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  1. Ole-is-live

    Cars Safetycar Modding | AC

    I am co-owner of a racing league, currently F1 & GT Sport, but we are currently planning to open an AC league, including a specially modded safety car. This now has to be created, the 3d model is not the easiest, but I should create it. My question is, how can I put lights on the roof like a...
  2. Whirey


  3. 2amspeed

    Cars Transperency problem with car model

    I'm trying to modify the model for the integra but I'm running into issues with the textures. I don't know where the problem comes from so I will just tell you what I've done. First I unpacked the kn5 model with CM then imported the FBX with blender and changed the spoiler the front bumper and...
  4. M

    Tracks Why isn't my basic first track working (car flips over, then missing or misplaced wheels and car won't drive)

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to make my first track, so far its going OK, I've been through a few struggles but managed to actually get the game loading. But when I start a hotlap or practice, the car just goes crazy, like its "stuck" inside the road or something. First it just goes crazy glitching...
  5. terminator12344321

    which app do you use for track building in asseto corsa?

  6. terminator12344321

    best way to buy Race Track Builder?

    i want to buy race track builder but i dont know what's the best way to buy it. steam? a site? maybe there's a steam sale coming up? if u know pls reply in the comments. thank you!
  7. terminator12344321

    Any suggestions for the best app to build race tracks in AC?

    I was thinking about 'race track builder' but it's quite expensive and the reviews are bad, yet it's the best app for building tracks. I'm looking for an easy, good and time effective app. Any suggestions before I buy 'race track builder'? PLEASE RESPOND IN THE COMMENTS! Thank you!
  8. G

    General Stuck in 2D

    removing post. i wish there was a delete post option
  9. Sven Hielscher

    Blender rF2 Studio Application Template v0.3-alpha

    Application Templates for Blender allow re-use of configuration and contents, which is perfect for those that often have the same workflow and don't want to fiddle in the menus first before being able to actually start working on their project. These rF2 Studio Application Templates are made...
  10. jeanvendors

    Blender skin for Lotus Evora 1.0

    Blender-themed livery for Lotus Evora GTC and GX. Should work when "Blender" folder is dropped into either car's skins folder. skin.ini and ui.json files included.
  11. SpK7z

    Asetto Corsa Models

    Hello, I would like to know if someone could help me to get the kn5 files of the ferrari 458 gt2 and the 488 gt3 of Asetto corsa since I can not find them anywhere and I would love to make renders with those cars, thanks to all
  12. G

    KFC Exporter - kn5-fbx compatibility exporter plugin for Blender 0.2.1

    KFC Exporter is a plugin for Blender that adds a tweaked fbx exporter to preserve the naming structure for compatibility with the persistence material data. Use in conjunction with your kn5Conv.exe kn5Unpack.exe, This is a new alternative to using 3ds max or maya whether you are learning the...
  13. Please Stop This

    Blender addon: Import/Export .csv and .ai files 1.5

    Edit February 2021: AI-line recording is somewhat bugged with CustomShadersPatch enabled (it does not work at all!) . So when doing ai-line/border stuff, then I STRONGLY recommend to disable CSP! Edit2 May 2021: with CSP enabled, please disable those two options, or CSP will generate ai-line...
  14. L

    SPEEDWORLD EURO-Rennstrecke - Bruck an der Leitha - "Strecke 2"

    Hello Racefans! :) Update NEW: Remeshing the track (now "smoother") NEW: Handpainted track texture NEW: AI - Fast lane & Pit lane NEW: CSP "Grass FX" enabled NEW: 3D-grass for non CSP users NEW: Animated flags NEW: Animated Startlamps NEW: Fans, Marshalls, TV cameras UPDATE: Kerbs...
  15. R

    Color issues when opening in ksEditor and Assetto corsa.

    Hello everyone. There was a color problem when creating the tracks. No symptoms appear with modeling software.(use Blender 2.8) But ksEditor and Assetto corsa show symptoms. Some colors of the object are unnatural. The night is particularly unnatural. This symptom. I will show you the...
  16. N

    Cars WIP Help me choose what car to model

    Hello dear people of RaceDepartment! I'm honored of my membership in this forum. With this opportunity I want to find out if there is something that I and community want, in order to motivate myself more. All of them are road cars that can surprise on a race track or cruisers. So, what of these...
  17. NitruousFab

    General White border from trees

    Hello Guys and Girls I'm going crazy to cut out perfectly in Photoshop or .Net. I can't get rid of the white border on some trees which have a white background. It is soo easy to remove, that it is so easy to get the white borders. I tried also with alpha stuff in nodes under blender. :( No...
  18. T

    (Fictional Racetrack) Kallio 0.9

    This is my very first track creation for Assetto Corsa, created in Blender (so be gentle). Track itself is a short one - mere two kilometres - so slower cars should generate better racing! The layout is characterised by significant elevation changes, and the "longest" straight is only 300...
  19. ACFAN

    Tracks help my track mod doesnt load in AC

    so i'm just starting off learning track modding and I have something very very basic at the moment. Just wanted to see if it was drivable. I followed this tutorial and exported to fbx using these settings from the official forum page titled 'Build your first TRACK - BASIC GUIDE' then I set...
  20. ACFAN

    Tracks Help, my track mod doesn't load in AC

    so i'm just starting off learning track modding and I have something very very basic at the moment. Just wanted to see if it was drivable. I followed this tutorial and exported to fbx using these settings then I set up some basic shaders for the road, grass and kerb textures (nothing else...