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2021 McDonald's Haas - Full Team Fantasy Package

2021 McDonald's Haas - Full Team Fantasy Package 1.00

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main 1 jpg.jpg

McDonald's becomes the new title sponsor of Haas F1 Team.

The team will wear the singnature McDonald's Red & Yellow color combination with the addition of black.

rc pc 1.jpg
garage 1.jpg

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Latest reviews

Love it
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Holy Mac 'n' Cheese Balls, excellent livery
Upvote 1
Excellent work!
Thank you!
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i'm lovin' this mod ❤️
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This is literally by far the best alternate livery design in this forum, with high quality step-by-step tutorial that showcase how to mod it into our game files.

Couldn't find any reason to not give a 5 stars.
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Buy Peter a McChicken for this
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This made me hungry
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as always 10/10
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Wow, nice work. Can u replace Alpha Tauri for another team?
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Peter you excel yourself again! I am slowly filling up my S2 of career mode with your skins, and will add this onto S3. These are all fantastic, and I really can't wait to see the rest of the grid. I intend to use your Aston Martin for S3, but who knows, maybe I'll be somewhere else with another of your skins!

Top work man. Stay safe.
Peter Roche Racing
Peter Roche Racing
Thanks man that's awesome to hear!
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Peter Roche Racing
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