1. A

    Filter and settings for CSP WeatherFX Default script combined with Sol controller 2020-03-20

    What is not too apparent on the screens is the changing of ambient light with the movement of the 3d clouds. It is so well implemented that I thought it is worth sharing and making a fuss about. In sunny weathers the clouds shadows are as needed as the raindrops are in the wet. For some time I...
  2. maxx2504

    CSP New Colored Grass Texture 1.0

    Hi ! I just changed the coloring, saturation and the contrast of the default CSP grass texture a little bit to match the color of the track ground textures. Its a small change but i think its looke much better now. The original textures can be found in the "ORIGNAL" directory in the mod file...
  3. A

    Normal and Reverse layouts for "Spa 1966" + configs for CSP 2020-02-13

    To realize more of the unused potential of the "Spa 1966" remaking of the lines for the standard layout was needed. While at it I made a reverse layout too. Both can work not only in Race or Track day, but Time Attack too with full overlay and high scores (if you hurry up :) Installation...
  4. I'm still in love with both of you (Seat Leon TCR and Highlands Short) - Assetto Corsa

    I'm still in love with both of you (Seat Leon TCR and Highlands Short) - Assetto Corsa

    Seat Leon TCR - 2018 (Shaun Clarke & others) | Assetto Corsa (1.16.3) | Kunos Simulazioni | Highlands Short (Kunos + Config-Files) | Sol 1.4 (Peter Boese) | ...
  5. Alexandr66

    Assetto Corsa UI Menu Skin 1.0

    [HI THERE] [INFO] YEAR=2019 AC VERSION=1.16 (Custom Shaders Patch, CM) ABOUT=Alternative design for menu UI in Assetto Corsa [INFO_1] Sooner or later x4fab (Ilya), creator of CM and CSP will release completely new UI for Assetto Corsa (already seen it in work). Until this happens, for those...
  6. Billy Pilgrim

    Should install reshade? as well as Sol and CSP

    Yesterday I had to reinstall AC. It took ages getting my mods back in, and it’s still not finished. Anyway, I used to have reshade.me installed. I had installed it before ever installing Sol and CSP. So should I reinstall it or do Sol and CSP already take care of “reshading”? Any advice would...
  7. B

    General career (time attack) broken with sol 1.3.1 and CSP >

    Hi, I am new to AC and wanted to update the graphics by using SOL with CSP. I downloaded 1.3.1 here from the forum and added the mod via content manager. Then I changed PostProcessing to __SOL or __SOL_HC. SOL tells me to update CSP to When staying at shipped CSP
  8. Z

    (Rotating) wheels look bad with CSP/SOL

    I have CSP and Sol installed, but most (rotating and rolling) wheels look very poor. Formula cars have it worst. Any known solution? Sol 1.3.1 and CSP 0.1.25-preview 185. I can not lower CSP version as Sol 1.3.1 need 185
  9. jeroenalmere

    AAAARGH...sol installed CSP update ?

    Hi all I just seen the SOL for lightning and such so i installed it, and overwrite all original files, but now when i play i get the message in the sky of the track CSP update needed, im kinda of a newbie in this. Can someone please explain it to me how to do that and what it means, im still...
  10. BP

    Fanatec Clubsport Pedals v3 Brakes issue

    I had 2 nice 15 minute races in rF2 last night (GT3 class @ Road Atlanta...awesome track!). Before doing the race, I remember I had adjusted the force needed for 100% brake (the "set max" button) on the fanatec CSP properties page (like the image below). I wanted to see if I could use more force...