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peter roche

  1. Peter Roche Racing

    2021 Mission Winnow Lamborghini - My Team Package 1.00

    My second Lamborghini livery. This time I decided to use yellow as we don't have a yellow car on the grid this year and I think it's very much associated with the Lamborghini brand. For now Copy & Paste install only available. It will replace the Devon Butler livery & attire. Pitcrew and...
  2. Peter Roche Racing

    Mission Winnow Ferrari - Full Team Fantasy Package 1.00

    This is my own take on the Ferrari Team. Inspired by Ferrari's golden era in the early 2000's. Copy & Paste installation for Car & Driver Attires. Since the original Ferrari chassis is super restricted I decided to use the FOM car. Patreon Discord YouTube Instagram Facebook
  3. Peter Roche Racing

    2021 Red Bull Racing - Fantasy Camo Livery 1.01

    This is a remake of my Red Bull Camo livery for F1 2020. Most things stayed the same with some minor adjustments and improvements. New 2021 sponsors added. There is a version with the Oracle logos on the car & suits and without them. Copy & Paste and manual install included for everything...
  4. Peter Roche Racing

    2021 Alpine F1 Team - Full Team Fantasy Package 1.00

    This is my own take on the Alpine team. New era for the Renault team as they rename themselfes to Alpine. The team switches from the famous black & yellow to their national French colours. The car is painted mainly in the French Navy colour along with the blue red & white accents. Copy & Paste...
  5. Peter Roche Racing

    2021 Polaroid Alfa Romeo - Full Team Fantasy Package 1.00

    The rainbow returns! Alfa Romeo reveals a new livery for 2021. After using a white car with the signature paint splashes in 2020 the team switches to black with a rainbow gradient from the front to the back of the car. https://ryder25.itch.io/ego-erp-archiver Patreon Discord YouTube...
  6. Peter Roche Racing

    2021 McDonald's Haas - Full Team Fantasy Package 1.00

    McDonald's becomes the new title sponsor of Haas F1 Team. The team will wear the singnature McDonald's Red & Yellow color combination with the addition of black. https://p2t5r.itch.io/ego-erp-archiver Patreon Discord YouTube Instagram Facebook
  7. Peter Roche Racing

    2021 Ineos Mercedes - Full Team Fantasy Package 1.00

    Ineos becomes the new title sponsor of Mercedes-AMG Formula One Team. Their partnership extends after working on many projects together. The team will wear the signature black & red Ineos colors. You need to install the racecrew in the pitcrew.erp file. I was wrong in the tutorial...
  8. Peter Roche Racing

    2021 BWT Aston Martin - Full Team Fantasy Package 1.01

    The wait is over. Aston Martin replaces Racing Point and returns to Formula 1. The team will drive in the famous British Racing Green color. We can also see a lot of pink from their title sponsor BWT and the signature Aston Martin neon green color. HOW TO INSTALL...
  9. Peter Roche Racing

    2020 Ford Performance - My Team Package 1.01

    Ford enters Formula 1. After their success in endurance racing Ford decided to conquer one competition they were not able to win in. Will they crumble like their last entry with Jaguar or rise above the rest of the competition? There is a copy & paste version. You can also install it...
  10. Peter Roche Racing

    2021 Lavazza Williams - Full Fantasy Team Package 1.01

    Williams presents a new livery for the 2021 season. The team colors will be based on the Lavazza Dek Classico coffee after the became this year's title sponsor for the team. Included are: - car livery - driver suits - boots - gloves - pitcrew suits - racecrew attires How to install...
  11. Peter Roche Racing

    2023 Toto GP - Full Fantasy Team Package 1.00

    Toto GP reveals their new livery after extending their parternership with Monster Energy. The team's livery is now based around the Monster Energry Ultra Violet drink can. Mary Bendet Foundation logos can still be found on the car as Toto Wolff remains the Vice Chairman of it. A pinch of red...