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Live Telemetry 1.5.1

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The app show on screen real time telemetry of engine, each tire and suspension individually. The goal with this app is not to replace the Assetto Corsa built-in apps with these information, but to help developing better setups more efficiently.

The app uses the mod file directly or the encrypted Kunos files to calculate it's limits, does not need configuration.

Telemetry Info
  • Engine Ideal RPM/Power
  • Suspension height (mm)
  • Suspension travel (%): gets warning yellow above 80% and danger red above 90% of the maximum and minimum values
  • Tire pressure (psi)
  • Tire core, inner, middle and outer temperatures (ºC)
  • Tire load (N)
  • Tire wear: bar gets warning yellow below 98% and danger red below 96%
  • Wheel camber (rad)

All engine and wheels logs are stored in the folder Documents/Assetto Corsa/logs. It can be toggled in the options window (default is not to log).

  • LiveTelemetry_EN.log - session engine data.
  • LiveTelemetry_[FL|FR|RL|RR].log - session wheels data.

Each component have a button designed to scale all the components to best fit each default resolution. Choose be free to choose the best scale for your taste. ;)

  • 480p: 854x480
  • HD: 1280x720
  • FH: 1920x1080
  • 1440p: 2560x1440
  • UHD: 3840x2160
  • 4K: 4096x2304
  • 8K: 7680x4320
App Install

First unzip the release content direct on your Assetto Corsa main folder (C:/Program Files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/assettocorsa) and load the game. Select the option menu and the general sub menu. In the UI Module section will be listed this app to be checked.

Launcher Menu

Last step is to enter any session (online, practice, race) and select it on the right app bar to see it on screen.

Session Menu

Each windows will apear separately on screen.

Options Window Engine Menu Wheel Window


  • Better ACD file load handling.
  • syntax fix.
  • Works with proTyres as well.
  • All infos are now toggleble
  • Changed back suspension colors to 95% and 90%
  • Fix ghosts labels when window is inactive but the plugin thinks it's active
  • New info available by `Please Stop This`
  • Suspension now works properly with the rigth data
  • Trying to work with the suspension, AC gives me negative and above maximum travel as well...
  • Fixed: not showing 480p scale
  • Log can be enabled (it will not save data while disabled) in run time
  • Log is deleted if not enabled at the end of a session
  • New options window to change scale and toggle log
  • New scales dimensions
  • Tire load back available
  • Changed path to work on all installations
  • Save engin data in a csv file after the session
  • Unpacked car support (for debugging unfinished mods)
  • Save each wheel data in a csv file after the session
  • Suspension height is now being interpolated with half of suspension difference of oposite wheel
  • Engine telemetry
  • RPM x HP curve user through the engine.ini configuration
  • Brake Temp does not work, so it's not visible anymore
  • No tire temp text anymore due label transparency issue
  • Load not visible either cause it doest not have the ideal value yet (to be developed)
  • Fix importing sim_info after other imports
  • Added 480p resolution
  • Pressure and tires now uses colors based on the tires.ini configuration.
  • Tire core, inner. middle and outer temperature with colors
  • Resolution adaptive HUD up to 8k
  • New 8k textures
  • Brake temperatures (not working in AC yet)
  • Tire inner, middle, outer temperatures
  • Fix camber asphalt angle
Noted Bugs
All the issues can be found on the issues page of the github repository: Live Telemetry Issues.

Big Thanks
My newest best friend who helped me to understand how to open .acd files!

Please Stop This from RaceDepartment who helped me with some code and others to work this app out.

Jens Roos from proTyres to fix some issues.
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  1. Live Telemetry 1.5.1

    1.5.1 Better ACD file load handling. syntax fix. Works with proTyres as well.
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  3. Live Telemetry 1.4.0

    1.4.0 - Fixed: not showing 480p scale - Log can be enabled (it will not save data while...
  4. Live Telemetry 1.3.1

    Changelog: 1.3.1 changed to lib folder. Saving engine logs.

Latest reviews

Mate, you do a super job !! Thx a lot for that.
Thanks for your patience with my app crashes... ^^
Confirm if us working now correctly and it is perfect app. Thanks
Nice to know! \o/
With CSP it is not still working, game crashing everytime this app is enabled. After disabling app, game starting to work again properly. So it should be nic app but not working with csp and cm.
I fixed this and the proTyres issue too in the newer version. ^^
Game crashed :-( , so I can't say anything
Show me your logs, let's resolve this!
The 4 suspension and tire info doesn't work all at the same time.
Some times works only 1, sometimes 2, usualy the rear ones.
Its a pitty, because I like the APP very much.
Keep working and thank you.
Thanks, can you tell me the version of ShadersPatch (if active) and the session info for me? I'll try to debug here, but I din't have this bug your talking about.

A wheel window could be throwing a run time error.
Wonderful app, thanks!

Could you help me how to use it? It would be a great tool to test and check suspensions

I'm making a car mod now and your app
- showing red tyres since the beginning without moving the car
- front suspension animation isn't moving up or down, however the suspension is working

Thanks! Keep the good work

Tire color could be that your mod doesn't have a compound temperature curve the app tries to open and see what color to draw. it loads the "tyres.ini" file from the car and try to parse the section "THERMAL_{wheel here}" -> "PERFORMANCE CURVE". Can you check your mod files for this curve?

This suspension issue I still don't know how to overcome, the AC core send the app the suspension travel is always the double of the current travel (including Alfa 155 from Kunos itself), could be a mod config missing the AC core does not find.
Really nice looking app. Would you mind making an ultrawide version, preferably 3440x1440 or 2560x1080?
What do you mean by ultrawide version? Wider icons?
I'm running on a 2560x1080 using FHD scale here.
wonderful app, great work!
Amazing tool, really makes you realize the default tools are trash.
Great app
Thanks. ;)
Extremely cool, it would be great if you could make an differential telemetry ,that shows which part of the differential is working live, power/coast, and how much torque each wheel gets, their friction coeficient and friction coeficient at said moment
Teach me how to do that and I will!