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Mercedes-Benz C9 1989 LM 1.0b

Mercedes-Benz C9 Le Mans variation with complex aero.

  1. rpmmod
    This mod is a data replacement (you keep the original) for the Kunos one, you need the Dream Pack 1 DLC, the aero is more detailed, the FFB and the weight distribution (inertia) are different (and some other small changes).

    Installation instructions are in the zip.

    c9 c.jpg

    This aero use more CPU, use the Kunos one for opponents.
    This car needs a good setup (not the same as the original).

    Le Mans circuit :
    (I don't know which version fits best 2017 or 1967? if someone know.)

    New AI line for the 2017 version :

    I try to make realistic cars, constructive criticism is always welcome.
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