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  1. Mathieu Keller

    2014 DTM Championship [Urd T5 mod needed] 3 careers

    Welcome to the 2014 DTM Championship by Ze Fouf! The urd_T5 mod is needed!!! All drivers (23) with real skins, real race calendar, real locations, real race length, real weather, real temperatures. Three championships, one for each brand. Opponents strenght is based on their season's...
  2. Shadowoff

    BMW Z4 GT3 Marc VDS Racing 24h Spa 2014 2018-07-09

    Hey, as no one had done these beautiful liveries yet I thought I would have to take my own hands onto them :) Marc VDS Racing #66: Marc VDS Racing #77: I´m thinking about doing some more liveries from the 2014 24h Spa but don´t expect them to be delivered fast as I´m doing them more out of...
  3. Jimbo62

    Formula A - Force India F1 Team 2014 2018-04-22

    [2014] Force India F1 Team Customs rim colors, chrome/mat effect are disable at this time in P.Cars 2. However, I integrated it in the upload, maybe one day SMS will upload his game for this... Place formula_a_livery.dds in : Steam\steamapps\common\Project CARS...
  4. Leje07

    Bahrain Night Mod 2.0

  5. LMXF1

    Mclaren MCL33 2018 skin - RB10 chasis 2018-03-01

    Hey yall, Here we go, I got another little re-skin for you - This time it's a completely new mod to represent the Mclaren MCL33 livery that is gonna be used in 2018. The chasis is a RB10 car, which fits pretty well to the overall car look. I trie to make it as close as possible to the...
  6. Shadowoff

    2014 12h Bathurst Maranello Motorsport #88 1.2

    Heyy, here is the Bathurst 12 hour winner from 2014 :) Many thanks to @Baron3105 for helping me with the numberplate and tires ;)
  7. Incredible Hulk

    Hulk's F1 2014 lighting MOD 1.0

    Hulk's F1 2014 lighting MOD v1.0 - Tweaked versions of Codemaster postprocessing track files - No performance impact - Recommended to use with NeffO’s mods and Daniel Paez “hyper real” tracks - Based on “auroboros” work and “2013 Tracks New Lighting” - Work with other mods and with F1 2013/...
  8. MajkiMajk

    K&N Mustang RTR - 2014 NASA American Iron Laguna Seca Race R. Walton #32 2017-10-07

    Hi, another hard project for me, but is finish ^^ Ps. This black graphic behind the K&N logo was handmade(mice skill) It was almost perfect. :-p I also added carbon texture, write in comment what do you think. Enjoy. If you like my work, please donate me.
  9. Lorencini

    FIA F3 Europe 2014 Skinpack 1.0

    This pack presents all 28 drivers that raced in FIA Formula 3 Europe 2014, including: Max Verstappen (now F1) Esteban Ocon (now F1) Antonio Giovinazzi (now F1 test/reserve driver) Lucas Auer (now DTM) Tom Blonqvist (now DTM) Jordan King (now F2) Sérgio Sette Câmara (now F2) Felix Rosenqvist...
  10. Graham Laing

    F1 2014 Modding Questions Thread

    This thread is for F1 2014 modding questions only. If you have technical questions, please post in this thread and nowhere else. Thanks :)
  11. zoranzoki

    F1 2014 Throttle Sensitivity Help

    Hello! I play F1 on joystick/pad and I want to know - can I somehow set Throttle sensitivity to lower somehow? I tried messing with in game settings steerzones and all that but I felt no difference. I play with no assists. I have mayor problems with tyre wear and sliding and I am loosing a lot...
  12. cartman78

    Team Phoenix R8 LMS #6 BSS 2014 -

  13. cartman78

    Team Phoenix R8 LMS #5 BSS 2014 -

  14. cartman78

    Team Phoenix R8 LMS #3A Bathurst 2014 -

  15. cartman78

    BMW Sports Trophy Team Studie #7 Z4 GT3 2014. -

  16. cartman78

    MRS Racing #14 MP4 12C GT3 ADAC 2014 -

  17. cartman78

    Schubert Motorsports ADAC 24H Renen 2014 Z4 GT3 #20 -

  18. yam_ia

    SGT'14 GT300 Pack (7skin) 0.9

  19. cartman78

    Aston Martin Vantage GT3 "AM Brussels Century 21" #100 BRCC 2014 -

  20. cartman78

    Aston Martin Vantage GT3 "AM Brussels Red Bull" #9 BRCC 2014 -