Hulk's F1 2014 lighting MOD 1.0

graphic, post processing, 2014

  1. Incredible Hulk
    Hulk's F1 2014 lighting MOD v1.0

    - Tweaked versions of Codemaster postprocessing track files
    - No performance impact
    - Recommended to use with NeffO’s mods and Daniel Paez “hyper real” tracks
    - Based on “auroboros” work and “2013 Tracks New Lighting”
    - Work with other mods and with F1 2013/ 2014 vanilla game

    - Copy appropriate track “postp_.pssg” to “…tracks/circuits” folder. Backup or rename original first!

    F1 2013 moded used in screenshoots
    Hulks-f12014-lighting-mod_1.jpg Hulks-f12014-lighting-mod_2.jpg Hulks-f12014-lighting-mod_3.jpg Hulks-f12014-lighting-mod_4.jpg Hulks-f12014-lighting-mod_5.jpg Hulks-f12014-lighting-mod_6.jpg Hulks-f12014-lighting-mod_7.jpg Hulks-f12014-lighting-mod_8.jpg Hulks-f12014-lighting-mod_9.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Daniel Paez
    Daniel Paez
    Version: 1.0
    I Like It!. I just tested this Mod in Austria Track (I`m working on HR mod in this circuit) and the impression has been very good, without losing FPS. Thank`s!
    1. Incredible Hulk
      Author's Response
      Glad that you like it and use it. This is just little icing on the cake for your and other modders great work.
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