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  1. B

    Next upgrade - Heusinkveld pedals vs DD Wheel vs VR vs NLR Motion v3

    Hello , I recently upgraded my graphics card to 1080 and Im now thinking what to change or upgrade next. It is not really necessary, everything works fine, but you know... It is exciting to change and upgrade stuff like that :) what would you choose to upgrade as a first thing. Im aware price...
  2. Insert Coin

    Is Oculus Rift support broken in latest version of ETS2?

    ETS2 1.27 is the only game on my PC that I cannot run anymore on my Oculus Rift: as soon as I start the game I can hear the intro sound (choppy), but still Oculus Home is shown for about 10 seconds. Then the intro is shown, but the image is very choppy and the Oculus hourglass is shown...
  3. C

    Oculus cv1 black screen crash

    I tried to play AC in vr and everything works fine until I hit the start button to load the practice/race session. This results in the game crashing to a black screen and my computer restarts. Updated my nvidia drivers as well as oculus drivers and it still happens. All other games work in vr...
  4. vilivili

    VR Replay cameras for Nordschleife 2017-01-01

    How it feels to stand just a few meters away from the legendary race track watching cars flying by? Just drop this file to folder: \SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\ks_nordschleife\nordschleife\data\ Backup the original file first. To move from cockpit to trackside VR press F3 and...