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2020 Ford Performance - My Team Package

2020 Ford Performance - My Team Package 1.01

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Ford enters Formula 1.

After their success in endurance racing Ford decided to conquer one competition they were not able to win in. Will they crumble like their last entry with Jaguar or rise above the rest of the competition?

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There is a copy & paste version. You can also install it manually. If you're not sure how to do that here is a video tutorial:
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Latest updates

  1. Driver Suit Logo, new numbers

    - Added missing driver suit logo file in the manual install - New numbers for manual install...

Latest reviews

Love this livery, works perfect on F1 2021 aswell since the 2021 FOM Car is an exact copy from the 2020 car!
hey man love the livery, i was just wondering if you could make an updated copy/paste version for the F1 2021 game
Peter Roche Racing
Peter Roche Racing
I will but I can't tell you when. I am quite busy with other mods at the moment.
An absolutely beautiful mod. The car livery looks great and so do the uniforms. The only issue is that the uniforms are what tend to crash the game. So I have had to use the Trim suit and Twin stripe gloves to make it look somewhat close to the modded uniform to stop the game from crashing. I hope that the uni issue can be fixed, but I doubt it because it stopped working after the last update.
Love the livery but my game crashes when I try to play, any solution?
Love it
just unreal
Great livery! For the numbers can you add 97?
Thanks for this fantastic livery and also thanks for this great support in the Discord when I needed help, great work!
Really Enjoying how well this is made and how it doesn't make the game crash. Would like to see the pitcrew, garage, and factory skins soon:)
Great work!
AMAZING. does this also work if i try on a different livery like one of the schumacher ones?
Peter Roche Racing
Peter Roche Racing
Thanks! I believe it should work.
Loving this pack, Any news on when the next update will be?
Excellent Job. Play it for the first Time and love it! Greets from Germany
Peter Roche Racing
Peter Roche Racing
Danke schön!
Superb. Looking forward for the inclusion of new numbers.
Looks amazing, thanks for having the only livery I've seen with the US flag oriented correctly on the left side.
Fantastic job! Thank you so much for your effort!!
Peter Roche Racing
Peter Roche Racing
Glad you like it. Thanks for the rating!
Love it ! Amazing job
Looks very nice, will you update with crew , numbers and helmet, please?
Peter Roche Racing
Peter Roche Racing
Yes numbers will come. The rest probably at some point later.
Peter Roche Racing
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