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MMShufflerDB 1.6

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The tool allow you to shuffle all principal databases (drivers, engineers and mechanics) to start every time a different game with different Drivers, Engineers and Mechanics to scout.
The Shuffle Program had, also, an internal DB with new names (Real Names 2017, Real Names 1989 and Fantasy Names) that could appear in the game.
Consider that when you choose to shuffle another DB that have real names, or you can have duplicates.

Now you can :

- Shuflle drivers/engineers/mechanics DB with a better alghorytm
- Choose the % of female drivers/engineers/mechanics
- Choose to shuffle portraits appaerence
- Choose from which database pick new names

If you don't have a start DB to shuffle you can subscribe my official Steam MOD (if you have steam version):


(If you have Steam version, please subscribe my mod to help me. Thanks!)


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