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Satsuma doesn´t start up (14.10.2019) 2019-10-14

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Okay, so i got hit by the train and now the satsuma wont start up. The car lost a few part (bumpers, fenders and the muffler) i put them on the car and flew it to fleetari (cuz it didn´t start up), and fixed the broken engine parts but it didn´t help. I tried opening the engine and finding something that was broken. But didn´t get any results, anyway the car is now in the garage and the tools on the garage table. I appreciate any help i can get. Good luck :)
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i fix it , the problem was a original battery, i bought a new one an the car it work .
link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/qtw0l9b6rahthqz/Car_fixd.rar/file
Thank you so much :)
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