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2021 BWT Aston Martin - Full Team Fantasy Package

2021 BWT Aston Martin - Full Team Fantasy Package 1.01

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Latest reviews

5 stars for ever my friend ! I like so much this wonderful car !!
As always perfect. Haven't played F1 for a while now and reinstalled the Ford My team and this Aston Martin mod manually with ERP but my game keeps crashing, has their been an update that broke the game or what is happening? I have installed mods many times before so I know my way around manually installing but I am very confused
Super Team Package Please add copy paste
Looks cool and realistic
please do copy paste method
Excelent work, mate. The livery is superb and the tutorial is clear and easy to follow! One question, do you know if the name and colour of the team is changable? So instead of Racing Point with the pink stripe it would have AMR with a green one?
Peter Roche Racing
Peter Roche Racing
Thanks! I never saw anybody do that. I'm not sure how to do it either. Would be very cool if it's possible.
Awesome dude!!!!
Excelent work
What an amazing work.
YES...Finally a mod for other teams apart from my team,amazing
Peter Roche Racing
Peter Roche Racing
More will come soon. The Ineos Mercedes is already available on my Patreon and it will be available on Monday for everybody.

I am also finishing the McDonald's Haas team.
mate nice job but we want for myteam, can you make one please.
man this is amazing, it would be really coll to see this also for my team its amazing
Excellent but plz do this to myteam
Great work, but can you do a copy paste version? I dont want to spend an hour figuring out how to install this mod.
Peter Roche Racing
Peter Roche Racing
The mod shares a lot of .erp files used by other teams. I don't think it makes sense to have a copy & paste version because that would mean that you can only use one full team mod with it.

I plan to have a big copy & paste pack of my liveries but we are still far from that. I want to release some more team packs before that.

For now just use the video tutorial and follow the steps that I do in it: https://youtu.be/gd6h22-84e8
Great work! But is it possible to make this Livery for MYTEAM?
Amazing work ! If you do the same for my team it would be perfect
Godly work.
Amazing work man, thank you for this
AMAZING !! What software did you use ?
Peter Roche Racing
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