1. Paul Jeffrey

    DiRT Rally 2.0 | New 1.13 Update and GOTY Edition Now Available

    Codemasters have dropped the new 'Game of the Year' edition of DiRT Rally 2.0, alongside updating both the vanilla release and Oculus VR editions of the software. Yes, VR fans can now rejoice in the glory of a full updated and content rich version of DiRT Rally at long last! The Oculus Store...
  2. RasmusGeertsen

    Anthoine Hubert Helmet V1

    The late Anthoine Hubert's F2 helmet for the 2019 season. I just exported the files from the F1 games for players to install. How to install: Screenshots
  3. Ls tech

    Williams FW25 - Skin Oficial F1 2003 2019-09-07

    Hello guys and girls!! Skin contains: -New resolution -Add new logos brands Oficial seasons F1 2003 Enjoy!!
  4. RasmusGeertsen

    Simhub / Dashboard bug

    Hello! When i use a dashboard from simhub, some of the drivers are displayed with numbers instead of their names (Albon is 62, Norris is 50 etc..) Any ideas why and how to fix? :))
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - VR Confirmed

    After considerable encouragement from a vociferous community, Codemasters have finally confirmed VR support will be coming to DiRT Rally 2.0! Yes, you heard it correctly - following a notable omission of Virtual Reality support in the most recent DiRT 4 rally game from Codemasters, and...
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Full Car List Reveal

    Codemasters have revealed the full car list set to feature in DiRT Rally 2.0 when it releases this February. The full 50 strong list of vehicles for DR2.0 contain some very impressive manufacturers indeed, featuring a nice mix of historic and modern machines alongside of course the official...
  7. Silvino Rodrigues

    Colin McRae Rally

    Hi everyone, I would like to share with you this little challenge that I created recently bringing back an old well-known game, bringing not only good memories but also a simple way of decompressing a little to the training of other more recent Simulators. I played this game for the first time...
  8. Ls tech


  9. David DeGreef

    F1 2017 On Sale This Weekend

    Hi sim racing friends. Steam is having F1 2017 on sale 33% ($40.19 usd) off until October 23.
  10. Paul Jeffrey

    RD Plays F1 2017 - Career Mode Round 2 - China

    In the second of our 'RD Plays F1 2017' series, we take up the fight once again in our trusty McLaren Honda McL32 at the Chinese Grand Prix. Heading onto our shelves in just a few days time, Formula One 2017 from Codemasters looks highly likely to become one of the finest iterations of the...
  11. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 2016: Career Trailer and Multiplayer Championship Preview

    Codemasters have today released a new trailer for the upcoming F1 2016 game, showcasing key features of the new for 2016 ten year career mode as well as revealing details of a new Multiplayer Championship that makes its debut in the latest addition to the series. The new for 2016 Multiplayer...