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  1. JohannesK

    Formula 3 F309 - Custom drivers for FIA F3 2020 Mod 1.0

    Custom drivers for the FIA F3 2020 skin pack, driver performance is based on the 2020 season. Skin Pack: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/fia-formula-3-2020.38089/
  2. Top 10 | Tips to ensure your PC is running right for sim racing

    Top 10 | Tips to ensure your PC is running right for sim racing

    At RaceDepartment, we wanted to share some Microsoft Windows tips - yes maybe not the sexiest article ever, but this article might help you get your PC running great again. Does your gaming PC run as fast as it should,? Is it running slower than it used to? Then this is the article for you...
  3. fantasy137

    F1 2021 Season Driver Portraits 2021-03-19

    Hey guys, as we now have all the skins for the 2021 season, I decided to update the livery icons with the driver photos we currently have, so that it look a little more neat and uniform in CM: Just copy the "livery.png" from one driver folder to the matching skin folder for that driver...
  4. enkay74

    Driver suits etc. for all 4 Nissan Super GT GT500 2020 Teams 1.0

    This contains a pack of driver helmets, suits, gloves & pitcrews for each of the 4 2020 Nissan GT500 teams: You will need: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/motul-autech-gt-r-gt500-2020.34628/ by @rioachmadz...
  5. Noel López

    Ricardo Milos face 2019-12-10

    The face of the famous meme for f1 2014, if you like it, let´s download this mod If you want more faces, just tell me what face do you want.
  6. Baldo Barbera

    F1 2019 Change Weber and Butler names Help

    Good evening to all, I'm new on the forum but I've been following you for a long time .. I would have a question to ask you, and at the same time a request for help from some expert user since I am not much of a geek with the programs! Is it possible to change the names of the 2 fantasy career...
  7. Frystix

    F1 2018 How to make custom driver names?

    Hey there! I would like to make my own driver lineup. Could anyone please explain how I change the driver names? Thanks! EDIT: I would really like to change the driver pictures in the driver select menu and the starting grid. Would love to do this even more than the names
  8. kondacekCZ

    2019 Season Mod (Multiplayer test on Discord) 1.5

    MULTIPLAYER WITH THIS MOD: https://discord.gg/zQqBaPb Done: Driver Photos Driver Helmets Driver Numbers 2019 Driver Names F1 2019 HUD All languages (except chinese) In-game faces Comentary changes To be added: Perfomance files after Melbourne Complete skins Some small updates DRAG AND DROP...
  9. D

    2019 driver lineups and Driver Name Editor 1.12

    This a tool to edit driver names. At the moment, the changes are only for career mode and only for the drivers. In the future I will try to add quick race and team name. This a table based on Cheat Engine where you can edit your driver names. Usage: Open the table that you just downloaded...
  10. kondacekCZ

    F1 2018 Realistic driver pictures (works with multiplayer) 2018-08-27

    Grid Tv Camera on your screen in garage Rivalry (Dont look at my face! :)) MY FACE IS NOT INCLUDED!! :D Tutorial (Text) Its simple drag and drop installation
  11. C

    Your Favourite F1 Driver

    Please add why the driver is your favourite of the current year also in the thread.
  12. simtonth

    F1 2014 Transfer drivers

    Hi everyone, I want to go to Mclaren and transfer K. Magnussen to Sauber but I don't know why, I know I have to modify the database with EDE but I'm afraid to make a mistake. Thanks already for your answers, have a nice day :)
  13. A

    MMShufflerDB 1.6

    The tool allow you to shuffle all principal databases (drivers, engineers and mechanics) to start every time a different game with different Drivers, Engineers and Mechanics to scout. The Shuffle Program had, also, an internal DB with new names (Real Names 2017, Real Names 1989 and Fantasy...
  14. kondacekCZ

    Real Drivers 2018 Pictures Grid/Monitor 1.0

    Feel free to use it :) In other mods too
  15. Graham Laing

    F1 2014 Modding Questions Thread

    This thread is for F1 2014 modding questions only. If you have technical questions, please post in this thread and nowhere else. Thanks :)
  16. F1TomeeHD

    F1 2016 Modding F1 2016

    Hey! Anyone can help to change the database about the game? I mean i want to add new drivers, swap them between the teams etc. If you can, please contact me on steam! : <Snip> link removed
  17. F1TomeeHD

    F1 2010 Modding The Game

    Hey! Anyone can help to change the database about the game? I mean i want to add new drivers, swap them between the teams etc. If you can, please contact me on steam! : http://steamcommunity.com/id/WonderTomee/
  18. Bruno Martino

    Stupid Artificial Intelligence related to drivers market

    Dear Race Department.com I played this game for a while and I would like to point out some problems I found. I think that Motorsport Manager is quite entertaining, but it has a serious problem. The Artificial Intelligence isn't able to manage the drivers market and drivers transfers in a...
  19. felipeklaynntc

    F1 2017 - Drivers changes (EN) Drivers Change 4.0

    Mercedes: L. Hamilton, V. Bottas Red Bull: D. Ricciardo, M.Verstappen Ferrari: S. Vettel, K. Raikkonen Force India: S. Perez, E.Ocon Williams: F. Massa, L. Stroll McLaren: F. Alonso, S. Vandoorne Toro Rosso: D. Kvyat, C. Sainz Hass: R. Grosjean, K. Magnussen Reanult: N. Hulk, J. Palmer Sauber...
  20. E

    Drivers Randomizer 1.1

    A simple executable that generates a Drivers.txt with randomized pilots, with the option of generating random staff as well - Full Randomization: Every stat is randomized: Names, Skills, Traits, Nationalities, Ages, Aspect, etc - Gameplay Keeper: Every team will get pilots according to their...