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This app displays the pedals, handbrake, boost and FFB as vertical bars. It can also show steering input as a horizontal bar. This is very good when streaming on Youtube and Twitch etc..
Size and spacing is configurable. Each "pedal" bar can be enabled/disabled.

Now with handbrake support.
(AC patch v0.1.25-preview51 or later needs to be installed for this to work.)

Extract the file contents to the root folder of Assetto Corsa.


Configurable in game.
Configurable in game

Configurable through Content Manager.
Configurable through Content Manager

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Dennis Karlsson
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  2. Bug fix

    - Labels was not cleared when disabled. Fixed.
  3. Added steering input visualization

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  4. Hide handbrake

    - Don't show handbrake bar if not used.
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Latest reviews

Just wanted to say good job, and thanks. I used version 0.9 for the onboard in this vid (simply because it was captured before you released 1.0, which I'm also liking)
Excellent app. Simple, good looking, and works great. Thank you!
cool so this app allow me to adjust the handbreak gas brake animation with in content manager? You link the animation files with your app?
Dennis Karlsson
Dennis Karlsson
I'm not sure what you're asking? Content Manager can alter configuration files for all Assetto Corsa apps if you tell it how to do it. With my app there is an extra file that explains to Content manager how to handle the configuration file.
Super cool. I noticed that your apps says dk, are you from Denmark?
Dennis Karlsson
Dennis Karlsson
Thank you Sebastian. =)

No, dk is actually my initials. My name is Dennis Karlsson. I have bad imagination, I know.
Nice app! Handles like the original app from ac, but more customizable
good one
That's very good. Can you also make this invisible so that it is only visible when you press the pedal?
Dennis Karlsson
Dennis Karlsson
Yes, I will add that now. Thank you for the suggestion.