1. H

    Super frustrating CPU 99 Occupancy HELP PLEASE

    I have been experiencing an issue with AC, it started around the time I downloaded and installed CSP .1.75, but since then it happens with every csp build. Problem is the CPU Occupancy 99% and stuttering (it kind of goes into slow motion, I dont know if stuttering is the right word). I tried...
  2. Omic_IX

    Can't change skin helmet

    Hi everyone, I have a problem to put a skin helmet in my AC. I downloaded a new helmet skin, and I put the file in ....\steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\texture\driver_helmet\new_helmet Then I go in the folder of a car, for example tatus, and I changed in the folder "skin", the helmet...
  3. P

    Cpu load

    I have problem with ac, in game there is a warning" cpuload < 99%" but when i open task manager I have under 30% with 60 c temp(3900X), and gpu load is under 50%. Pls help
  4. O

    Problem drifting in online sessions

    I cant seem to do a drift online with my driving force gt wheel. Whenever I start the drift it is impossible to control where to go and I spin out immediately when starting the drift. Also my wheel counter steers against the drift from alone and to change direction I only have to use my gas...
  5. T

    Satsuma doesn´t start up (14.10.2019) 2019-10-14

    Okay, so i got hit by the train and now the satsuma wont start up. The car lost a few part (bumpers, fenders and the muffler) i put them on the car and flew it to fleetari (cuz it didn´t start up), and fixed the broken engine parts but it didn´t help. I tried opening the engine and finding...