1. DrZepto

    Crown Circuit 1.0

    Crown Circuit custom track from CarX Drift Racing Online is back! After many changes to foliage and trees, my second custom track for Assetto Corsa is now available to download including Blender and source files (exclusive to DrZepto.com) Converted and remastered! Features & New Content...
  2. E

    Alternative wipers for the RSS Toyama 2-Zero V8 1.1

    The original (historically correct) wiper of the RSS Toyama 2-Zero V8 is useless in heavy rain conditions, because it doesn't wipe enough of the windscreen. The archive includes two different CSP wiper configuration files: a) ext_config.wipers.ini - CSP wiper animation for the original wiper...
  3. vkristof01

    Cars Where to set up headlight aim control (leveling animation)?

    When you turn on your headlights you see them leveling, even on non-csp mod cars (no ext config in car folder, neither in ac/extension folder) but they do work. What config controls that? I guess it's a CSP feature but i can't find anything.
  4. CrazTheKing

    Lato modi (Drift) 1.1

    Lato modi is a fictitious drift track located deep in a Mountainous forest. 38 Pits Seperated Practice area with a circular addition. CSP Extension included with RainFX and Sounds. Full track cams setup, along all have an individual counterpart. Colors/Textures may differ from photos, and...
  5. K

    Padist - Controller Revolution 1.1

    CSP 1.79 (1.80 Preview) Just broke the assist. :( Tell your Forza friends that they can play now better game. Padist is here! Padist is a GamepadFX script that makes driving on controllers... actually playable for almost everyone. If you ever played games like Forza, Gran Turismo or CarX, then...
  6. L

    Content Manager 'Unexpected Error'

    Whenever I launch AC a black screen appears with a text box reading Unexpected Error, then CM will give me a crash report. Nothing I do seems to be able to fix the issue. I've tried verifying the files in steam and using a different version of CSP, and reinstalling CSP. I can only get AC to...
  7. E

    RainFX for Solitude 1964 by NeelJ & Rainmaker 1.0

    RainFX config for Solitude 1964 by NeelJ and Rainmaker (upd. by Sliderman). Requires CSP preview (via x4fab Patreon). Track link is included in the README. Installation: Extract archive to AC's root folder or just copy the ext_config.rainfx.ini to...
  8. RayDavid

    Extension for Ho Ting Changsha Sawau River Racing Circuit v1

    Track link: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ho-ting-changsha-sawau-river-racing-circuit.18150/ ======================================================================= REQUIREMENTS: - Latest CSP! (Preview version for rain) - Sol, preferably PURE...
  9. E

    Wiper animation for Rally Legends Modders' Lancia Delta S4 0.1

    This addon animates the car's wiper of the four Lancia Delta S4 mods by Rally Legends Modders. The wiper animation will only work in game and in the new CSP (0.1.78+) showroom and requires at least CSP 0.1.76 to be installed, although in order to get rain in the game, a CSP preview from...
  10. M

    New Error in Assetto Corsa after playing 20min

    Hi Guys! Like the title says, i got a problem with the Content Manager. Im on the newest CSP (1.7.8) and on the newest Content Manager. Everytime when im playing, i get this Error about 20-30 minutes after. (see Picture) Now im clueless of what i could do. Because i tried -> - Whole Computer...
  11. vccampo

    B3P - Assetto Corsa Filter (PP Filter) 1.0

    B3P Makes Colors Stick Out More For A Better Experience To Your Game. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CSP And Sol Highly Recommended.
  12. Best VR graphics ever in Assetto Corsa - PURE 0.102 Skydomes - Hillclimb Toyota GR86  JUST 2 LAPS VR

    Best VR graphics ever in Assetto Corsa - PURE 0.102 Skydomes - Hillclimb Toyota GR86 JUST 2 LAPS VR

  13. F1PiloteJV

    Shadow / Lights Lods with CM & CSP

    Hi there :) With some mods used in Content Manager, I noticed that shadow and light appear when the car gets closer (Image in the example below). I tried changing the settings in CM & AC but found nothing conclusive. Anyone have an idea where this could be coming from? Or a way to solve it...
  14. Sfsfxv

    Custom Shaders Patch freezing and crashing on the server

    Hello, I have my own server, past 2, 3 weeks everything was perfect but since 8 of June (3 days ago) game start crashing. I'm using content manager, last version, custom shaders patch, before I used 0.1.78-pre. After realizing 0.1.78 I started using 0.1.79-pre. On the server, after 5, 10, 60...
  15. Assetto Corsa - CSP Update 0.1.79 - This changes everything - MASSIVE VR improvement - JUST 2 LAPS

    Assetto Corsa - CSP Update 0.1.79 - This changes everything - MASSIVE VR improvement - JUST 2 LAPS

  16. E

    Wiper animation and internal windows for Guerilla Mods Toyota S-FR 0.1

    This addon animates the car's wiper and adds internal windows to make the rain drops visible from the cockpit view. None of this will be visible in the "old" showrooms; the wiper animation works in the new showroom that was introduced with CSP version 0.1.79preview5 though. The rain (aka...
  17. tommymart

    Black sky with CPS and SOL

    Hello, I have an issue that the sky is black. The image can found here. I think this is caused by CSP or SOL but I have no idea how to fix it. CSP version: 0.1.60 SOL version: 2.2 These are my settings in Content Manager. Can someone help me?
  18. Manian

    Auverhat by Pixsim (CSP UPDATE by CrisT86) 1.0

    Track Update by CrisT86 Auverhat by Pixsim https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/auverhat-by-pixsim.51347/ Changelog: - Scratch made ext_config featuring RainFX, LightFX, GrassFX - New TV Cams (1 position, 4 FOVs) - New TV Cams by DaBaeda - New VAO Patches
  19. SantiSlovack

    Error with csp

    hello I have this problem... today I did a clean installation, I downloaded Content Manager version 0.8.2245.37760 together with csp version 0.1.77 together with rss evo 22 and it gives me these errors... I tried with previous versions of csp 1.76 1.75 1.74 1.73 and it is always the same mistake..
  20. E

    CSP wiper animation for BrianB's Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ 0.1

    The included configs add CSP wiper animation to the Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ & TZ Stradale by BrianB. Notes: This requires Custom Shaders Patch 0.1.76 or newer for the animations to work. The wiper will only be visible in game, not in the showroom. If you want to increase the wiper size you can...