1. M

    different brand handbrake on fanatec csl elite base

    Hi, Sorry, this was a double post. See my other post. Mixiepixie
  2. some_random_kid

    Ebay Handbrake Causes Power Surge

    Hey Community, a while back i created a forum about my ebay handbrake causing a power surge on my pc which disables me from using my handbrake which is incredibly frustrating for drifting. the forum got little to no attention and also did not get me further.. is there a fix to make my handbrake...
  3. Allyngr

    Sell Heusinkveld Classic Handbrake (UK)

    This item is in great condition with minimal use. £99 SOLD
  4. J

    Wanted TrackIR and Fanatec Handbrake

    As title looking for both with shipping to Dublin, Ireland
  5. J

    Sell Hydraulic Handbrake

    DIY made, any questions fire away. Works flawlessly. 200 euro.
  6. SG Racing Handbrake and SQ Shifter PRO Combo review

    SG Racing Handbrake and SQ Shifter PRO Combo review

    Here is my review of the SG Racing handbrake and sequential shifter combo kit. Note: SG Racing did not contact myself or RaceDepartment for a review of their product, nor did they offer the product for free. SG Racing offers multiple handbrake, sequential shifter, and accessory options, sold...
  7. 5

    Sell Fanatec Clubsport Handbrake v1.5

    SOLD. Opened, but unused Fanatec Clubsport Handbrake v1.5. I purchased this 2 months ago, but was never able to get it mounted on my NLR GT-Track (w/motion) rig properly. Will ship in the original packaging and boxes. All cables that originally came with it are included. Asking $100 shipped to...
  8. J

    DIY lockdown project: handbrake mod on T300RS and playseat challenge

    My second lockdown project after the bass shaker, and in honour of getting dirt 2.0 as a freebie on PS4 I wanted to get a handbrake as i didn't like pressing a button on the wheel face. I wanted a thrustmaster TSS but couldn't justify the price, plus if i wanted a handbrake and sequential...
  9. 16-Bit Hall Sensor Sim Handbrake Review [Banggood Black Friday 2019 promos In the description]

    16-Bit Hall Sensor Sim Handbrake Review [Banggood Black Friday 2019 promos In the description]

    ✅Subscribe: https://***********/yyhjua7h Hi, this is my review for this budget Sim Racing Handbrake. This is an analog handbrake which enables you to adjust the braking force application.
  10. Heusinkveld Sim Handbrake Review

    Heusinkveld Sim Handbrake Review

    ✅Subscribe: https://***********/yyhjua7h This is my review for the Heusinkveld Sim Handbrake. If you liked this video, please hit the like and consider subscribing. And drop in your comments below the video!
  11. MetalRush

    Sell Fanatec ClubSport pedalset V2 & Fanatec ClubSport handbrake V1

    Hello fellow sim-racers, SOLD... SOLD... SOLD... I want to sell my Fanatec Clubsport pedalset V2 and my Fanatec ClubSport handbrake V1. The pedalset is about 54 months old, the handbrake a mere 36 months. They both work flawlessly. I sell them because I got me some Heusinkveld goodies :) The...
  12. Mr. Vermeer

    DIY Handbrake for under 25 bucks

    I made my own handbrake (prototype) for a fraction of the cost that retailers dare to ask. It's based on an aluminium hydraulic handbrake from China and uses a Hall-Sensor and a neodymium magnet to detect the motion of the handle. The Hall-Sensor is wired to a Pro Micro (Arduino) board which is...
  13. H

    Purchase advice: First setup (budget ~950€)

    Hello everybody, I am a real newcomer in the field of Simracing and have almost no experience with the corresponding hardware. I want to play mainly Dirt Rally with it. Important criteria for me are quality and durability. I don't need a gear shift for the time being. Therefore a clutch pedal...
  14. T

    Can I use this slave cylinder for my handbrake?

    Hi! I'm building a DIY Hydraulic handbrake for my rig on the DSD's base (DerekSpeareDesigns). Do you think I can use this BMW cylinder as my slave cylinder...
  15. Dennis Karlsson

    dkPedals 1.3

    dkPedals This app displays the pedals, handbrake, boost and FFB as vertical bars. It can also show steering input as a horizontal bar. This is very good when streaming on Youtube and Twitch etc.. or if you just want to see the pedal inputs yourself. Size and spacing is configurable. Each "pedal"...
  16. Ricky78

    Thrustmaster TSSH SEQUENTIAL SHIFTER & HANDBRAKE Sparco Mod officially announced

    Rennes, January 26, 2018 — After more than two years of questions from the community via social media, Thrustmaster® is proud to finally be able to make the announcement that people have been waiting for: all the thrills of drifting and rally racing are now right at your fingertips, with the TSS...
  17. LegendMask

    Wanted Handbrake wanted

    Handbrake wanted (no specific brand as long as it can be used on PC) Located anywhere in North America... Please post here or PM. Thanks
  18. aio

    aiologs handbrake v3

    aiologs handbrake v3 — Analog/potmeter: works as much you drag — Standart USB joystick device (no special driver need) — Case made of 3mm stainless steel case — Metal handle
  19. PickleChunks

    Wanted Handbrake

    I'm interested in buying a handbrake don't know much of them, would like it to connect to usb port.
  20. Peter Stokman

    Sell Hydraulic handbrake

    Brandnew Hydraulic handbrake DEREK SPEARS installed but never using it SOLD