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  1. P

    Silverstone pit straights and bridges sponsors extension 1.0.1

    On some Kunos tracks including Silverstone , mapping of textures is a bit restrictive (inverted textures, re-use of texture elsewhere...) So here is a small extension which add new separate textures slots for : - International pit straight Bridge - International pit straight sponsors (left...
  2. Feint

    Porsche 911 GT3 2022 CSP features 1.0

    The 2022 Porsche 911 GT3 is now available courtesy of ExMods, but there were a few things missing upon its initial release. So I created a CSP file adding the following: Navigation system (racing style) Doors you can open on the track using Numpad 7 and 8 (by default) Fog lights enabled by...
  3. Omar Bull

    General Can't see rain effects or droplets?

    I have CSP 1.74 and SOL 2.1.3 both latest, All the weather effects are working except no rain effects like puddles or rain droplets or even wet roads, only wipers start to move as I set to heavy rain. Why is this not working? My Game version is 1.16.4 GPU is 750 Ti
  4. JBolho

    Issue with "kms driven" on CSP

    I just noticed a strange occurence on some cars in CSP... When i was just casually looking on the Stats panel, i noticed that some cars i know i have driven a lot just did not appear, and for my surprise, when i go to the individual car stats, this is what it shows... "0.0 km" Anyone has this...
  5. T

    Help me optimize Assetto Corsa via Content Manager

    Hi everyone, recently had to update my PC because it broke and now I'm planning to make things more serious regarding my sim racing passion. TL;DR: What are the most fps hitting graphics options in CM and which Ambient Occlusion option should I use for the smallest fps impact? My previous PC...
  6. R

    Assetto Corsa CSP Smart Mirror Distortion

    Hello all, Am using CSP 1.60 with Smart Mirror extension default values + real Mirrors active. I am getting this distortion on the rear tire of the formula hybrid 2021 car. Any suggestions on how to fix that?
  7. Johnr777

    SPA - Remastered 0.9

    This was not meant to be released. Was tired of looking at an outdated Spa track and have been tinkering with it... but since there was a lot of interest from the community, here it is. To install: simply put the extension folder and vao-patch file in the kunos spa track folder -...
  8. T

    RainFX for Monaco GP Circuit 1.0

    If you do not have this track, you should be able to find it with a quick google search. The direct track link is also in the downloaded extension file.
  9. T

    RainFX for Hungaroring 1.1

  10. Grafik Mods installieren in Assetto Corsa | FOTOREALISMUS in nur 5 Minuten

    Grafik Mods installieren in Assetto Corsa | FOTOREALISMUS in nur 5 Minuten

    How to setup all important graphic Mods in Assetto Corsa. Disclaimer: Video in German!
  11. T

    RainFX for Circuit of the Americas 1.1

    After the wet weekend in Austin, I really wanted to see it in-game! As this is my first try at RainFX, I appreciate any feedback, thanks!
  12. A

    FPS down by 12% on recent 0.1.7x versions of custom shaders patch

    Greetings fellow CSP users, I've been running CSP version 0.1.60 for a while and have been trying out 0.1.7x versions of CSP. I've noted my benchmark FPS is down from 85 fps to 75 fps on 0.1.70 and 0.1.74. Is this a common experience? and has anyone found a way to regain the FPS? A new feature...
  13. Tonoppa

    CSP/NeckFX Fun

    This is copy from reddit where I posted exactly same thing. Yo hello! I don't know how many of you have been experimentin with NeckFX settings with CSP. Or really care but anyway. I have been experimenting in past with RealHeadMotion software but never was really satisfied of effect. So back...
  14. ben32star

    Add-on for RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 (Red Bull) 0.5

    READ THIS BEFORE DOWNLOAD PLEASE - VERY IMPORTANT! YOU NEED CSP + 0.1.60 in order to get this working. - THIS CANNOT BE SEEN IN THE CM SHOWROOM -This post belongs to all add-ons I could do with the RB16-B. -For install this, just unzip (or put the files which are inside the winrar) in whatever...
  15. Lavalamp641

    Oran Park LiDAR 1.2

    Custom Shaders Patch highly recommended. It will work without, but you will not get the night lighting, GrassFX etc. RainFX is currently only available from Ilja Jusupov aka x4ab's Patreon. To install, copy the "content" and "extension" folder to the root of your "assettocorsa" folder...
  16. Lavalamp641

    Rain FX & Fireworks for Rieti City Circuit 1.0

    Custom Shaders Patch is required, otherwise this will not work. RainFX is currently only available from Ilja Jusupov's (aka x4ab) Patreon. This is for Rieti City Circuit by Perry The Platypus: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/rieti-city-circuit.38566/ With permission/by request, I...
  17. Billy Pilgrim

    Is there a setting to determine a car's shinyness?

    I've had the impression that, over the last couple of years (since CSP & Sol, sort of) that car shinyness can sometimes change. Maybe that could have something to do with CSP or Sol, or a setting in there. Or an update or... ? But, as I said, it's just an impression, I'm not sure if I'm...
  18. Lavalamp641

    RainFX, Track Lights, GrassFX & More for Sebring RTB 1.0

    Custom Shaders Patch is required, otherwise this will not work. RainFX is currently only available from Ilja Jusupov's (aka x4ab) Patreon. This is for Sebring International Raceway RTB by MadBrain: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/sebring-international-raceway-rtb.13374/ To install...
  19. Diese Mod lässt es REGNEN in Assetto Corsa | CSP 1.69 Regen + Wet Mod

    Diese Mod lässt es REGNEN in Assetto Corsa | CSP 1.69 Regen + Wet Mod

    Regen in Assetto Corsa ist endlich da! Der neue CSP bringt den lang ersehnten Regen Schauer ins Spiel und es sieht verdammt gut aus! Zusammen mit der Wet Mod, zaubert der neue Coustom Shaders Patch 1.69 ein authentisches Fahrgefühl in Assetto Corsa, was vorher immer gefehlt hatte.
  20. Zestryx

    Zusty 3.1

    INSTALL ZUSTY MANUALLY!!!!! (or else your game will be orange.) Zusty is PP filter that is for Assetto Corsa. You will need the latest Sol and the latest CSP (Custom Shaders Patch). There are CSP and video settings in the download to. Also I have a second filter called Zusty Rich in the download...