Infopanel++ 1.1

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New Infopanel based on the Essentials from AC.

Added a frame around the speed panel to show when engine is on, added color to the tyres showing heat in colors and just not numbers, also added a Damage panel although this one is in early stages and might not work 100% accurate.

Dash 1

2020-09-02 13_49_08-AC2.jpg

Dash 2

2020-09-02 13_48_03-AC2.jpg

Dash 3

2020-09-02 13_48_31-AC2.jpg

All dashpages have the flags and rpm/pit lights, abs/tc/wiper/rain light icons.

2020-09-02 13_49_38-AC2.jpg

2020-09-02 14_33_15-Dash studio.jpg
2020-09-02 14_34_07-Dash studio.png

Unzip the folder on your desktop, double click the.Simhubdash file and this should import it into simhub. Then copy and paste the imagelibrary folder to your SimHub install folder example C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub.

Change Dashstudio>Settings>Show next dash screen to your prefered button to cycle between the dashes.

Enjoy :)
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Latest updates

  1. 1.1

    Added Session best time "Pole Lap" and added color for the Gain/Loss time.