evolution II 1992 with complex aero INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS : - Extract the folder "mercedes_190_evo2_1992" in content\cars. - Copy from folder "ks_mercedes_190_evo2" all the files and folders exept "data.acd" files and "ui" folder, say yes for merge folder "sfx". -...
  11. rpmmod

    BMW M3 E30 DTM 1992 0.83

    M3 E30 DTM with complex aero. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS : - Extract the folder "bmw_m3_e30_dtm_1992" in content\cars. - Copy from folder "bmw_m3_e30_dtm" all the files and folders exept "data.acd" files and "ui" folder, say yes for merge folder "sfx" then "do not copy". - In sfx folder...
  12. rpmmod

    BMW M3 E30 drift RPM 0.83

    M3 E30 drift with complex aero. In the setup the change are for the two side at the same time because I think this is not helpful to have an asymmetrical adjustment in drift. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS : - Extract the folder "bmw_m3_e30_drift_RPM" in content\cars. - Copy from folder...
  13. Morgan Gardner

    MoTeC C127 SimHub Dash 3

    MoTeC C127 SimHub Dash This is a dash made for a universal use. It is closely referenced from the actual unit, with some slight changes to improve usability for sim racing. The RPM gauge is dynamic, supporting any car from a redline of 6000 to 11000 RPM. The data presented is also dynamic...
  14. HK2014

    F-Ultimate Engine.ini help

    Hello I would like to edit the engine.ini file from the F-Ultimate, my goal is to have for every races (100% length) between 0 and 2 engine failures. So i think i know what lines i should edit : LifetimeEngineRPM=(12200,329.927216307231) LifetimeOilTemp=(110,4) LifetimeAvg=32000...
  15. BeefyPeeg

    Fanatec CSL Elite P1 Wheel Tach

    Does anyone know if it's possible to disable the speed indicator on the CSL Elite P1 wheel and have it display only the selected gear (as it does in rF2)? I have tried Fanaleds, and it works great for enabling the rev lights in AC, but I cannot seem to get it to save changes made to the wheel...
  16. StefanVW

    Toyota AE86/AE85 Gauges 2.0

    Hi guys here I made up some gauges because yes. Just download,unpack and install the textures using this: http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/texture-pack-importer-tool.141162/ Video tutorial: Font for RPM&KM/H Gauges changed to the one found in AE85/6. Completely rebuilt fuel and water...
  17. A

    WV GOLF BLUE Satsuma gauges 0.1

    blue rpm blue extra guages dashboard blue guages
  18. Game Hard 4.0

    Green Satsuma gauges 2017-06-14

    Green gauges for your satsuma + texture for extra gauges and rpm gauge.